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UPND will abolish Borehole and Rental Taxes when it forms government-HH

Headlines UPND will abolish Borehole and Rental Taxes when it forms government-HH

Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has promised to eliminate Borehole and Rental taxes when the party forms government.

Mr. Hichilema said the UPND shall immediately undertake an audit to ascertain which taxes are burdensome and excessive to the citizens when it democratically takes over power in 2021.

He said it is cruel to tax people who are finding alternative ways of accessing clean water for drinking arising from failure by government to meet its civic obligations of which one of them is providing water.

Mr Hichilema said water is life and a human right.

“We have noted with regret that the bankrupt PF regime wants to continue with their misguided policy of taxing citizens for sinking boreholes. As a matter of fact, we are of the view that such community initiatives by citizens are supposed to be rewarded by tax rebates than punitive measures of taxing them,” Mr Hichilema said.
“Furthermore, how can the PF be implementing such measures with the current drought in some parts of the country amidst unpredictable global weather conditions due to the effects of climate change? The fact is that the PF has no capacity to provide citizens with clean water for our citizens and that’s why many communities are currently sharing dirty and unhealthy water with animals, but when they take it upon themselves to access clean water sources by digging boreholes, they are punished. This is retrogressive and kills community initiatives that are critical in complimenting government efforts in areas they fail to serve citizens,” he said.
He added, “Citizens with a bit of resources in these areas should be encouraged to sink more communal boreholes and other water points as opposed to discouraging them and punishing them by burdening them with more taxes. We understand the need to avoid underground water contamination, especially in urban areas, but even then, the role of any serious government would have been to merely offer technical support on where water points can be sunk as opposed to prohibitive measures such as taxing people who are spending colossal amounts of money seeking for a lifesaving commodity like water.”
Mr Hichilema charged that this is just another scheme by the PF regime to abuse citizens by siphoning hard earned money from them and put in their individual pockets to enrich themselves further.
“When the UPND democratically takes over power in 2021, we shall immediately undertake an audit to ascertain which taxes are burdensome and excessive to our citizens. Borehole and rental taxes will be among those that we shall immediately eliminate. Water is life and a human right,” he said.


  1. Now HH is making sense. If he wants to sound as relevant as Sata sounded in opposition, he should oppose and offer alternatives to what the Pf is offering. As things stands, anything contrary to PF thinking will sound genius

    • That would be good news to the citizens of this beautiful country.

      The trouble is politician are much like men when it comes to fulfilling promises.

      A man will say anything to a woman just to get laid. Once the deed is done, they vanish.

      So let us not start clapping for HH yet.

      Let him show how he will create structures and processes that will make it near impossible to abuse public office.

    • Who will form the next govt? Is it UPND and its alliance partners or will it be NDC and its alliance partners? UPND on its own ……ZERO. HH was invited by the COBRA in the alliance with PF. The ka guy thought he would go it alone and win. He failed lamentably but the PF he ditched is in power today. He has tried partnerships with MUTATI, he brought in GBM, he went to MILUPI, he tried NEVERS, lately he even tried the church, all has failed not because of the UPND but because of HH. Kambwili is not stupid Bwana , mukembana nankwe inama mu meno.

    • He claims to be an expert in economics yet he doesn’t know which other taxes are “burdensome” and “excessive”!! First he needs to be in state house and then that’s when he will know. No wonder his party can’t come up with an alternative budget.

    • HH MAN OF THE PEOPLE, LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM, he is the man of the people. Talking sense as usual. Its not his fault that PF fear him like ten devils, he is just a threat. MMD left mealie meat at K30, Exchange rate was at K6, we knew the real meaning of bumper harvest, There was no bore hole tax and above we could eat. There was no shelter called toll gate costing 43 billion kwacha non based, just for one toll gate. Galamukani

    • Good to hear that but what will he do to replace that income??? More budget deficits???? We want to know, that’s what smart campaign strategies do.

      They show you alternatives and how they intend to achieve their intended objectives. Last week we were told miners would get better pay. How??? Heaven knows …

      Today, it’s borehole taxes will be rescinded but replaced by what??? Heaven knows … Heaven help us all!!!

      We need more details and the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise deserve better policy outlines than one liners to make informed electoral decisions.

      Epo mpelele,


    • Its now hallucinating time for HH….expect more blah blah blah blah in the next 2 years…..expect more fake promises….and with all his promises HH will still come up short

    • UPND Cadres now have realized that being a strong in one particular province won’t take them anywhere and now trying had to align themselves with NDC……..NDC is just a one hit wonder….Kambwili is power hungry and so is HH and we can not have 2 Presidents at the same time….again all PF bandits need to be arrested and sent to jail

    • What will replace the income he blindly asks…how did MMD do without all these taxes yet they balanced the books? All the funds being collected is being misappropriated at the moment? The financial year is coming to end my inbox is filled with statements from my bank, dividends, investments…everyone is reporting telling me how my money worked for me last year BUT PF are quiet no AG Report, no report on how much tollgate money was collected and how much is going to pumped back to roads.
      These arrogant empty tins can not continue run a govt like a katemba…

    • Setting Zambia back is HH’s Agenda. Tongas are wife beaters, they treat cattle better than their women.

    • Great Statements, Also abolish individual Taxes PAYE. Let Zambians have true more money in the Pocket. Our Government should not depend on taxes as source of income. We can do better.

    • The man is finally seeing the light, address issues as you are now doing HH and you will begin to get respect, don’t waste time with pointless court cases and petty politics as the likes of Mulongoti enjoy doing. Address issues such as unnecessary expenditure on luxury items such as luxury SUVs in govt, poor efficiency which leads to corruption, inhuman prison conditions, archaic justice system, poor workmanship on feeder and tarmac roads, making the agricultural, tourism, forestry, transport, technology sectors work profitably. Do this badaaala and even some of us might be moving forward with you.

    • Whether we like it or not, tribal or not, educated or not, our country has been mismanaged to the detriment or our future and pride. We are a laughing stock. We clap and laugh with thieves and thugs. Shame on us! Very sad and worse still, I don’t even see how educated people sink so low to allow these uneducated to decide and decimate our future. Where’s is our courage? Where’s our pride? Where are the men and women of reason? I even shudder to think CK is popular among us. Am ashamed! He’s no any different form PF; he’s a product of it only that he was booted out. He’s part of the violent architects of violence and tribalism. Where have these led us? It’s coming around to bite him. Are we breeding violence which will one day come to consume us as we die mediocrity which has come back…

    • Good point on the boreholes, I would also abolish them. But I not give you my vote.

      Pwehehehehehe ati abolish PAYE also.
      Double h nao, kuwaya wayafye.

    • PF driven debt will be driving us in to deeper slavery. In the near future we will start paying breathing taxes for breathing Lungus oxygen, and walking taxes for using Lungus feet. Regardless of who the future president will be. We will be facing the debt crisis together


  2. The best way to punish PF is to vote for UPNDC!
    I am behind you on these taxes!
    PF is trying to reap where they have not sown!

    • @ Numero Uno
      Its true PF made a grave mistake in Roan and certainly so in many areas but please dont be too excited here because that defeat could have just worked well to the advantage of PF, its mid-year deep introspection and folding up the sleeves, time to work and no more lies. The biggest problem I see is in infact the Opposition alliance, who will be on the presidential ballot, Kambwili or HH? If you can solve that million dollar question, then you have 50% of defeating PF if you can analyse issues. Yes, President Lungu got serious work to do and we are very sure that today, and not tomorrow, he needs to start shaking up dusted and tired leaders in PF by replacing them and putting intelligent strategies to enable him deliver. There shall be no more lies in PF and boot licking…

    • It is a failed project. Double h is an enemy of himself. He shoots himself in the foot. As things stand, I pity the people of Roan if they are adding to the number of walkout MPs. When you say “UPNDC” to mean the pact, you’re being divisive already. How many fragments constitute the so called pact. Next we will hear things like “We will do so so if NDC forms Government”
      The UPNDEADs are dead.

  3. Hahaha…, ati “When the UPND democratically takes over power in 2021,….bla bla bla, are you sure you have any chance of ever forming government now that the dynamics have drastically changed? First and foremost bwana HH, Kambwili has without doubt proved that you are an Under 5 in politics just as President Lungu did to you in 2015. All these two are products of the mighty PF. Lungu attempted once and he kicked you hard and you cried very loud and called him names. Kambwili tries his luck in the deep PF territory and he causes the biggest upset of the century. You HH and UPND have no direction and have failed to make inroads in PF strongholds, whilst the opposite is true, PF has in the recent times penetrated your so called strongholds. Remember that the supporters of Kambwili’s NDC…

  4. contd
    Remember that the supporters of Kambwili’s NDC are PF runaways and they hold the same view as many that you HH cant win elsewhere except your territory. And the killer punch is this, can Kambwili who many have praised for his performance in grabbing a seat from the might PF accept to be a ceremonial vice president to you, I doubt. Unless, you HH go in as a running mate to Kambwili in 2021, maybe the chances of you getting close to State House will be realized. What about fat Albert, GBM, where will this leave him? In any case, it will be a miracle for Kambwili to accept the ceremonial vice president when infact he had held very high and strategic government portifios before, his eyes now, as he has instigated is that of the highest post in the land. So ba HH, you got work to do…

  5. contd
    So ba HH, you got work to do badala, and on top of that dont forget that the recent PF defeat in Roan has waken up the sleeping giant, mighty PF to regain its position. Two and a half years is a lot of time for PF to get the work done and people back on their side. The problem that UPND has is you HH, you are liability! Already, you have pre-emptied the fact that you dont even know where to start from should in the unlikely event got elected. So up to this time you have been misleading UPND, you dont even know which things you ought to address? Whats your campaign message? Whats your solution to the persistent clean water delivery in Zambia, encouraging people to sink boreholes? Oh no, then you are wrong chap altogether, Climate Change is real and it needs decisions like borehole…

  6. contd
    Whats your campaign message? Whats your solution to the persistent clean water delivery in Zambia, encouraging people to sink boreholes? Oh no, then you are wrong chap altogether, Climate Change is real and it needs decisions like borehole regulation whilst government finds a permanent and lasting solution. Otherwise these same people will wake up and find dry boreholes in nothing is done TODAY. So STOP misleading people for a few votes.
    The opposition who will articulate and lay out his social and economic plans clearly with tangible milestones might just be that one to give PF a good run for their money in 2021 because PF is not sitting idle but will ensure it corrects its mistakes which are well known, that all people are asking of PF and president Lngu, period. Remember…

    • Ba Malinso Just Continue nursing your heavy defeat in Roan.For Your Own Information,this pf of Changwa Lost Popularity a Long Time ago,what happened in roan is just testament to that.There is nothing the pf will do which will salvage it in 2021.If CK can just compromise the Bemba Vote in pf stronghoods such as CB, where will this leave Pf of Chagwa.Whether you like it or not 2021 kuyabebele. Mind you HHs Stronghoods are still Intact.Dont be fooled by the few victories you have managed to get in Chilanga, mangango and Kafue.I can bet that come 2021, if HH will be on the ballot, all his stronghoods will still vote for him but I don’t if all the people in pf stronghoods will still vote for lungu judging from the roan outcome.

  7. Hakainde its issues issues issues and offering sound alternatives that’s the way to go.Good luck though i’m not on your boat.

  8. contd
    Remember also that over promising people might as well just be your trap and worst enemy because people are now very alert and cant be easily cheated, so if you cant deliver dont promise it otherwise you may end up like whats happening in Zimbabwe. Mugabe is gone but where is the new Zimbabwe today, a million times worser!!!

  9. HH please dont be discouraged by these spineless chaps who post things with shallow thinking, you have a large following. Forget the negative blogs who were born negatives any where. And thanks for being gracious by giving your votes to Kambwili in the roan elections. Sibagona…

  10. On this one I totally agree with HH. But as @Danielle (1.3 above) has commented HH needs to fully articulate on the current Taxes then comment on which ones he will remove and then state what will be his alternate source of Revenue.

  11. “When the UPND democratically takes over power in 2021, we shall immediately undertake an audit to ascertain which taxes are burdensome and excessive to our citizens. Borehole and rental taxes will be among those that we shall immediately eliminate. Water is life and a human right,” he said.

    Just those words uttered by the Hallucinating Hyena are enough to tell my beloved Zambians that he has no clue what he is talking about. How can you state that you will carry out an audit when you’re in power.? Why can’t you do this now and explain to the people where else you will generate revenue for the country. Imwe ba Hyena you are a lost cause in politics. Try something else baba. When we ask for a knowledgeable and mature opposition, this is not what we mean.

    • Zambian observer or whatever you are called, sometimes you have to be in office to view certain things clearly. So far what is clear is that Bolehole and Rental taxes are a squeeze on citizens. And certain things cannot be divulged yet or else you give ideas to your competitor. You cannot abolish certain things until you are in government. We have seen people who have promised they would do this or that when they get into power but it does not always work out that way. That is why some people end up lying.

  12. Zambians must understand that the time to expect anything good from the PF, is gone, PF, was a baby born in wealthy, at the time the Patriotic Front came into power, the MMD Government, through the late President Levy P Mwanawasa, they had made significant progress in turning around the Economy, at the time of his demise, President Levy P Mwanawasa, had the confidence of the many donor countries, remember as Zambia we had deteriorated into the, Highly Indebted Poor Country, however due to consistency, proper policy direction,fiscal discipline and the non wavering stance on the fight against corruption, Zambia’s debt burden was reduced, cushioned, eventually we graduated back to the 3rd World, the Window to borrow was opened, this window was abused by the MMD, under Rupiah Bezani Bandai,…

    • This is how issues need to be articulated. Not these negatively born insult filled bloggers comments with nothing to do other than bootlicking. I like your articulation.

  13. HH’s UPND alone cannot form Govnt in 2021.it is simply a dream.UPND has never won in 6.5 provinces since 2006 and just last week,UPND lost terribly in Bahati-Luapula.The only hope for UPND is an alliance with Kambwili’s NDC and hope GBM shall accept to be droped as HH’s running mate.Should Kambwili becomes big headed after Roan victory and decide to stand on his NDC,then HH will lose his last attemp in 2021!!! Or should PF fix this economy and please urban voters once more,then not even an alliance with NDC can make HH win in 2021!!!
    As for abolishing rental and borehole taxes,this is has almost no impact because very few Zambians own boreholes or pay rental taxes.KAINDE SHOULD BE TALKING ABOUT TAXES OR THINGS WHICH AFFECT EVERY ZAMBIAN SUCH AS CREATING JOBS,REDUCING MEALIE MEAL…

    • I agree with you Njimbu on all the things you have stated above except one: PF managing to please urban voters by 2021 if they fix the economy! I don’t think so.The damage is too much.Unless of course they perform some miracles

  14. Hakainde we can’t be electioneering /politicking 24/7 from January to December. Zambians need to sit and work building the nation coz there’s a bigger elephant than your greed for power.

  15. “Mr. Hichilema said the UPND shall immediately undertake an audit to ascertain which taxes are burdensome and excessive to the citizens when it democratically takes over power in 2021.” So, what UPND doing right now? They do not know which taxes need to be removed, and will do so when they come into power? It doesn’t happen that way baba.

  16. This id.iot called hh has no clue of what goes on in government. hh is the waste dictator . Privatisation criminal.

  17. 1. “Opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has promised to eliminate Borehole and Rental taxes when the party forms government.”
    And who will vote for a trib.al? This fact hasn’t sunk into this boy ka? Go back to 2006 and hand back power to the legitimate owner, and then start untrib.ally with an MP seat.
    2. “Abolish rental taxes”.
    Which world does this boy live in? What manner of economist is this boy? Despite all his money, you mean he has never travelled overseas, say to UK and USA? Complete trib.al f00l, instead of saying how he will utilise taxes better, listen to the f00lish boy.
    3. From many of the comments above, it appears people are suggesting a return to MMD, for the name Trib.al Hacks evokes fears of trib.al supremacy of the trib.als. Now which sensible Zambian…

  18. …..3. From many of the comments above, it appears people are suggesting a return to MMD, for the name Trib.al Hacks evokes fears of trib.al supremacy of the trib.als. Now which of us sensible Zambians will give you power, and remember we are in the majority? Look young boy trib.al, leave us alone and sort out your impending leadership wrangles with Chimbwili, it is of no consequence to us majority voters ….. hallucinating you enjoy ka, iwe trib.al?

  19. The K260 fee that the Ministry charges to facilitate the inspection for compliance by their officers doesn’t qualify to be called a tax. This is the reason I can’t hire Hichilema whenever I want to sell my company, he’s a liar

  20. HH FORWARD FORWARD PF KUWAYAWAYAFYE.HH should hammer PF like the way SATA did to MMD.PF is finished ka EDGAR ka kawalala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. In the History of Zambian politics there are no salaries for Lecturer’s at UNZA and CBU.EDGAR should resign on moral grounds.They took lecturers salaries to Luanshya were the lost to a New party………

  22. HH is speaking sense not Ka Edgar akakweba ati nganakeminina apa waputa umwela kaponena uko…. said Chishimba Kambwili……………………

  23. PF went with SATA what has remained is MMD in PF and RUPIAH BANDA chola boys…………………………..HH apa tilitonse…………………………………

  24. Only UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress will be doped by the Supreme leader HH of the UPND who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers…

  25. Fake promises of MORE MONEY in your pockets yet they are TAKING MONEY AWAY from our pockets through these useless taxes. Government of misery and poverty. What a huge mistake we made!

  26. Just a reminder to HH these taxes are law and all the PF has done is to resurrect them. Maybe he doesn’t know that even bicycles have to pay road tax but government has just looked the other way. You cannot abolish them, you can only suspend them or take them to parliament to be repealed. Beware of politicians. …MMD promised us more jobs but we got even less jobs, PF promised more money in the pocket but we have even less money, HH is promising less taxes but we may end up with 1000 taxes.

  27. I for one don’t trust politicians, they are all the same. Remember Sata when in opposition how he used to talk about the chinese, but things changed once he was elected, he became friends with them. HH says he will abolish borehole and rental taxes. He will replace them with something else which he can’t say now. Zambians please stop putting too much trust in these politicians, all they want is amass wealthy for themselves. It is the same HH who fenced off communal land in namwala so that only his cattle could have grazing and water. Imagine he does that while in opposition what more if he is in state house.

    • Exactly, and this is the same language Kambwili is speaking today.In the event that he gets into state house will he maintain his stance on the Chinese??………They will just bribe him heavily with an irresistible offer and in no time he will embrace them and start dancing to their tunes

  28. The only tax which is criminal is PAYE. If you can abolish this one and leave the rest i can give you my vote. What is borehole tax and how much is it to be campaigning for. The big 3 PAYE zesco bill and rental yes we can give you a vote.

  29. A good deal of chaps with boreholes don’t pay income tax. These direct taxes ensure that they pay something.

    What is needed in Zambia now is a system to reward those that pay income tax some rebates for the direct taxes. That will even the field with the abundant tax dodgers only paying pittance direct taxes they perpetually complain about. Not this hallucination of abolishing taxes that widen the tax base. That’s why all subsidies should be removed on electricity as well.

  30. If HH was really intelligent and a real leader, he would have told the would-be voters what ingenious ways he would put in place to ensure that he collects sufficient revenue to provide services and develop the country. He should know that those that have been funding him will not fund him in the event that he won the general elections in Zambia. Instead this man HH would have to pay in kind to reward his funding capitalists. So, this is just another of the many hollow statements coming from this man. HH does not know when it is time to campaign or time to build the nation. One wonders how he would govern this great nation of Zambia if he were to win the presidential elections?

  31. Is there anything like borehole tax in Zambia? HH as an economist must not deliberately mislead people for the same of politicing. A fee & tax are two different things. Some of us who have already seen the benefits of this fee from WARMA may consider those opposed to it as pure lunatics. On rental tax, who introduced it? When the rental tax was introduced and debated in parliament by the MMD regime, UPND had enough members who could have opposed it but they instead supported it. Now they’re putting the whole blame on PF as having introduced the tax. When PF came into power the rental tax was already law and failure to implement it was going to breaching the law. Mr HH can tell any lie just to be in state house. The truth is, even if he abolished the so called borehole tax, who will be…

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