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UPND will not take part in National Dialogue

Headlines UPND will not take part in National Dialogue


UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says his party will not take part in the National Dialogue Forum slated for 23 April at the Mulungushi International Conference Center.

The Forum which was supposed to start today has been moved to 23 April to allow people to observe Easter, according to Justice Minister Given Lubinda.

But Mr. Hichilema said his party will not attend the Forum because it is another ploy by the PF government to manipulate the constitution in favour of the PF.

He said the UPND will instead commence a countrywide tour to mobilize the party and assure the people of a better Zambia once the PF is voted out in 2021.

Mr. Hichilema also reiterated that the UPND is ready for a Church led dialogue and not that being pushed by the PF government.

He has since appealed to the Police not to deny them permits to hold rallies once the tour begins.

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  1. UPND shouldn’t exhibit arrogance! We all o resolve national issues in a give and take attitude. Go to the national indaba and voice out your concerns and reach a consensus. The victory of NDC in Roan should’t create false hope in the opposition to make you believe 2021 will be a walk in the park, because you still have a long to win people’s confidence to entrust you with power.

    • I think UPND is not opposing the process, I think their issue is the referee. In the spirit of making progress lets accommodate them by going by the referee of their choice, the Church. I think no need to be scared of any thing here.

    • In your abscence we shall reduce the Presidential election PETITION from 14 days( in which you falied to proveyour case) to 5 DAYS. Elyo ukese ulelila na ka legal team kobe ati 5 days ya lichepa. But ninshi Lungu na wina kale.

    • UPND is slowly becoming the modern day UNIP….UPND is very unpatriotic….everything starts and ends in the Southern Province with HH at the helm

    • This national dialogue was started by HH to gain political capital. It has back fired on him. This is how he operates. He is a “USER”

      We have MP’s who represents the will of the people of Zambia.

      If HH is serious about National Dialogue, he must ask his MP’s to vigourasly debate & address national matters in Parliament.

      Then again. HH is MASTER of BOYCOTT ING important national matters.

      So, it’s a non starter!!

    • UPND just like any other political parties have the right to free assembly under the current Zambian constitution. Therefore, preventing them to hold such gatherings is tantamount to deprivation of their legal rights including their human rights.to some extent.

      God Bless Zambia.

    • Setting Zambia back is HH’s Agenda. Tongas are wife beaters, they treat cattle better than their women.

    • @ Mutulang’oma: Be Fair DO not use EMOTIONS. Why should everyone cecum to PF Convenience? You mean people who planned this never check the calendar that it was Easter? How long would a meeting take? Learn to think for others than condemn anything your fellow citizens say. You are nothing special nor above other Zambians.

    • HH that is not a good attitude and spirit. Politics and dialogue is a game of give and take. You cannot dialogue if you come with a premeditated agenda and a tone of conflated self importance.

    • Circus! PF made all attempts at national dialogue fail to materialize and can’t come and tell the other’s that you have to see it our way and comply! Late Michael Sata would also not accede to such nonsense and led lots of boycotts thus those who maybe accusing HH may not have been born like some of us who did experience how an anarchist Sata could be!

  2. Danielle that’s a good question Mr.HH should answer with confidence. He has never participated in any national event, how can he say, his party is not participating!!! Try to stand on your party in 2021, even Kambwili will do better than your party.

  3. “He said the UPND will instead commence a countrywide tour to mobilize the party and assure the people of a better Zambia once the PF is voted out in 2021.”

    Iwe Trib.al Hacks, first things first, have you been to a convention before you embark on “nation” wide mobilisation and “campaigns” for 2021 elections?
    Of course police MUST NOT give permits for such trib.al arrogance for what else can you call it? NO PERMIT until after 2021. We shall even pur it in the revised constitution “NO PERMITS FOR TRIB.AL DICTATORS. PERMITS SHALL ONLY BE GRANTED TO POLITICAL PARTIES THAT HOLD REHULAR CONVENTIONS AS PER THEIR PARTY CONSTITUTIONS”.

  4. This is a prelude to another self inflicted white wash for trib.al upnd. Next will be boycott of 2021 elections, followed by oblivion. Even his “strongholds” would enjoy to vote in 2021, and Trib.al Hacks is denying them their rights.

    Surely this boy, Chimbwili’s personal coup in Roan has already gotten to his head? He thinks Zambuans can consider him now? If push comes to shove, we shall rally behind any PF and MMD in 2021. If that is not possible, we shall support any frogs that stand against him. That is how we loathe trib.al politics and the trib.al dictator. ZWA!!!

  5. Anything is better than trib.al genocide. Rwanda commemorated the trib.al genocide just last week.

  6. And Sudan just overthrew a dictator last week.
    Trib.al Dictator Hacks, Zambians are not about to install a dictator especially a trib.al!!
    ZWA! ZWA!! ZWA!!!

  7. HH shouldn’t get excited about the Roan result. After all it’s NDC that won the election. It’s still a long way to 2021. Time to humble yourself is now.

  8. UPND danderheads and sycophants are Sadists who should not come later and complain of anything… Meanwhile, The US ambassador to Zambia has advised that those who have been called to dialogue should attend he said this yesterday

  9. Even if you are a good student but you do not attend classes but you only appear when it is exam time you will fail. That is what Hichilema does best. Abscond all national building efforts but only appear during election time. You have already failed even before the voting starts. Only your family votes for you. HH grow up. For now you do not have anything to show that you are a leader. You have no character of your own. In Bemba they say “Niba muselela kwakaba” alliance this, alliance that. Now he (HH) is dancing Kambwili pelete. Nika Roan constituency ba mona.

  10. The church s hould not be politicised. Its wickedness to drag the church into politics. the fact that some so called bishops accept such calls is a reflection of how conceited they have become. Submit to the governing authority os a clear directive in Gods word. God has mandatted the church to submit to the goverment In power. Anyone calling on the church to lead the dialogue apart from goverment is misleading the church and giving it a role that Gos has not given it. Advise to UPND. If you are not interested, just move on. Dont use the church or call on the church. You do that, you are just engaging in wickedness and God is jealous over His name, His church and His word. you may incur His displeasure and never ever win an election. GOD MUST BE FEARED.

  11. And assure a better Zambia said HH. Countrymen all politicians are crooks. They don’t care about you. Read John 12 very 6.

  12. kwena ba pf bikopo sana, you mean you cant see the wrong you are doing. if you cant trust the church that has a reptation of handling this same issue from unip time what is so difficult for you not to believe. something is working against you, and finally you will regret when proven wrong.

  13. Is it true that Katuka has suspended Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba from the Upnd? If it’s true I can see that now that GBM has served his purpose, it’s time to replace him with Kambwili. The signs are there. Very sad.

  14. Mwanawasa formed NCC but Sata and his PF stayed away some PF REBEL MPs broke away from PF and joined the NCC for money. Where are those PF rebel MPs today? What happened to the NCC? Is history repeating itself? Time will tell.

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