Binwell Mpundu
Binwell Mpundu

Several houses in Kitwe’s Buchi Residential area along Mansa road have been submerged in water due to a poorly constructed drainage.

The drainage which was put up after the construction of a new road fails to drain away water as it lacks a slanting side as a result, water fails to drain out on either ends of the drainage.

The flooding is posing a serious danger to life as the water levels are reaching live electricity cables in some homes which can result in electric shocks.

In addition, Cholera is likely to break out as the water flooding the houses is contaminated with sewer effluent from overflowing sewer dunks.

Speaking when Kitwe District Commissioner (DC) Binwell Mpundu toured the area which is in Nkana Constituency, the residents complained that the flooding challenge has been there for about three years and nothing has been done to address it despite their efforts to report to the ward councillor.

And Susan Mwenya whose house is submerged in water appealed to the DC to address the problem before a health disaster befalls the people in the area.

Other residents complained that they are forced to park their vehicles in private garages as they are failing to park from their yards due to floods.

The residents wondered why council officers are failing to address the problem when they are paid to address such issues.

The residents also castigated Nkana Water for failing to address the problem of overflowing blocked sewer dunks in Buchi which is posing a health hazard.

And Kitwe District Commissioner, Binwell Mpundu expressed disappointment with the Kitwe City Council Engineering department for failing to supervise the contractor who was working on the drainage.

Mr Mpundu urged the council to immediately ensure that the contractor rebuilds the work in a proper manner that will address the flooding problem.

He urged civic leaders and members of parliament not to blame him when he follows up complaints being brought to his office by residents in their respective areas because he did not want the name of the president to be dragged in mud due to their failure.

Mr Mpundu also visited East of Garnetone residential area which is also facing a problem of poor drainages resulting in flooding in homes as well as damaged roads rendering some places inaccessible using vehicles.

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    • Iwe chi Nostradamus, what do you feed on to be so bitter? certainly not cow dung i believe.


    • Ba LT Nabo fipumbu fye mwe. Do we want to see a picture of Binwell Mpundu in such a story? No! We want to see a picture of the flooded area, the houses, the roads. Nowadays people only need a cellphone to take pictures


  1. My academic and CHURCH documents were all submerged, up to now they are still wet.Iam just trying to dry them up.East of Garneton was caught up in the same situation of submerging of houses after a down pour of rains.


  2. Blocked sewer “dunks” in Buchi? When is the President next visiting Kitwe? His magic worked wonders in Kabwe. That is how useless council officers are, so called engineering directors, this is beyond you Binwell Mpundu with all due respect, unless you deploy your own engineering directors from the DC’s office. Councils forget!!


  3. While their most worshiped criminal is busy conducting morning work outs and his entire cabinet. This is a serious problem which need adequate attention before innocent humans start losing their lives. Fix it now you PFOOLS


  4. Mwebantu let us unite ,better than pointing fingers to each other . My district mpongwe tapaba nangu ni development iya chitikako niba UPND.


  5. We are a very dirty community in Zambia. We also like complaining. We do not take responsibility for anything, it is always somebody else. I confronted a lady in LUSAKA who damped the rubbish she had just in front of me. I politely asked her, lady could you not throw these in a bin. She was so annoyed and almost insulted me. But that is the kind of the majority of Zambian mind set. Now there is blockage somewhere the council must bear the blunt of the blame from these ignorant and naive souls. We must be responsible. These rubbish we are shamelessly dumping all over will end up some where and block our drainage systems.


  6. Am sure most of us know the KItwe DC. Why show us his photo again? What kind of reporting is this?Why not show us the extent of the damage to property due to heavy rains? Is the story about the DC or the submerged houses. The picture of these submerged houses would have told us more stories. As it is the impact of the story is no fully felt.




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