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NDC says Zambia Police has Stopped them from holding celebrations without Police Permit


NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili

The National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) has said that Zambia Police has denied them the opprtunity to conduct a roadshow to celebrate and thank the people of Roan Constituency who voted for their candidate.

According to the NDC statement Zambia Police has restricted all NDC celebrations, saying they will not be allowed because the Party does not have a permit to do so.

The party’s political consultant Chishimba Kambwili described the decision to be unjustifiable, but thanked the people of Roan constituency for the confidence they had shown their candidate and their alliance partners, mostly the UPND, adding the victory was not about Chishimba Kambwili or about the NDC or UPND.

Mr Kambwili said that the victory was about sending a message to the whole country that time for thieves to be using the poverty of the people to buy votes during the elections has come to an end.

“There is no way the president and his people can continue perpetuating corruption, continue stealing from the poor people and then use the same money to come to pay them to buy millie meal buy “vitenges’ , buyscles etc.”

“The people of Roan have spoken for and on behalf of the Sixteen million people of Zambia that the revolution has started, ” Mr Kambwili said.

Mr Kambwili also appealed to the real Patriotic Front Members, who are still in PF to come and join hands with NDC in the revolution which they have started so they can bring hope to the people of Zambia, to provide jobs for the people of Zambia, to run a proper economy for the people of Zambia and to bring industries and manufacturing base to Zambia.

Mr Kambwili also expressed dissapointment that when President Edgar Lungu came for campaigns, instead of warning his ministers against dishing out money to the voters, he seemed to have been encouraging them.

Mr Kambwili also challenged President Edgar Lungu to tell the nation were Kambwili has sold the 3000 hectors of land in Maposa, adding that if at all Kambwili had sold any land, by now he would have been arrested.

Mr Kambwili has also asked DMMU National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe to tender in his resignation for having been on the centre of corruption activities as seen in the resent activities were trucks of mealie meal were sent to Roan constituency to be distributed to the people of Roan in the pretence of being relief food.

Kambwili also sent a strong warning to current Ministers engaged in corruption that come 2021 90% of the Ministers risks going to prison.


  1. NDC its your right to celebrate but now its most important to get down to work serving the people of Roan. Zambia gets rotten bcuz we live politics/electioneering 24/7 instead of serious work.

    • In 2011 PF had a pact with UPND. Akainde grew big headed and we showed him that we didnt need him.

      Even NDC made it alone in yesterday’s victory. No need for UPND

    • If the people decide to vote Kalaba or Kambwili in 2021, UPND will come out 3rd.
      Zambia Police pull up your socks and stop being useless. Does PF have a permit in Bahati? You’re letting down our President. ECL and Veep need to quickly forget this chapter.
      The more you come out bitter the more people will remember that we were hammered in Roan.
      Ukulya ni mu PF…

    • I can foresee Akainde trying to bring Kambwili closer to UPND.
      What does a Satamic privatization thief have in common with a fat neckless hippo leopard? Nothing.
      Kambwili has political experience which he used to win Roan. Akainde has no experience in politics he failed in Bahati. Pathetically. Kainde is a joke and a clown. Cornelius Mweetwa is more relevant. PF ministers are already talking of crossing the floor to NDC. Roan was a shocker

    • And now just sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch PF ministers resign from PF and Join NDC…by end of 2020 you Will have a small army of PF thieves aligning themselves with NDC….African Politics

    • Zambians wanted a serious opposition not just a tribal grouping….and this is bad news for HH and his UPND…..the writing is on the wall….2021 the fight will be between NDC and PF…….and NDC is forming the next government…and it will be the end of Hakainde

    • My message to NDC is simple…..dont welcome PF and MMD ministers….they need to be arrested and sent to jail after NDC forms government in 2021 including Lungu….we need seize all his I’ll gotten assets and give them back to the Zambian people

    • When the Late Michael Chilufya Sata in his wisdom parted ways with Akainde in 2011, PF went on to easily win the Presidential and general elections. UPND was 3rd.

      UPNDC will soon split because CK knows that overzealous power hungry (HH) would want to use him as a spring board to State House. NDC did it alone in Roan with little input from Akainde. UPND needs CK for Copperbelt not the other way round.

    • Get over it.

      Are you also turning into a cry baby. Allow your friends to lick their wounds.
      Get to work and behave like a mature.
      Now don’t go on rampage killing serving MPs so you can test your popularity.
      Get to work. PF got the message that you won and maintained your seat.
      We are not going to dwell on your win forever now are we?
      Ba thick necker bena. Maybe you don’t believe it.
      Ala ba fainter mwalisepa ba PF pa Roan.
      Get over it and lets roll.

    • 1.0 Exactly. I add that instead of being absorbed in hysteria, it’s time to reflect on why, how you won that election. If you are Christian, go to church and pray. We spend too much time on political campaigns at the expense of development. It’s one thing to win an election and another thing to deliver on your promises. People won’t eat celebrations.

    • Zambian has gone to the Dogs, it shows how insecure PF are. What the hell you stop people from celebrating. Is this a true democracy or fake satanic NATION that brand itself as Christian? Because Christians do not have such HATE.

  2. Pf cadres in police uniforms. Shame. Had it been the pf that won the election, their smelly cadres would have been on the streets right now without a permit

    • All party cadres smell. Our definition of cadres in Zambia is the unemployed drinking youths who cant afford soap.
      So whether its Kambwili, Davis or Akainde, they pick up the unemployed youths to go and buy chibuku as a celebration. You should at least give them soap.
      GBM was drilling street kids to attack PF members did he buy them soap?
      I foresee Akainde seducing Kambwili using Mutinta because GBM failed to retain his seat in Kasama.

  3. Really laughable..All this has SG Mwila’s fingerprints as he can not write any letter to any government organisation to protest about the results as his party was beaten thoroughly..the man is a shameless pathetic loser. Just ask him about Javis Chawi the Chipili independent MP who walloped him in 2016…he can’t even say hello to him if saw him at any event.

  4. Police state.
    We haven’t moved on from the one party state , bootlicking mentality. That’s why the president is still revered like some omnipotent being.

    • Its that short Pygmy girl Charity Katanga …she will just end up at some Zambian High commission sitting behind a desk and pushing a pen all day.

  5. Well done CK…..get lungu and his gang of thieves……

    We are witness to statements that future parties vying for political power in Zambia will use the campain theam of their intentions locking up lungu and his gang of theives when they come to power.. …..

    I can assure you. Mark my words.

    Who ever told lungu to keep silent on accusations that he is a corrupt theif , are bad advisores ……or if that was lungus own doing , those who call him an intelligent lawyer don’t know what intelligence is…….

  6. Roan people u voted and now wait and see. U are going to suffer more.

    U forgot that Kambwili was not fighting for u but for his pocket. So u decided to give more money to Kambwili and you forgot about yourself.

    PF u made a mistake by bringing a person who was at some point in leadership and people know him for who he is. U were supposed to introduce a new person.

    UPND and NDC wont work together because Kambwili and HH both are power hungry.

    If both UPND and NDC had contested that seat PF could have won.

    • Badala ……swallow your defeat.

      UPND and NDC intend on using the same winning formula in 2021.
      If NDC can get half of CB and northern from PF while UPND/NDC gets another half of Lusaka from PF while UPND keeps SP and the others they have, while PF keep eastern….that will be a winning team again.

      NDC and UPND know that independently they can not unseat PF without each other.

    • Spaka a powerful NDC is bad for your UPND, it puts you back in 3rd place like the MMD days. We all know what’s going to happen once GBM deserts Akainde.

    • Wishful muster.bations Mr kudos….

      The leader ship of NDC and UPND are sensible enough to know that only their combined efforts will unseat PF…..

    • Spaka you overrate Akainde, sensible and wise are not a part of his vocabulary.
      He’s like a small boy without a brain. He was nicknamed the Under 5 of politics meaning he’s still a toddler.

    • Kudos , we shall wait and see.

      My understanding is that this NDC victory will strengthen the alliance.

      They know what they have to do to win.

      It is the humiliations and oppression given out to the opposition by the police that strengthens their resolve….no man whant’s to be in shackles in a supposed free democratic country. You can not even greet well wishers ????

  7. Let’s look at this win in terms of political history.
    MMD in 1991 won with landslide. The strongholds were CB, Lusaka, Northern, Luapula, central , North western, western and UNIP was left with Eastern province.
    1996 Eastern still remained in UNIP hands though the margins were shifting towards MMD. 2001 chaos in MMD Mazoka won but was dribbled by Chiluba.
    PF had one MP in Luwingu. Mwanawasa passed and it was Ruphia we saw Banda chasing the old MMD and bring newcomers just as lungu has done. CB, Lusaka, Northern, Luapula, Central were strongholds for PF and 2011 Ruphia with the help of China had materialised the campaigns just as Roan Lungu and entire PF. both have lost. The strongholds that PF enjoyed under Bashichilufya baSata are no longer there. MPs in CB must think twice and…

  8. Ba NDC and Ba CK congratulations for the victory.Please ignore Charity Katanga for denying you your rights and freedom to celebrate your victory in Luanshya. The whole country is, however, celebrating with you.You have delivered to the PF and ECL the bitterest,most painful ,most shameful , most expensive but most deserved loss ever inflicted on any ruling party and President in the history of Zambia.PF is now in mourning and totally confused because their only strategy for winning elections, bribery and corruption,has now failed.Thank you Roan.We appreciate what you have started.

  9. @Kudos and Anonymous; if your assertions are what is giving you good sleep at night, then please carry on.

    It’s necessary sometimes to escape from reality.

  10. I don’t like that Kambwili one bit cos as far as I’m concerned he is a useless politician and given what he did to the Indian fella he is a hopeless human being. BUT I will defend his right to celebrate or protest. Zambia Police be mature get educated about people s rights

    • Is this the reason u have given? Present reasons not bukala. Kambwili was fighting for his pocket not the people’s pockets.

      He has 17 Trucks and houses. Where did he get all that? Think before taulapowa boi

  11. Attention seeker,politician are liar, today,they will insult each other and tomorrow they will hug.Followers end up looking stupid and lost.What will happen when a bunch of thieves are in power.It will be a total mess, amassing riches and injecting owners equity in shell businesses.I pity my fellow Zambians

  12. Things can only get worse for PF and lungu.

    The key here is the rotten economy. Now PF have to fight on 3 fronts……they have to fight for the economy, they have to fight the opposition and they have to fight for popularity in our towns.

    If they can win the fight for the economy soonest , the other 2 fights will be easy.

    Looking at the numbers , the fight for the economy will be hard…….

    That is why we think the PF will resort to extreme violence to try to balance things….

    But we are hoping Mr lungu recognises that resorting to violence and oppression will only make matters worse for him self…..

  13. Zambians are scaringly small minded. Are you seriously telling me that Kambwili’s successful defending of his seat makes him a political genius or heavyweight? Come on guys, we can analyse better than that!

    • It is the PF who have made CK a political heavyweight by the most expensive campaign ever seen for bye-elections in Zambia. You may not like Kambwili, but political geniuses are those who win important elections against all odds.

  14. The problem here is not necessarily that PF has lost a seat, but that a seat lost is on the Copperbelt which they fought so hard to have it nullified in the first place. The earlier PF checks itself the better if at all its not too late.

  15. Pf,the ball is still in your coat,fix the economy,reduce fuel price,pay workers on time,reduce price of fertilizer,reduce mmeal price even if it means subsidizing,buy maize from farmers at a reasonable price reflecting farming imput cost ,reintroduce meal allowances at unza,make peace wth kambwili and are already in power,dont loose it to ck,he wil punish you coz he is bitter for being expelled from pf.improove peaples lives now otherwise ck can dislodge knows the tactics bcoz he was in government for a long time.

    • Yuri, its too late in my view for PF making peace especially with CK besides the PF government does not have money to implement all those subsidisations which would be at the expense of debt servicing. The past is haunting them.

  16. As long as ndc, upnd and kalaba are not together, pf will win 2021. Pf need to just start doing what is right and stop the wrongs being committed on daily basis… Need to identify presidential candidate now in pf, be it ecl or any other so that pipo know… Other wise it’s not looking good for pf.

  17. Politics of insult. Why argue or insult each over politics on media? Just put your suggestions, opinions and leave. Why should you sound to know everything and your friends opinions and suggestions useless? Just a question, what is police permit? When should one get a police permit? When one is celebrating, worshipping on gathering,concert,should they get police permit or not?

  18. How gullible are we. Kambwili was in government , 2006 as MP, 2011 to 2017 as both MP and cabinet minister and never did he at any time lobby government on the plight of the people Roan. We saw this euphoria during the Chiluba campaign, we got convinced and our troubles instead got worse. We saw it during the Sata campaign, the rest is history.

    • People in Roan are not gullible.They voted for NDC not necessarily because they love CK but because they hate PF.

  19. Victory in Roan by elections is a true reflection of 2021 elections.
    Pf expect no votes from copperbelt people. They will teach you a lesson by voting for the opposition.
    People are tired and sick of your empty promises.
    Believe it or not, no votes for pf from the miners.
    People will speak thru the Ballot with results no different from Roan results.

    Viva —–Opposition

  20. UPND should drop GBM and make CK running mate to HH in 2021. I like GBM but unfortunately he brings nothing to the table.

  21. NDC supporters, don’t be ungrateful.. HH contributed a lot to your victory. HH had about half of the people in copperbelt voted for him. So half of those votes belong to HH. if upnd candidate stood pf could have won.

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