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72 year old suspected wizard commits suicide

Rural News 72 year old suspected wizard commits suicide

A 72 year old man suspected of being a wizard in Matepe Village in Chama District in Muchinga Province has committed suicide.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner, Joel Njase has confirmed the incident to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chama yesterday.

According to Mr Njase, the incident happened on Sunday 15th April at 06:00 hours and was reported to the police yesterday at 08:32 hours.

Mr. Njase said police received a telephone call from Inspector Chilembo of Matepe Village, in Chief Kambombo’s area that Headman Lungwell Mkandawire 72, committed suicide by taking unknown poisonous substance.

The police commissioner said that the motive behind his death is that the deceased was alleged to be a wizard by a witch Doctor who had forced him to drink certain charms.

Mr. Njase added that a witch doctor, Justin Bwalya, 38 of Chibesakunda village forced him to drink certain charms after which he found the deceased to be a wizard.

The Police Commissioner said that it is alleged that the deceased person was too ashamed to continue living his life knowing that he had been found to be a wizard hence he took his own life by drinking some poisonous substance.

Mr. Njase said that the scene of crime has been visited and family members have since been advised to bury and mark the grave.

He said that the witch doctor and his colleagues have since been detained in police custody.

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  1. Control this xenophobia against the elderly.The witch doctors are common criminals that keep terrorizing our precious and elderly citizens.Shame especially that we all strive to live long.Mean while between Lusaka and chisekesi there were 16 police check points in a less that 300 km stretch last friday. You couldn’t count speed traps mounted every where.All this was meant to ‘fund raise’ from citizens to oil the pockets of bosses.I wondered whether we are in Central African Republic or Zambia.When you see public institutions fund raising from through these means you know pano paipa.

  2. This xenophobia against the elderly people should come to end. When other civilized societies cherish and honour old people in this backward national are busy killing and terrorising old people. Learn from their wisdom why God have kept that long not accusing. We are look forward live a long life. For those who blessed they grow old. Witchcraft is in your mind, what you eat, your behaviour it the things killing you young. This witch doctors who gave them the power to check the other peoples lives. It is primitive please STOP THE NONSENSE. OLD PEOPLE ARE BLESSING TO A SOCIETY IF YOU DON’T KNOW.

  3. A nation of thieves and hypocrites!
    You call yourselves a Christian nation Christian nation of feaces!
    When you steal from the poor both pastors and politicians when you accuse the elderly of bewitching you yet it it you who contracted the disease. Shame on you!

  4. Its a sad state of affairs in Zambia. After you pass the age of 70 you’re automatically classified as a witch.
    The only way to avoid such embarrassing accusations is to die before 70.

  5. There is something the villagers are hiding about the death of that senior man. The Witch Doctor has something to do with the death

  6. Once declared a witch, one is ostracized, stigmatized and literally obliterated from the community he or she was once a member of.

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