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Communications Tower Project reaching its peak-Lungu

Economy Communications Tower Project reaching its peak-Lungu

Transport and Commmunications Permanent Secretary Eng. Misheck Lungu tries out one of the bicycles during the hand over ceremony at Zamtel House
Transport and Commmunications Permanent Secretary Eng. Misheck Lungu tries out one of the bicycles during the hand over ceremony at Zamtel House

Transport and Communications Permanent Secretary Misheck Lungu has revealed that the project to erect 1009 new Communications Towers has reached its peak with over 600 towers constructed so far.

Engineer Lungu said of the 600, around 400 towers have so far been switched on.

He said Zamtel, the company that is implementing the Phase II of the Communication Tower Project has done an exceptionally commendable job in erecting the towers.

Engineer Lungu said the Communication Tower Project is close to President Edgar Lungu’s heart as he does not want any part of Zambia to be left without any mobile phone communication services.

He was speaking this morning when Zamtel handed over the first batch of Bicycles to lucky winners in the Let’s Go Zamtel Bicycle Promotion.

And Engineer Lungu commended Zamtel for launching the Let’s Go Zamtel Bicycle Promotion saying the bicycles being given out will encourage more Zambians to take up cycling.

He said riding bicycles helps in maintaining physical fitness which is key in fighting Non-Communicable Diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension.
At the same function, Zamtel Chief Executive Officer Mr Sydney Mupeta revealed that Southern Province has recorded the highest number of participants since the promotion was launched two weeks ago.

Mr Mupeta said his company values the support it has continued to receive from its customers hence the launch of the Let’s Go Zamtel Bicycle Promotion in an effort to reward the customer.

“Two weeks ago, we launched the “Lets’ Go Zamtel” promotion as a way of rewarding our loyal customers for their continued support to the business. The promotion was also intended to give our customers prizes that will add value to their lives and their businesses,” Mr Mupeta said.

“I am happy to announce that today we have invited 10 of our winners from Lusaka to join us this morning to officially receive their bicycles and celebrate with us. In the coming few days, our regional offices will hand over the bicycles to the deserving winners in those respective regions,” he said.

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    • Zamtel is bankrupt, having borrowed loans $200-Million.

      Then the communication towers are programmed in Chinese software language instead of English.

      It means the day we chase tu ma Chinese away, the country will be blacked-out, no TV, internet, cell phone signal, no banking, no electricity.

      PF00Lish Govt is a mistake that will take 200 years to correct.

    • Come on guys! What are you doing? Ati iyo buy Zambian, leave MTN Zambia, Airtel Zambia and join Zamtelelelelele. That sends a very bad signal in the zambian world of competition.
      Please observe fair playing ground. Stop the nonsense and compete at the level playing ground. I am beginning to think things ain’t going right with this guy.
      How I wish we would buy Zambian in the mashrooming shopping malls, build Zambian on roads, farm Zambian and invest Zambian. Meaning we stop wooing investors and we do it ourselves, then the hunt for foreign investment and associated costs would cease.
      Just get innovative, if you lack that, resign.
      What nonsense! Stop embarrassing yourselves. We signed up to this.

    • Imwe ba LT, I thought the guys’ name was Engineer—not far fetched because he is an Easterner. But seriously you guys need to go back to school and learn to use titles.

  1. Maloza claims that you borrowed a $200-Million loan. Isn’t that why you are feeling your head below your toes. No wonder the hype of camera hunting lately. Auditor General, too much money that fellows can’t handle. Eyes on the ball. When you move in, inspect every contract. 3 words at play – misappropriation, misapplication and unretired imprest shrouded in mismanagement. A company bent at being recapitalized dating years back. A vicious circle of recapitalisation but no show. Who chews tha moneys? Then, its a pass it on to the Zambian tax payers. A serious drain on Zambians.
    Maloza has squeezed the hell out of my heart when he says everything is set up in Chinese, man, who does that?
    Hehehehehehe, that is scaringly hilarious. Seriously?

  2. This has to be one of the most expensive tower project in the world for such specifications of towers…no wonder the Chinese funded this Eximbank loan

  3. How does giving out utility bicycles encourage cycling? Those bicycles are not meant for recreational purposes, it’s funny that Eng Lungu can’t see that and obviously doesn’t know the difference between utility and recreational bicycles.

  4. Zambian Engineers are a bunch of useless ‘wannabe top brass’ with nothing to show for their egos. Have they designed any towers if I may ask or do they just regurgitate Albert Einstein’s theories? A bunch of less useful human beings who le their country down.

  5. Black people offer no apology for black advancement.Blacks have gone from the stoneage to the bronze age to the iron age.And are now entering the atomic age.No apology to whites.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  6. Whites could retard themselves to before the stone age.Blacks are advancing.Economic growth and new horizons await black people.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  7. Blacks are not going to be the sacrificial lamb.But the phoenix that cannot be destroyed.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  8. “Pride and industry”is Engraved on the Barbados dollar.You had better get the idea.Peter Carlos Hinds.

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