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No money to host Zambia Travel Expo and Cultural and Arts Festival

Economy No money to host Zambia Travel Expo and Cultural and Arts Festival

A boy from Kasama does some acrobatic stunts during the Livingstone arts and
cultural festival at Livingstone Golf Club last Saturday in readiness
for the UNWTO general assembly

The 2019 Zambia Travel Expo and the Livingstone International Cultural and Arts Festival have been put off due to inadequate funding from government.

The Zambia Tourism Agency says about K2 million is required to host the annual cultural tourism festivals which have over the years brought tourists into Zambia from across the world.

ZTA Chief Executive Officer Felix Chaila said it became necessary to put off the two events because of doubts in the areas of funding from government to avoid inconveniencing participants.

He said the Agency is pessimistic about funding from the treasury for the two events hence the decision to put them off.

But Tourism and Arts Minister Charles Banda says he is unaware about the two events being put off by the Zambia Tourism Agency.

Dr. Banda said he has not been informed about the decision and has directed his Permanent Secretary Charles Banda to investigate the matter.


    • Felix Chaila, ZTA CEO, only told half the story! I heard his voice clip on the same and he sounded so afraid to tell it as it is. I think there is a direct link between ZTA’s events and revenues from tourism which in turn support the entities budgets.

      Felix spoke as if it was the first time he was asking for money when he knows he has little control over incomes the ZTA generates …

    • Yaba….so who is stealing all our money….Lungu says now he has all the money ….trying to add one and two together….PF bandits at work and Buffoon Bandit Kambwili is trying to align himself to steal all what will be left by Lungu

    • The money should have been sourced from the Tourism industry in Livingstone, hotel owners, etc not from Government!

    • Money should have come from sponsors. Elsewhere this is a big event that no hotel owner would be left out.
      But in Zambia its always waiting to be given. And the Minister is fast asleep, has no clue what is happening in his ministry. Come on people, how can a Minister be clueless and not being informed of needed funding?
      And yet when Ireland decided to “color” the Mosi-o-Tunya during the St. Patrick celebration, many of you were expressed negativity to that event.
      Now there is no money for your own event. Shame.

  1. What happened to the ‘profits’ made last year? Shameful. These events should be self sufficient to an extent and besides you have had a whole year to plan, it’s about time some of these entities started selling vitubuwa and I say this in all seriousness. In a year you would and can raise enough money to host the event

      After all the profits from last year are collected, Home Affairs Thug -Steven Chimpyongo takes his P.F Cadres along to the treasurer, intimidates, & forces whoever is holding these funds to hand them over asap or risk serious injury, & dismissal from employment, & the funds are then used to pay P.F Thugs to intimidate, & misbehave whenever there is a bye Election in the region.

  2. Twasebanya no money for anything, Lungu should forget about that third term. You can’t finish all the money on bye elections. If the event was successful you would have seen all those show off ministers and maybe ECL in attendance giving speeches praising their government, now when it comes to funding the go hiding

  3. Suspend all presidential and ministers trips including “attendance” delegations abroad and within. Let embassies and provincial leadership handle issues in their jurisdictions while national leadership stays in the Lusaka region and offices figuring out how to salvage the economy.

  4. This CEO is an ***** and clueless like his minister. The problem is we have all these educated fools/villagers who are not creative. The tourism agency must be an independent body and should generate its own funds. There so many ways they can raise funds from entities in the tourism industry. Road Expo my a.s.s go out and market our beautiful country to the right people who will in return spend money right here in Zambia so that you will not be asking for money from the government. Shame!!!

  5. When we say these people are dull you think we are just saying it out of hatred, buy jets and sending wives with 25 member delegations, no wonder people are questioning his mental state

  6. That’s a shame, as I feel the world hasn’t sufficiently caught on to Zambia as a tourist destination. There is no need to be modest! We should be shouting from the rooftops, “Come and visit us, see how we live!” And there is a growing thirst amongst the young people of the world for experiencing different cultures. I’m sure the odd K2 million has been found for plenty of prestige projects that only bring suitcases of money for corrupt politicians.

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