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Kampyongo warns the people insulting President Lungu on Social Media


Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned that he will not spare any person that will be found insulting the Presidency especially on social media.

He expressed concern that abuse of social media has reached alarming levels resulting in some people insulting the Head of state.

Mr. Kampyongo said the President must be accorded respect by all Zambians including those that have divergent views.

Yesterday President Edgar Lungu cautioned Zambians to be mindful of the law as they criticise his office. The Head of State said Zambians must be mindful of the law as they criticise the Presidency to avoid coming into conflict with the law.

He noted with regret that some people have gone to the extent of insulting his office as they provide checks and balances.

The president has since directed home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo to ensure that there is a boundary between idiocy and normality as he tackles issues relating to abuse of the presidency on social media.

President Lungu said there must be a boundary as people criticise his office which is not being observed by many currently.


  1. Well Kampyongo there truly there people insulting Lungu and his team. Why don’t you concentrate on the masses going without pay for months in the country. As muck as we condemn without such you have people now going without food and giving any hope. Concentrate with your president on main issues before you them running on streets. Hunger has never been a friend to anyone. Insala te munobe. At your rate PF you will end up locking up the whole country except your selves with full bellies. Do something guys. You’ve lost it!!!

    • The subject is about insults showered at the Presidency. Will you leave issues of hunger under a different topic. Being hungry, poor and suffering are not reasons good enough to insult the Presidency.

    • When your leadership is about.what you can take for yourself , and no clear vision of where the country is going you expect people to be upset

    • Wow PF is full of idyyots.
      This week GBM saved them, they should have enjoyed peace. But here they go again fighting citizens.

    • In all dictatorships the focus is the president. Ministers forget the people and work for the president. They tell the president lies about how great he is. Surrounded by such sycophants the president stops seeing what is going on among the people. He focuses on who is not singing from the same praise book. With such muzungu Wangaz we should know why Zambian law protects the president by criminal prosecution of alleged defamers

    • Sorry Ba Kampyongo, but why are people insulting the President ? Why? I think you know why.Nobody insults someone, especially if that someone is a President, for no reason. I am sure you know why.Happy people do not insult .People are not happy and that is what you have to work on.

    • This guy Kampyongo needs a lesson on freedom of speech. In a democratic State, people are free to criticize whoever they want, including the president. If you don’t want to be criticized, yes sometimes with what may be considered as insults, then don’t become a president. It’s that simple. Only in a totalitarian State are people not allowed to criticize the head of state. We criticize the person in the office and not the office itself. The President is a civil servant put in office by the people. He works for the people and not the other way around. He’s accountable to us. If he’s not doing a good job, he gets fired by the people through the ballot or impeachment. The people are his bosses, and not the other around. And that goes for the MPs too. The only time you can say someone…

    • … has crossed the line is if they threaten the life of a president. Other than that, people should be free to say whatever they want. The defamation law is archaic and a colonial relic that needs to be done away with. So you clowns, stop trying to stifle our freedom of speech. You dictators wannabe. People are hungry and going for months without pay, and all you’re worried about is people calling out lazy Lungu for his incompetence, mediocrity and corruption? Wow. You all need to be fired for destroying the economy. Again you dictators wannabe.

    • Luanshya Roan – who are you calling Ba Kampyongo? This is a small boy promoted by an inept visionless boss anyway else he wouldn’t get a job as a Receptionist.

    • This is simple. Do things the right way people don’t insult you.

      Besides to expect every one to like you is just total madness. Every one gets insulted by those with divergent views in a normal democracy and that’s a true litmus test for a good democracy as opposed to dictatorship.

      Only under a dictatorship are people persecuted for insulting a f00lish dictator like Lungu.

      To reduce insults Lungu must deal with corrupt ministers and pay people on time.

      I still maintain Lungu and his PF ni bachimbwi chase.

    • @ abilimi Are you serious with your comment? Do you know why insults are being aimed at the president? I am sure you’re happy with the current situation in Zambia pantu eimwe mulelyamo when the majority of Zambians are wallowing in poverty. People are suffering in Zambia, the majority of Zambians do not have the money period! Corruption, greed, stealing, poor policies and lack of leadership have taken root in Zambia.

  2. That what happens when you pick street hustler snd give him official job.

    Were was this boy working before he became a pf cadre. This same question applies to lusambo and ck.

    They never held a formal job that requires a basic qualification and they dont understand rules of basic management and people issues

  3. Zambia is grounded economically and you expect people to shut their mouths???? In a democracy thats what you should expect iwe Kapyongo with your boss!!!!

  4. Pointing out short comings or mistakes does not tantamount to insults, people should be allowed to air their views freely without fear of inditement by the state

  5. Kampyongo don’t worry about insults. A brave person would not issue insults hiding behind a fake name. I’m sure their man is enjoying the insults which are coming mostly from the youth. In Peru the opposition campaigned on the anticorruption stage. The outgoing president Alberto Fujimoru was arrested and imprisoned. But yesterday that president who had imprisoned him committed suicide after being convicted on corruption charges. Let them insult as much as they want.

  6. Mr. Kampyongo, do not wait until the president is insulted to take action. Where are you when kambwili is being insulted. The calibre of supporters that insult opposition leaders like they did kambwili should not be left to go scotfree. They are in the same family as the ones that are insulting president Lungu. Imagine one day when you are not in leadership and a cadre insults you, wouldn’t you like the authorities to take action.

    • No he is not interested in other citizens. He is only interested in the president. For such bootlicking men the president must be happy all the time. These Lusambos, Mukwitas kampyongos are Creators of dictatorships

  7. Having falied to run the country even failing to meet basic obligations like paying GRZ workers, he wants to pick a fight where there is none. Koswe mu mpoto!

  8. Address serious issues affecting people that have not been paid like Council workers, zampost, university lecturers, learners at universties and lower the standard of living here in zambia. The price of mealie meal is high , fuel is abnormal, hospitals have no drugs but there are plenty meeting=s discussing meetings and reviewiong meerings, all going with sitting allowances and expect people to keep quiet. You have bullies in your midst like Kampyongo himself, Jean , Mumbi , Bowman and your Party SG, these are the people, Mr President ,that tarnish your name and they are the reason. If a child has no respect, people end up insulting the father, this you know , you once lived among us. Your ministers are rude like mini bus drivers..

  9. Respect is earned not demanded.People are just expressing their disappointment with government performance as most Zambians , especially in urban areas, find it impossible to make ends meet,when they see their leaders swimming in opulence and flying everywhere .How can one sing praises to a perceived corrupt leader on an empty stomach ? Kampyongo and ECL must make a distinction between loss of popularity and being insulted. ECL and his PF have just lost popularity and are having problems reckoning with this fact.You can not depend on police to acquire respect for you no matter how desperate you may be in having it.

  10. Lungu is a corrupt president and people of Zambia and residents like us should get rid of his regime so we get Zambia’s prosperity back again.
    Lungu is such a coward president who can do nothing if he didn’t get the green light from Chinese.

  11. In Africa when people put things in context then they are insulting. All they want is to shower them with praises even if there is nothing to praise for just because they are African presidents- my foot! you lumpen Kampyongo.

  12. The PF leadership is full of threats directed at its own citizens. This is not the way to run a country. Learn from the way western leaders respond to criticism. People like Theresa May are constantly being bombarded with serious rebellion and criticism from all corners of their societies but you will never hear them threatening their own subjects with imprisonment. Our leaders should step down if they cannot stand criticism. Mwilatusebanya bane.

  13. The issue is the definition of “insult”.Yes i have seen some people issue unpalatable words but that is rare.Most people just comment on PF incompetence. Stop fighting the smoke,fight the fire,the fact that you are now complaining about “insults”just confirms people’s views.Mwanawasa never bothered about criticism and am sure listening to it helped him perform.

  14. Ba honourable, ensure also those who are threatening Kambwili. Those are even easy to arrest because Kambwili even knows them and where to find them.

    Remember Bootlickers like Alexander Kamalondo under K.K’s U.N.I.P, & Tekere Banda under Rupia’s M.M.D.?
    These praise singers were so humiliated by angry Citizen’s as soon as their paymasters lost power.
    Kamalondo could not even cope without his bootlicking fattening position, he expired soon after.
    IWE’ KATONDO STREET BOY (Chimp)yongo, BE WARNED, after all your temporal power, & assests have been stripped, with that corruption induced round -round figure of yours, you will end up a Good Girlfriend in Prison, watch this space!!

  16. The citizens will curse you if they are not impressed with your performance.
    You can’t suppress discontent, you would not take offense to criticism if you had done your job right.

  17. “Kuti watuka nemfumu Nga umushi ulinensala”

    Translated: You would even curse the chief if the village was starving.

  18. We do not need leaders who hide behind an equivocal and elusive definition of insult. This is why your former colonial masters the UK have since expunged that from the constitution that you inherited and are trying to hang onto like ticks! Move on and work. People will not “insult” you when you deliver on your promises. Some of you so-called leaders would not get a job if you tried! Kuti stop insulting vawupuwa tyala bati!

  19. @Chibe chibe, sorry you do not know the meaning of dictatorship, Edgar Changwa Lungu was elected by the Zambians.

  20. Teaching people who never understand is like trying to teach a dog how to sing; it only frustrates you and annoys the dog. These are feared and dreaded people who are a law to themselves; guilty men whose strength is their god. Soon everyone will clap at their downfall.

  21. Let us Gaurd against complicity. If we rule well, no one should be saying negatives. Truth is people are suffering. Unpaid wages. It’s like a parent failing to provide food at home. If confusion rules, who is to blame? Worse, this may create an opportunity for sugar daddies to take away the girls and boys to join criminal gangs. Our country may see the emergence of fake and wrong leaders to the positions of leadership due to the failures being witnessed. Let us pay people. Let us pay students. Period. I hope this is not an insult.

  22. People like Jay Jay it is like he is permanently frustrated. I have never read any normal and respective posting from him. This should tell a lot about what kind of background he comes from. I have started to skip his postings. Maybe difficult childhood!!

  23. Ka stupid kakapyongo, who are you tell us not to criticize your president, people are suffering to him, it’s normal, twakulamweba tatwakaleke.

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