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President Lungu commissions 82 housing units

General News President Lungu commissions 82 housing units

President Edgar Lungu has commissioned 82 housing units for paramilitary police officers in Lilayi battalion headquarters Lusaka. The 82 houses were constructed by AVIC International.

The Head of State said the completion of the houses is significant in addressing challenges of accommodation of men and women in uniform. Mr Lungu said men and women in uniform also have a right to partake shares in the infrastructure development if this nation.

The President applauded the Zambia Police officers for their dedication in maintaining law and order, adding that the new occupants need to safeguard the houses. He has since urged the police command to ensure that inspection of houses is done frequently to avoid vandalism.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie said security peace and stability cannot be achieved without motivating civil servants. Mr Jie said Zambia and China continues to share a good relationship.

And inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja noted that the commissioning of the houses is a great milestone towards alleviating challenges faced by officers. Mr Kanganja said such support is something rare in the service. He appealed to the president to consider demolishing old structures as they are inhabitable.

Mr Kanganja also expressed his gratitude to government for uplifting the standards of women in uniform.

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    • Look at Lusambo he looks like a medically fool. The way he costed PF elections in Luanshya only foolish can use him again. Telling families and friends of a grown man that he slapped him? That was it 10000 votes gone!!
      I wouldn’t have such thugs in or close to my government.

    • How do Zambian construction companies grow if the bulk of all contracts are going to AVIC…no wonder they can afford to build sports facilities in Tasila’s ward …its a thank you for the overpriced corrupt contracts.
      Wasted years indeed ….he is not even ashamed as head of State letting money leave the country!!

    • Why LT you are saving Lusambo from insults, how much he pays you? Tell us.
      I just proved that he now looks a [email protected]@l after costing PF Roan seat.
      I see no point you have to kiss his stinking @ss.

    • Lungu please find real Presidential things to do….whats all these commissionings…..no need for all that nonsense….wasting tax payers money….it cost a lot to move the President around and Lungu doesn’t care…..why not send a simple minister with one vehicle….

    • Imagine….Lungu is acting like he is spending his millions developing Zambia….look at Stupid grin on Bowman and Lungu’s face

    • No no no MMD was like that, and they continue doing same shhhit.
      Look MMD die-hard Lusaka gang leader.

  1. The big question is the value of this contract to construct these 82 housing units by Lazy Lungu’s favored construction company AVIC. There is nothing in the article

  2. The whole President commissioning 82 housing units! Surely can’t Police IG Kanganja do this simple task? Are these movements about killing hangovers?

    • He has nothing to do …Amos Chanda and Kz sends him away as he is an embarrassment in the office; they just say boss here is an event you can try on that suit I bought for you from Dubai you are more useful out there than in the office especially there is nothing to sign.

  3. Could someone please take us what Lazy Lungu has done in the last four weeks…do we really need this bum??

  4. Finished brains the president officiating the handover of 82 houses! Where is the minister of home affairs Gangster Kampyongo

  5. Look at those degraded slum-like housing behind Lungu. No wonder 82 normal houses seem like a huge upswing for Lungu to commission.

  6. Is this all he does? In the last week he has commissioned 55 houses in Luanshya, a re-opened Nickel mine in Mazabuka, a couple of milling plants and now these 82 housing units. For goodness sake! Doesn’t he have an ‘in’ and ‘out’ tray to attend to at State house? Doesn’t he have issues to address the nation on? To answer
    questions? When does he over see what his corrupt appointees are doing?

    This is ridiculous. After these tours within the country, he will next be flying somewhere outside.

  7. People of zambia, appreciate certain things. Most police camps were sorry sites in the recent past. Most camps just need to be demolished.

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