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Friday, January 24, 2020

PF media briefing after defeat in Roan Constituency

Videos and Audios PF media briefing after defeat in Roan Constituency
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  1. Kekekeke so sad, bamipoonona!!
    Why mention UPND, they had nothing to do with internal catastrophic events in PF.
    – Kambwili is PF or was
    – Kalaba is PF or was
    You lost so much money 2 seats. So sad and embarrassing!!

  2. Look at Sunday Chanda with his tail between his balls!! Kekekeke, The president and Vice-president were on podium in Luanshya, and Sunday was busy de-campaigning with his graffiti articles.
    Imagine how much personal money did Lusambo use in Roan.
    He even invited Copperbelt chiefs to his house and made drink cheap wine and fi Jameson.

  3. And so it begins, we must not stop the momentum that is starting
    Kick these thives called PF out of office or we will all die for sure

  4. I pity PF to have such a one as an SG. The man is something else, you can even see him unsettled and shaking to bitterness and hate. Trying to keep up appearances,indeed it’s a bitter loss in Roan. The members of press couldnt be comfortable to ask questions. That’s Zambia for you, it’s a big shame.

  5. Bane ba opposition , expect serious brutality and violence in the next elections….PF has seen violent free elecyions dont dork gor them…..this time the violence was stoped by lungu because the CW was in Livingstone.

    Next time no one will be watching…

  6. We are waiting for you to resign. The entire Cabinet was camped in Luanshya and colossal sums were spent while civil servants were not paid for months.
    PF is simply a failed project, we need a new and energetic youthful SG.

  7. Disgusting PF, why can’t you respect the National Anthem? Hon Sumaili have a directive not to use political party symbols when singing the anthem but to stand at attention. It is a neutral song for uniting the nation and NOT a PF slogan … shu.pid
    No vote from me you fuc.king trib.als,

  8. A is good president so far in Zambia let me horns guyz Lungu have developed this country and ck is not a big fish inthis country and luanshya is a small town come 2021 pf will continue lam horn people off luanshya u were see the poverty come to u again u don’t thank proper

  9. Ba pf w have a good ready ba president is man off god its put god first l no 2021 its pf again Kabwili and hh the will cry again lunshya is a small town don’t worry ba pf continue development in part off the country u have developed this country ba Lungu u are very strong ready soul far in this nation god bless u

  10. Careful ba pf,kambwili wl dismantle u especialy on kopala,peaple are not hapy wth some of the happenings under ecl eg,abolihment of meal allowances for students at unza,paying farmers late,high cost of fertilizers,late salaries for civil servants while the president can buy a very ecpensive jet for himself,expelling original or founder members such as ck and hk,high cost of fuel,more taxes imposed on peaple who where promised lower and less taxies,increased dollar rate,the list is endless.these wl make pf unpopular and peaple may lookforward to kambwili as the option since hh has failed to penetrate kopala where revolution usualy starts from,and the rest wil follow suit.however,pf u can act quickly and implement total damage control measures to restore comfidence from zambians.i rest my…

  11. The political immaturity of bloggers is statling.
    If the Bantustan UPND had contested the election like they shall do in the presintial elections, NDC would have been and will be 3rd or fourth.
    So what is the hulla ballo about?

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