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Kambwili officially named as NDC President, moves quickly to fire Musenge as Party Secretary General

Headlines Kambwili officially named as NDC President, moves quickly to fire Musenge as...

NDC President Chishimba Kambwili and NDC vice president Joseph's Akafumba
NDC President Chishimba Kambwili and NDC vice president Joseph’s Akafumba

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has endorsed Chishimba Kambwili as its party president. During a press briefing held today, NDC vice president Joseph’s Akafumba said that Mr. Kambwili will be the sole NDC presidential candidate for 2021.

Mr Akufuna said that the decision to endorse Mr. Kambwili as President was arrived at today during a central committee meeting. The meeting was held at the NDC Secretariat today.

Mr. Kambwili has accepted his endorsement as the leader of the NDC and moved quickly to fire Mwenya Musenge as NDC secretary General. The new NDC President has instead decided to appoint Mr. Musenge as a Member of the Central Committee in charge of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs and warned media houses to stop quoting Mr. Musenge as party SG. In Mr Musenge’s place, Mr kambwili has appointed Bridget Attanga as NDC secretary General.

Mr. Kambwili has also dropped party chairperson in charge of elections Ackson Simwezya, Mr Simwezya has been replaced by Menyani Zulu.

Mr. Kambwili has also appointed newly elected Roan lawmaker Joseph Chishala as the Member of the Central Committee in charge of labour. Jackson Kaonga has moved to Agriculture from Tourism.

Professor Muyenga Attanga has also been moved from Higher Education to Mines. Misheck Moyo has moved to Information and Broadcasting where as Saboi Imboela is now NDC Spokesperson.

And Mr. Kambwili says the NDC will not participate in the National dialogue process that opens next week.

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    • @ Dola
      Take it easy. The NDC Central Committee has officially announced that Kambwili is the sole presidential candidate on NDC in 2021 and there in no mention of UPNDC in that statement. So watch the space because PF will hammer you like a hurricane. We all know why PF lost in Roan and that mistake is being corrected not only in Roan but countrywide. The only thing I know is that NDC with Kambwili contesting in 2021 will emerge second whilst UPND will take third place.

    • Nonsense….empty tins…just making noise and wasting people’s time….Kambwili is just Mpatamatu…he shouldn’t be walking around with a chip on his shoulders…HH now looks completely lost……he knows this is just helping PF….

    • Kambwili cannot form government by himself in 2021, it’s too early. He does not have a structure that’s why he needs the alliance partners.

    • Just keep observing HH’s body language and facial expressions after Roan elections….HH knows its over for his Presidential ambitions and it could as well signal the demise of UPND….this is just good news for PF bandits…and Mwenya Munsege is going back to join PF bandits

    • As a man its either you have confidence in yourself or you dont…..HH has no confidence in himself and he is trying to find someone to Partner with…GBM didn’t do any good but if HH wants to sleep with Kambwili he definitely need to use protection because Kambwili is a not trusted….too much sleeping around

    • Good appointments, I also INDOORS Akafumba as Vice-president and Bridget Atanga as Secretary General for NDC. No room for GBM.
      Look at all the names, that NDC is not tribal.

    • Every Zambian knows that Kambwili is the biggest bandit….Lungu is a bandit but he is nothing compared to Kambwili….Kambwili will clean all what will be left by thieving Lungu…unfortunately that’s what Politicians are known for….stealing and being power hungry….Sata knew Kambwili was a big Bandit

    • Please i want all LT bloggers to INDOORS Anonymous as President and Nubian Princess his running mate
      My cabinet will be ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION
      BR Mumba…Finance
      Jay Jay….Defense
      Ndanji Khakis..Home Affairs
      2020 vision….Transport and communication
      Nostradamus…Minister without portfolio
      Spaka..Livestock and Fishers
      Olivia the real Pope…Lands Minister
      HH oval head..Tourism minster
      MMD Chief bootlekker..Home Affairs
      Meimatungu…Health Minister
      More appointments coming up

    • This is the biggest mistake with Zambian political parties …you create them as if they are family Katemba ..why endorse BUFFOON CK …this is the same with FDD based on the same selfish principles.

    • Anonymous – The other day you were ridiculing us that we reside on LT 24/7 now you are appointing us…I don’t want to part it I reject the appointment and I sure dont want report to any jokester masquerading with Nubian name when they are not worthy. Take you and your running mate and your folly to the nearest lodge!!

    • The funny thing is although BUFFOON CK has appointed reps for these depts to mirror the sitting minsters in govt I highly doubt it he will let them talk to press as he will always want to run his big mouth!!

    • When excited empty tins come together as ndc, empty tins in upend also get excited. 2021 is far and a lot can happen. Watch gbm’s direction first before you make us noise

  1. When I become president I will fire without fear or favour ….as an example of good things to come …..I have fired the bookworm Dr Kabwili B.A, M.A, Phd (witchcraft technology) and replaced him with imbwili …..have a nice Easter

  2. That picture above depicts the proper clown that he is. And knowing the caliber of most voters, this moron may end up in state house to continue looting where Jonathan Mutaware would have left off!

  3. Where is the alliance going with Kambwili being president of NDC. This means competition with double Hyena has started

    • Kenya Airlines is in alliance with KLM Dutch airlines …does that mean they have one CEO? Nope …am helping you

    • I don’t know what has happened to our school system, how does one who has been in class for 12 solid years fail to understand the term ALLIANCE.

    • Divide & Rule – These are wasted years indeed …today we have fooooools with very powerful handsets like Iphone and Samsung but these daft chaps are thick as porridge in the head.

  4. And ba kabova think this thing can be republican president. Don’t be carried away by the Roan Election. Why did you have to wait for the election to fire Musenge?

  5. Loud mouth with forged academic credentials and FORGED political party and FORGED pacra documents.

    A minister who could form a company and get jobs from govt contracts

    The ONLY reason he formed a party is because his source of livelywhood has been tempered with.

    Zwd told us he grabbed a golf course and turned into grazing land.

    This country is doomed because Ecl.hh.ck.gbm non of these qualify for presidency

    Am a non partisan political consultant

  6. Now musenge will go to court to challenge the appointment or is it erection of kambwili as president and this party will become another MMD with two presidents and in-fighting then finally the loser will go back to PF.

  7. I can see most of you just talk without properly analysing and knowing the dynamics of politics.
    Let me put it this way in simpler terms; now that CK will stand as NDC president and HK also stands as president in 2021, who do you think stands a higher chance of coming out tops between HH and ECL? The likes of CK and HK will take a bigger chunk of PF stronghold votes which is Copperbelt and Northern province and leaving Southern, North Western and Western intact for HH while HH still has a higher command of Lusaka and Central.
    Upnd may decide to support CK for Copperbelt and support HK for Northern as alliance partners but in MP seats and stand as presidential candidates to frustrate PF. Who thinks ECL can get Copperbelt against imbwili and Northern against HK, forget it bwana. ECL is…

    • Let him take CB but is capable of solving our problems like unemployment? He can’t and will never. All level minded people know what’s happening on the copperbelt. Unemployment is as a result of selling the mines to foreigners, this includes other state owned companies. KambwilI is just a jerabo who can only appeal to emotions. Unfortunately most people are emotional and don’t sit down analyze situations. I asked a brother to my friend from Mpatamatu why he voted for NDC. His answer was that Kambwili will within 3 months create jobs in Roan. A tenant of my friend in the same township was bit more balanced. His answer was we want government to realize that we exist and are suffering a lot. Surely Kambwili has just been making money through contracts for himself.

    • Bwana its 50+1. Hh can win but not enough to enter state house

      Ck is hard core pf cadre and bembas are likely to go into round 2 in support of their like because they wont trust hh after seeing trial of violence that we shall see in upendi stronghold in 2021

      It will be impossible to support hh because his region is voilent

  8. Big headed over one mp. What if he had 3 let alone became republican president

    This boy is just an empty tin surrounded by jobless clowns

    If upendi put up a candidate the boy wouldn’t have won. Hh also , how can you allow this fake doctor dupe you.

    It reminds of of bedtime story of hyna and kalulu

  9. For CK to appoint a shadow cabinet like the one he’s put in place may indicate that he’s really up to something…it doesn’t happen everyday in Zambian politics. I won’t metnion names.

  10. Chimbwi wibilima ababilima tabaya…. never cross a bridge before you come to an end. Winning roan by election is not a guarantee that you can even win presidential elections in 2021, Big NO! Mr.Kambwili is very far from becoming the president. I can agree with some of the comments, definitely as at now we don’t have a presidential material, all these political leaders are thieves. Epo mpelele…..

  11. As NDP coordinator in diaspora (Australia), I would like to congratulate President Kambwili. We are ready to work with any political party not to remove PF from power, but to monitor their performance and correct. Our aim is to improve the lives of ordinary Zambians.

  12. We just have to change our mindset, people first and let us be accountable. Period.Plot one is not our priority in NDC.

  13. The Problem we have in Zambia is we support undemocratic actions by political parties and yet we call ourselves democrats, how can a president be appointed instead of being voted?

  14. Don’t worry about democracy, as you can see, our party is new and we have no money to go to the convention. The central committee unanimously voted for our president. Before, 2021, we may organize something to make you believe that we are a democratic party.

  15. If Kambwili was not fired he could have remained in PF. What new thing and new development is he going to bring. This is a person who referenced that Zambia was going through the same electricity as South Africa because of low rains. We know that less than 5% of electricity generated in South Africa is hydro. If ever Kambwili is going to be elected as republican president, he will be the worst president Zambia will have.

  16. Catching prey doesn’t guarantee eat. Kambwili was one of satas stauch lieutenants when pf was in opposition, currently others are chewing the fruits of his labour, musenge organized NDC, today kambwili has fired him…..

  17. When northern, easterner talk about tribal it’s normal but for a Tonga it’s something else, Why?

  18. It’s NDC President not in anyway they mention An allaince with any party Imbwili Ni Imbwili..

  19. Can NDC be the first party to have an actual youth league in Zambia, or are they as well afraid of giving power to the youth?

  20. Dont talk Cheap Politics. Ck has not fired Musenge! He has made some Changes in party positions to create sanity and order in the Party. That warrants party Organisation in a Political philosophical understanding. Again We have to be realistic about the Political situation in Zambia.We are are the TRUE owners of our mother Zambia. We therefore should not continue calling our Leaders Bandits and other related criminology terms! That’s bad habit, Foreigners will take advantage of our rich Zambia and continue plundering our natural resources(wealth) because of what we sow from our mouths. It is not that we are happy the way we Leave in Our rich Zambia. The Emeralds of Zambia and more expensive minerals have gone to build expensive buildings in foreign countries leaving Native Zambians…

  21. And you commenter of Notherner,Eastener,Tonga tribalistic type comments! History is never forgotten. Can you recall what the Tongas did in 2016 after the Elections?After hearing that HH has Failed THEY attacked the Bembas in Namwala severely,bruttalising them as if the president who won the election was a Bemba.Is that One Tonga no Bembas or One Zambia no Bembas or To Galina

  22. The article has not stated where Mr Ackson Simwizye has been taken to. Has he been sidelined in the new Kambwili executive?

  23. Kambwili is the biggest bandit and will soon die from shock because he has gotten too excited after the fluke win in Roan. He won because hes a well known crook in Luanshya. Hes not presidential material!

  24. Meanwhile circus in trib.al upnd continues.
    Trib.al Hacks now looking for another running mate to replace Chimbwili who is now a presidential candidate of NDC.

    • HH was played in the last election. Kambwili knew that if the Upnd stood a candidate in Roan PF were going to have better chances of winning. So fooolishily HH accepted and agreed to compete in Bahati where he had zero chances. The combined vote from Upnd and former PFs (NDC) was enough to defeat the PF on behalf of Kambwili.

  25. Nangu some don’t want to accept the fact, this guy displays intelligence of a clown. Just make a mistake and you will regret forever.

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