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HH promises to improve miner’s salaries, pay all the salaries owed to former Miners


HH campaigns for NDC candidate Joseph Chishala in Roan Constituency

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has assured miners in Zambia that his government shall improve salaries poorly paid miners, pay all the formers miners and all retirees in the Civil Service who have been neglected by the Patriotic Front.

Mr. Hichilema who was addressing thousands of UPNDC supporters in Luanshya on Monday was drumming to support for the NDC candidate Joseph Chishala as an Opposition Alliance partner.

He said the Patriotic Front was a merciless government which did not care about the miners welfare, Civil Servants and many retirees in Zambia.

The UPND leader said it was every government’s responsibility to ensure workers were well looked after by employers and ensure retirees were timely paid by former employers including government.

Mr. Hichilema said most people were suffering in Roan Constituency because they were either fired to favor PF Cadres or not paid all the money they worked for in under Mpelembe Drilling, Ramcoz and the current mining employers.

He said the miners in the country should count on the UPND for the improvement of their salaries and conditions of service because it was the only party with a best agenda to better their livelihood.

Mr. Hichilema said synchronizing and standardizing Miners’ salaries on the UPND priorities.

Meanwhile at the same campaign rally the National Democratic Congress leader Dr. Chishimba Kambwili condemned PF government for having allowed the Luanshya Copper Mines to put it’s workers on recess and ask them to reapply for them to go back to work.

Dr. Kambwili said it was unthinkable how the PF was allowing foreign investors to abuse and disadvantage the Zambian workers.

He lamented that the owners of the mines in Luanshya put workers on recess.

“Instead of recalling them they were subjected submitting fresh applications a process which was by the Luanshya Mayor and District Commissioner to import PF Cadres from Kitwe, Chingola and Chililabombwe to take up jobs for the people of Roan Constituency,” Dr Kambwili said.

Meanwhile NDC/Opposition Alliance candidate Joseph Chishala pledged to ensure most youths all former miners of Roan Constituency were employed by the mining companies in Luanshya.

President Hakainde Hichilema and NDC leader Dr. Chishimba Kambwili combined forces to campaign for Joseph Chishala in Roan Constituency at the Kaunda Square in Roan Township and Mpatamatu Stadium on Monday April 8th, 2019.


    • The issue at hand is MP election in 2days not when he forms govt. As usual wrong message uyu kawalala. No wonder his mps lose every now and then. support your mp first before you start dreaming statehouse. Self centered people are always bad leadres and he is just proving that. Tell us what your mp will do starting 12th april 2019 not about you forming something which God has decided you will NEVER do.

    • HH sonta epo wabomba or show us you have done for Zambia!!!!!! Where is the money to pay miners and civil servants coming from? Hw many cattle are you going to sell to achieve this?

    • Typical Politician….i thought HH was a businessman…..he has started his illusionary promises and just watch him lose again in 2021

    • And please can someone advise HH that the more he promises….the more he will lose elections….Zambians are getting smarter now…HH still hasn’t learned anything after losing 5 times and he keeps on repeating the same mistakes…Promises promises promises and PF will start their Sonta epo wabomba game and HH will be a toast once again

    • Tu PF when it comes to HH mulasamwa ukubwata, there is a story on the other side talking about the depleted foreign reserves and none of you shallow minded a$$holes are there to comment. That is how stup!d you are.

    • Yaba … talk is cheap!!! Money speaks. Do you own the mines to dictate the salaries for workers??

      Your own workers in your farms complain of low pay and you want to run the Zambians Enterprise??? On what basis, on what platform??? With which track record???

      The same one of paying your own farm workers low wages??? HH would rather spend millions campaigning for an office he will never own than pay his own workers peanuts.

      This is another pie in the sky … Heaven help us all

      Epo mpelele,


    • I thought NDC was banned from having rallies? Didn’t they publish a letter purporting they have been banned? What a bunch of liars and the Delusional supporters ate it up!

    • I dont know about you guys on LT but as for me…i hate promises….just dont promise me anything….if you have to do something for me please just do it…..not blah blah this…blah blah that

  1. He should pay them bcoz he is the one who has messed up the mines. The money he stole yes he has rightly said should be paid back. The PF has not failed to pay bcoz the money is with double H. Thank you for telling the people of Luanshya you have got the money for the mines

    • If the allegations made by PF that HH sold the Mines are true why is the PF Govt arresting HH and Prosecuting him in Court. Privatization was done by the Chiluba Govt more than 20 years ago. The fact that HH hasn’t been Prosecuted for this alleged Crime it means its not true.

  2. To start with the PF is not the creator of the Roan problems. The MMD and some consultant sold the Luanshya Mines to a fraudster who stripped the assets at the smelter, the Ndola refinery and the shafts in Roan. Secondly I would like advise all the political parties including the PF not to promise things that are impossible. HH knows that it will take decades for Luanshya to be what it used to be unless the government takes over the Chinese owned mine. He is promising jobs which are non existent. As for the money owed to miners, government hasn’t got this money eg Mukuba and NAPSA because Binani the fraudster didn’t remit the money to the mentioned institutions. Levy Mwanawasa tried to find a way to to sort this problem but failed. The people of Luanshya know this very and it would…

    • Finally it has dawned on you, you now know that it’s the mmd govt that sold the mines. Welcome to the real world.

    • I know what you are trying to say. ..just read again and you will see that MMD sold the mines in collaboration with some CONSULTANT.

    • PFoools is a party of id!ots and dander heads with a ka useless president, probably the worst the world have ever seen, driven the country into a ditch with stup!dity of the highest order….. to call them stup!d will be an insult to stup!d people

    • Jonny you are too shallow to engage even in elementary discussion that your only anger ventilation is issuing uncouth insults. Just depate and give us points. What is it that your Kabova will do that even the great Levy couldn’t do for the people of Luanshya?

    • Calling others shallow when you are mute on the story about our depleted reserves. Smh. You may speak good English, but you are just as shallow as UPND cadre.

    • Dude Love if you’re asked what you plan to do for your children this Easter and you answer by calling the questioner a f00l what would you be? Bright or Shallow? Take your pick.

    • Ba Dude there’s no economy that doesn’t face challenges in the world. You have a problem in that you spend your time even in church praying for the country to fail so that you can run to the bar and drink over it. The government comes up with a system to plug forex flight, you oppose it, coming up with impractical half baked theories. If you loved Zambia you would at least discuss how we can improve our lot. But you can’t because failure is to your advantage.

    • Am atheist my friend and that other countries argument is very shallow. We were a middle income nation with 3.5 billion worth of.Reserves but under you geniuses we have crippling debt with reserves at 1.5 billion and you are too thick headed to admit that your pipo have mismanaged the economy and wud rather say other countries are facing the same?? That’s dull.

  3. Wenye mambala. The mines are in private hands. How is going to force the owners of the mines to increase the salaries? Where is he going to to get the funds to pay miners he condemned to death due to his reckless involvement in privatization. he thinks we are dwanzy and cant see the lies between his teeth.

  4. I thought he would come to campaign for NDC MP candidate, but he campaigns what he would do when ascends to power. Very egoistic. I am NDC and UPND have different agendas of governance.

  5. Kkkkkkkk…..Is this the new political strategy HH promised after losing in Kafue two weeks ago?…….When you were privatizing the mines with FTJ Chiluba,didnt you know that you will subject miners to poor salaries at the hands of foreigners?Look Kainde,ALL MINES ARE IN FOREIGN HANDS AFTER YOU SOLD THEM,SO GOVNT HAS LITTLE INFLUENCE.GOVNT CANT FORCE MINE OWNERS TO INCREASE SALARIES ANYHOW-NEVER!!!Only your Namwala workers can believe this lie.Secondly,you and FTJ Chiluba failed to pay retired miners because you sold ZCCM Mines for a song!!!It is now very clear that HH has no data.As for Kambwili,does it mean youths from Kitwe,Ndola,C/bombwe,etc are not Zambians and as such they cant get employed in Luanshya?What kind of thinking is this?KAMBWILI’S MIND IS VERY ROTTEN.THATS WHY CK…

  6. This is confusing HH is campaigning for an NDC MP and says he will improve miners salaries when he becomes President, so what happens to Kambwilis ambitions? I think Kambwili has scored an own goal here because HH is marketing himself at NDC’s expense. Also if CK loses it will be time for him to join UPND because if he can lose in his own back yard how will he win anywhere else. But again let us remember PF cannot afford to lose this one so they will use all tricks at their disposal

  7. We remember privatization of luanshya mines by the same and how we as miners and residents of luanshya suffered and endured hardship due to loss of employment that resulted i failed privatizing and corruption scandals

    Cant never like Dorica would say Pa bwato is better and better than these fake capitalists of no track record

    At least Pf has brought some hope and diversification in Bush baby and luanshya

  8. Just because you have miserably failed over the past 25 years to get the mining companies pay miners and other workers what they are owed does NOT mean every Zambian is as dull as you are. HH rose from nothing to being the richest person in Zambia worth close to a Billion-Dollars – before he is even 60 years old…and you keep doubting him?????? Remember you called Levy Mwanawasa a cabbage, but he came on and built an economy such that Zambia has never been the same ever! Even the little you have been able to build is because Mwanawasa left a good platform….which you have been killing since you dull chaps took over. Get rid of that water in your heads! You have proven unable to behave and act better than monkeys!

    • @11 judge..this is the mistake(mystery) most of you keep preaching! The base for this country was set by KK and his team of patriots! Mwanawasa,good as he was came to built on the sacrifices we all made under the Leadership of FTJ to have our debts cancelled under a very severe economic structural adjustment programme (SAP). When Levy took over we were months from the completion point to have our debts cancelled,he even made us miss a year to it due to a budget over run from his excessive travels abroad! All these Lumwana and Kansashi mines started under FTJ but matured under Levy who hardly gave credit to his predecessor.Levy brought Vendara to KCM,those are his investors,near mirrors to Binani of Luanshya.Yes,Levy was good but let’s us not over attribute all positives to him.

    • @ ZAMBIANSOURS —– When were you born ba boss??? What brought about the Third Republic? By the way, Levy Mwanawasa was one of the architects of the Third Republic which kicked out Kaunda’s dictatorship. What I have noticed is that the majority of those that worship Kaunda were on the eating side, never fought him in 1990 when people were dying on the streets in the Lusaka and Copperbelt food riots – shot to death at kaunda’s orders. Shops empty, buying mealie-meal using coupons, arrested for being found with an apple. And you want to tell me Kaunda left a sound economy???? Laughable….BUT, you are still entitled to your laughable opinion boss, and I respect that.

    • @1.2 Judge..When the wind of change came after the collapse of the Soviet Union,I was one of the University students that petitioned KK to bring multipartism.We rioted bcoz KK had removed subsidies on mealie meal and other essential commodities(as we used to call them). The reasons for removing those subsidies was to meet IMF/World Bank SAP (1.1)requirements which we accepted under MMD.By saying KK set the base for this economy,I mean that he created key economic and social infrastructure that we depend on up to now.KK that time was very powerful and if he was unpatriotic could have run the country down like Mobutu did to DRC.Yes,the country went bankrupt but he had used money on Zambia and Zambians including liberating the region.There were NO Vedantas,Eswathini gates etc under his…

    • Get your facts right. HH is only about $12m worth. He is a billionaire in kwacha and no where close in dollars.

    • @The Real Olivia Hope
      Boss, I’m not a cadre like you. I argue from researched facts, not party-cadre chimbwi hysteria. Go check with Forbes and other global wealth researchers. I repeat, stop going to Soweto market to do your research on how rich HH and other Zambian businessmen are. Echo bamisekela mwe ma PF cadres, skopoless and fyonse mufibika mu politics napashili. You think HH will become poor by your narrow-minded wish? However, I’m happy that you were joking. You could win African Stand Up contest boss, your talent is just amazing!!

  9. FJT Chiluba (MHSRIP) sold your mines and you keep pointing and blaming other people. Bushe, do you have even just a little brain left in your head? You need Deliverance…I have never seen dullness descending to that level. No wonder nothing is happening in this country….you can’t even define your problem, how then should you be expected to know what you are doing?

    • Wooow…judging by the response I’m getting I can conclude that I’m speaking the annointed truth. Very few people will go to Heaven, that’s what the Bible says. Just check how few we are who agree with the truth. Bonse mwebali ku right, the majority voters against my comments, you need Deliverance and I’m not joking; The end is nigh!!!! Don’t come and accuse me that I didn’t warn you.

  10. I’m not against anybody or any party ruling this country. After all I’m not even a politician. However, whoever wants to rule this country must deserve it. God annoints, but people vote based on choice. If the population is so dull that it confuses God’s annointment with their own dull choices of leaders, then may that population deserves buying mealie-meal now at K120. Before rebasement, this price would be K120,000 a bag of mealie-meal. Keep on singing praise songs until you have no voice left due to hunger!!!!

  11. That is the way to go president HH.
    Now take Edgar Lungu to court after Chimese’s revelations that you HI are the president of Zambia because people voted for you in 2015 and in 2016. Lungu should be arrested because he is an impostor Head of State there at State House.

  12. When I look at the crowds attending these meetings, I wonder where such people have come from. Roan Constituency starts from John-Ken on the Kitwe-Ndola Dual Carriage way, that’s where Kambwili will lose elections because of his activities concerning land. That’s where one should concentrate campaigns. Our politicians like self deceit

  13. Iyo ikali Ba Truth, So Lungu has made Soldiers and Police men to Salute him and Guard him 24/7.
    so if that is proved even some ECZ officials will be in for it.

    • You will go on creating these stories until Jesus Christ comes the second time. How come you won in Sesheke? Besides we are interested in what you will do for the people not what you will do to Lungu. Will arresting Lungu solve people’s problems.

    • Mr C. At least a flea is more beautiful than a bed bug icipu. I’m not a Mr Know it all but I’m someone very familiar to the Roan situation. I’m not talking things that I heard from the bus stop NO!

  14. when I choose to take up a role of a fool to fool a fool who thinks he is fooling me, was it not yesterday when Hakainde promised the mines a reduction of tax once he formed government, was it not the day before yesterday when HH sold the mines cheaply to the very people and privatized some of the assets of which he himself bought very cheaply when better offers lingered. is this man not a joke of the 21st century.

    I’m breaker I’m transcendent and above and I approve this message

  15. These clowns, Kambwili and HH are just wasting their time in these bye-elections, these are PF living rooms and bedrooms and if you think you can enter the house before the gates are opened, you are big joker. We are burying the stinky hyena and the big gorilla on Friday, 11th April 2019, big time.

    • Malinso

      Why are you not commenting on the other thread about Zambias reserves ???

      Do you even understand such issues ?

  16. When you have access to billions of dollars , first to prioritise job creation in towns left destitute by changes in economic activity.

    Towns like luwanshya should have been targeted with new industries , but lungu and his gang of corrupt theives were targeting soft targets with the best corruption and kickbacks , like uneconomic roads….to them the temporal seasonal labour jobs roads created , they thought will drive the economy as opposed to manufacturing jobs…

    • @ Spaka
      I know that you are some how a reasonable person but what really surprises me is they way you and other people in UPND have been made to blindly follow HH to the bottomless pity. Between you and me, we are all Zambians and we want the very best for our country and for me and many, we appreciate that if a country doesnt make sacrifices and sometimes hard decisions, the end result is perpetual denial and envy of others. Believe you me, whether the money we are using to transform Zambia today is borrowed money or not, its better than just doing nothing. This is what has caused Zambia to be where we are today, the fear of the unknown. We borrow, build the country and pay later. Time doesnt wait for anyone because others countries are moving too. So my brother, I understand all that,…

    • Spaka something is wrong with you. You can’t even spell Luanshya. The bad state of Luanshya has survived FTJ, Levy, RB and Michael so how can you heap the blame on Edgar for it? At least Edgar has managed to bring the Chinese in the Milyashi although the impact is so insignificant. But they a long journey starts with one step.

    • Ndanji

      Out of all those presidents you mention , who has had the most money at their disposal , some $17 billion ???

  17. contd
    So my brother, I understand all that, after all money just kept in the doing nothing isnt good investment. Am sure your theory may not agree with me especially that many of you have told that a country with fat forex reserve is better, NO! Let that money work for the country. Its like you holding on to a huge piece of land lying idle for years and years and someone with a sizeable piece but put to very good use, who in this case is wiser?In same vain, its time guys told your HH the truth, he aint gonna rule this country, the dynamics dont favour him. Now with GBM, Kambwili and Kalaba on the scene, oh no, HH is a waste of time. Wake up ba Spaka, times have changed and the political dynamics are not on UPND side simply because you have a wrong driver in the seat.

    • Malinso….

      After going through $17 billion , some of use saw no need to did into the foringe reserves ? There is no utopia with PF. Forget it.

      When will you smell the coffee , ? PF have failed.

      $17 billion later and you are still begging ?

      This is like letting an alcoholic run a bar that keeps losing money and you keep hoping it will pick up…..

    • After going through $17 billion , some of us saw no need to dip into the foringe reserves ? There is no utopia with PF. Forget it.

    • @Malinso that’s a load of mumble jumble you spewed. When you don’t know anything about a topic, you are much better off keeping quiet. I am no economist myself but I have picked up the fact that low reserves for any country signals major problems.

      Let me end there lest I begin to sound like you.

  18. This bitter SOUL .He think that Anglo American are GODS.

    I hate his PSYCHOLOGY. A modern era SLAVE OF Anglo American.

    You are lucky because very few people knows your footprints.

    • “…You are lucky because very few people knows your footprints….”

      He is a billionair , not a falied fraud convict like some …..

  19. HH salivating and wringing his hands at the thought of being allowed to get his hands on our mines! Where will he get this money to pay up all the backdated payments? His pocket? Surely if he becomes President he will inherit all the current economical issues in Zambia, so clearly he will not have the funds for that as the current govt.

    Wait……aaaaaah, he means he will get the money from mining investors whom he has promised to open Zambian mines!
    Ghastly plan. Be warned, be very warned Zambia, he only wants his hands on the mines to privatise 100% to investors and turn you into salary slaves. You’ll earn, eat but your wealth will disappear!

  20. “….Surely if he becomes President he will inherit all the current economical issues in Zambia, so clearly he will not have the funds for that as the current govt….”

    Badala…..Zambias problems are management problems , period.

    Zambia is a rich country. With proper management , anything is possible.
    Not this mentality of paying $1 million for a fake converted fire truck that costs $200k or spending $1 million going to look at second hand trucks valued at $50 000 ……..

  21. when I choose to take up a role of a foool to foool a foool who thinks he is foooling me, was it not yesterday when Hakainde promised the mines a reduction of tax once he formed government, was it not the day before yesterday when HH sold the mines cheaply to the very people and privatized some of the assets of which he himself bought very cheaply when better offers lingered. is this man not a joke of the 21st century.

    I’m breaker I’m transcendent and above and I approve this message

  22. HH today u have impressed me. Excellent political message. If u have been saying that this time u could have been in state house.

    People want to hear such kind of political lies. Atleast by the time they realising it, u are already living in state house.

    U should contact me so that I could help u making more powerful political statements.

    PF is the easiest party to beat in the general election but the problem is the opposition is weak in making powerful political statements that would make PF look like a kid.

  23. hh on sabc
    … so how exactly did you acquire so much wealth..

    Hh..that’s irrelevant whats important is that we educate the youths,

    are you saying that’s how you became wealthy,

    HH…I’m saying if we invest in our youths education then the nation will prosper.


  24. HH on hot FM

    sir are you saying zaffico has been sold?


    we have heard but we want to know if your allegations are true has zaffico been sold?


    sir you keep dodging the question, is Zaffico sold?



    • BBC : Can we interview president lungu

      Lungu : Amos , what do you think ?

      Amos C: Mmmmmmm boss. That fraud conviction, we have no answer ….

      Lungu : but I was not presido then ?? Surely he who accuses must prove …

  25. hh will never explain how he got rich. He always goes ballistic when asked. His programed cadres are very proud of his questionable riches. Instead of campaigning for NDC candidate, it was all about him going to state house. Very selfish man. It is always about him.

    • It clearly shows what kind of person he is. ..untrustworthy. Riches don’t define a man because even call boys at KMB have become richer than some miners who have worked for many years. Even selling drugs can make one a millionaire. Even duping one FTJ can make you the richest man in Zambia.

  26. #4.6 Dudelove “You may speak good English, but you are just as shallow as UPND cadre.”

    Upnd cadre, me shallow? You must be one of those trib.als. Just seeing Hacks campaigning tells you that there is something seriously wrong with trib.als, I mean their thinking! So is Hacks now the president of NDC and useless Chimbwili his consultant?
    By the way Chimbwili wants to be president of Roan, imagine he wants only residents of Roan to get jobs as miners, not all the people of Luanshya? You okay fats?

  27. Spaka;hope you have seen HOW MAMMOTH ECL’S RALLY was in Roan today.Check on facebook on the PF page and your eyes wont believe it or ask your relatives who are in Zambia to WATCH 22HRS ZNBC NEWS!!!We told you yesterday,to expect HUGE CROWDS AT ECL’S RALLIES IN ROAN JUST LIKE IT WAS IN BAHATI!!!!It is very clear that PF will 100% retain these two seats on Thursday.

  28. These are the type of promises that get politicians in trouble.

    Where is the money going to come from? Whats the plan to raise money? If these details were shared maybe the public might reject the proposal if the price to pay is too high.

    The only real asset the government has is land. If they are creative with it they can pull it off.

    • And human resource. Change people’s attitude, remind them that the days manna ended in the late 80s. I’m glad some have taken the cue and are doing very well on their own.

  29. How is going to increase salaries on behalf of private companies? Will he add something from the government on top of what the mines pay each employee? What a wonderful economist.

  30. I’m about concerned with HH message here. He is campaigning for himself for 2021 instead for NDC candidate. Also this might mean that kambwiri is not going to stand in 2021 since they are helping HH. Maybe CK will be vice… Watch out GBM

  31. Its very true that GBM should watch out and imbwili as no direction,imbwili will not stand as a president for NDC.HH 5 times sure failing mmmmmmm just quit and do your business because even nxt game u are loosing out.

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