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Saturday, January 18, 2020

It’s nothing personal, Mwanakatwe is just incompetent-Simumba

Trade Consultant Trevor Simumba making a presentation during the launch of his study “He Who Pays the Piper” which focuses on Chinese debt.
Trade Consultant Trevor Simumba making a presentation during the launch of his study “He Who Pays the Piper” which focuses on Chinese debt.

Respected Trade and Economic Consultant Trevor Simumba has insisted that Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe is incompetetant to run the Ministry.

Mr Simumba last week called for the sacking of Mrs. Mwanakatwe for allegedly failing to manage the economy.

He further suggested that President Edgar Lungu should consider replacing Mrs. Mwanakatwe with Ms. Dorika Banda.

But the Economics Association of Zambia came out in defence of Mrs Mwanakatwe stating that she has the right credentials for the job.

In a statement, the Association Deputy National Secretary Rita Mkandawire said it was ethically incorrect for Mr Simumba to lobby for Mrs Mwanakatwe’s replacement publicly.

But Mr Simumba has responded to the EAZ staging that his sentiments on the performance of Mrs Mwanakatwe still stands.

“I find it quite disheartening that a professional body like EAZ would drag gender into a discussion on the poor management of the economy by the Minister of Finance,” Mr Simumba said.

“This Minister has failed not because she is a woman NO but because she does not have the competence to manage a public finance and macro-economic system of the country,” he said.

“Yes she is well qualified and had a stellar career in banking, finance and investment but running a Ministry of Finance is a whole different ball game especially when you are facing a crisis,” he said.

“It is nothing personal towards Madam Mwanakatwe. In fact you will be shocked to know she is my in-law and a close friend to my immediate family members.”

Mr. Simumba charged that public office demands public accountability.

“My genuine and strong opinion is that she is not capable of managing the real fiscal and monetary crisis Zambia is facing right now. She is not the architect of our problems but unfortunately she has made it worse since she became Minister,” he stated.

“And if she remains beyond the next three months many of you including the EAZ and the President will remember my words and warning. I love Zambia and I want Zambia to prosper and succeed but never will I remain silent and watch my country decline,” he said.

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  1. Three months is too far for our attention and memory span as a population. When what Simumba is fearing does happen there will be a ready and available scapegoat. Watch the space. Plus our politicians behave like little kings who do not want to be advised when the ship is hitting the rocks. That isi when they will increase speed towards those same rocks… Tikali mu cibe…


    • Somebody asked “who respect” Simumba?
      You keep giving him title of “Respectable”.
      I only respect women, including Margaret.

      Your Minister Without Portifolio
      Have a Good Friday


    • very true the aunt isnt a bad person or stupid BUT with all honesty she has bi capacity to handle the economic crisis we face. she should just resign or ask to be transferred to another ministry in the national interest. Her boss is a clueless zealot and am sure aunty being the good person she is can aid this directionless ECL by resigning. madam we beg you ask for a ministerial transfer so we can get a someone with the experience and temperament to deal with tvis crisis.


    • Trevor my boy show us or name the three inter. banks that called you period, Your self importance is highly misplaced.


  2. The president is not one who can listen to any of such. He does not want to lose Maggie just like he lost Kambwili, not again no mater how grave the mistake is. So, sir wait until 2021 when he will lose everyone of them.
    Over and out


  3. mwanakatwe is earmarked to be ECLs Running mate in 2021, SHE HAS BEEN ACTING PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA AND MOF give her time to bomba please ..twakatandabala


  4. Trevor wants Lungu to replace Maggie with Dolika the way Trevor himself replaced his graduate wife with a maid. Yaba, it is interesting to hear this from Trevor.


  5. Any economist or Banker who like Mwanakatwe thinks that depletion of national reserves has no bearing on the health of the economy in general is a stupid *****! I wholly agree that this alcoholic sex addicted cow is grossly incompetent to head the Treasury. She is as bad as Chikwanja!


  6. Wow..imiponto bane…I am sure the treasury is in a mess and Zambia risks being grounded for good under the current leadership! Time for change please!!


  7. Even in banking Margaret was a failure. She messed up everywhere- Barclays Zambia, Barclays Ghana and UBA. Hence she quietly ‘returned’ to Zambia. ECL must learn to do proper due diligence before appointing over glorified failures like Dudu.


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