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600 pupils sent away for failing to pay K50

General News 600 pupils sent away for failing to pay K50

Over 600 pupils have allegedly been sent away, for failing to pay user fees at Kalilwe Primary School in Mumbwa, Central province.

The pupils, who are in Grades 5 upto 7, have been barred from writing their end of term tests, contrary to government’s policy of free education at primary level.

School Headteacher, Patricia Silenge has confirmed the decision to ZANIS, saying only Grades 1 to 4, are writing end of term one tests.

She has explained that the Parents Teachers Association -PTA- at the school agreed to this decision, because all pupils are expected to pay 50 Kwacha, for buying paper to prepare for the tests.

And Mumbwa District Commission, Felix Ndopu who has confirmed the report from the District Education Board Secretary -DEBS- office and has described the school administration’s decision as the highest form of sabotage.

Mr Ndopu however said he will not tolerate civil servants, who are frustrating government policy and inhuman treatment of innocent children, especially that the district recorded poor results for all examination grades last year.

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    • Well done PTA, if you truly not for it Mr DA please pay for the pupils since you want to always defend the nosense. This is what is killing our country, too much of cheap politics . Stop thinking of the vote before the development of the country. How long do you want to finish our country.

    • Total sabbotage. This is a sign that teachers are not paid, and are treating pupils as government property.
      It is $1 pay child. You mean PF government can’t subsidize $600? If Head teacher had written to PF campaign team they could have donated $600. They are still in Luanshya with free money, WhatApp them they will bail out the kids.

    • What happened to going to the “middle of the book” pluck the two pages and write your test on it?

  1. PF should stop window dressing the Nation. PF is dishing out money in Roan meanwhile our innocent children are being chased from school in Mumbwa, CBU closed. What kind of leadership is this?ECL stop this life of pretence.

  2. Each pupil to pay K50.00 to buy papers for tests. How much can it cost to prepare end of term tests for 600 pupils? lets calculate how much they are suppose to rain from these 600 pupils who have been chased 600×50 =K30,000 surely end of term test can cost that much? Please correct me if am wrong with these calculations.
    1 pupil have 10 subjects that is the maximum number of subjects and each subject 6 pages meaning each pupil will use 60 pages multiply by 600 pupils=36000 pages divide by 500 this is 1 rim of paper it will give us 72 rims of paper and the cost 1 rim of paper is K50.00 which give us K3,600 so the maximum they can spend per term is K7000

  3. Junta you are useless don’t you think about other school requisites. Is it only paper which is needed. What about chalk, prep books, pens soap and other day to day running of the school. Moreover the office of the DEBS and PEO is run through the same contributions from schools. The government does not fund schools not even the offices of the DEBS or PEO. They cant speak because they fear to be sucked. Lets call spade a spade .Cole curricular activities that’s jet, sports and other things are in the same. Just accept that your government has failed

    • @Jaika ma don’t comment if you haven’t read the article and I think you are dull . Read the fourth paragraph that K50.00 was for buying papers not chalk,prep books, pens soap and other day to day running of the school you are talking about. K50.00 was specific for papers.

  4. the schools must have sources of balancing finances and tests is one mean that helps it buy even books that teachers use for preparation and text books.lets not only think kapenta is the only relish that one can eat but also vegetables so test fee is a source of development to the school.stop criticism. printing of one page is k3 and k5 now each grade print about 70 pages and photocopying is 0.50g and k1 per page so calculate 70by three grades it’s 210 pages plus those unused.now 210by 600 126000 pages and now photocopy them so that each child get 70 pages

  5. Kunta kinte is 100% right. you cant spend K30,000 on end of term tests for 600 pupils. I like your calculation boi. There is stealing involved between the headteacher and the PTA executive period!

  6. Kunta Kinte, you are right . The DC can come to the aid of the 600 pupils by requesting support from business community within Mumbwa.

  7. It’s us parents who voted that pupils who have failed to pay school user fees should not write end of term tests and not only that,we also said they should not sit on desks because the school has no enough desks.

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