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Mwenya Musenge refuses to recognise Chishimba Kambwili as NDC Party President

Headlines Mwenya Musenge refuses to recognise Chishimba Kambwili as NDC Party President

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

Confusion has erupted in the National Democratic Congress as demoted Secretary General Mwenya Musenge refuses to recognise Chishimba Kambwili as Party President.

Mr. Musenge says he does not recognise his dismissal as National Democratic Congress Secretary General by Mr. Chishimba Kambwili.

Mr. Kambwili was yesterday appointed President of the opposition NDC and quickly demoted Mr. Musenge to Member of the Central Committee in charge of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs and replaced him with Bridget Attanga.

But Mr. Musenge said he remains Secretary General of the NDC describing the Central Committee meeting that appointed Mr. Kambwili as illegal.

He said whatever meetings that are held without his knowledge are illegal and will never be recognised.

Mr. Musenge said the party constitution is clear that without any elections held, the Secretary General is the only person mandated to run the affairs of the party.

He has since advised members of the party not to recognise Mr. Kambwili as Party President.

Announcing Mr. Kambwili’s appointment yesterday, NDC vice president Joseph’s Akafumba said that Mr. Kambwili will be the sole NDC presidential candidate for 2021.

Mr. Akafumba said that the decision to endorse Mr. Kambwili as President was arrived at yesterday during a central committee meeting.

The meeting was held at the NDC Secretariat.

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  1. Not much to comment. These big fat [email protected]@ls that have never worked for a penny are full of greed. if they think they have they call it I delu, not knowing its theft, no political party will come up. Its sad. This the curse of SATA of bringing thugs into power.

    • @1 Cat Power
      I agree with you 100%….these morons have never had a genuine 9 to 5 job in their lives….they only survive through Politics , stealing and corruption and HH is busy trying to eat with Bandit Kambwili on the same plate…..shame because I thought HH wouldn’t align himself with Bandits

    • They were at the epitome of confusion in the PF. The two think necked individuals seem to have scores to settle. No first they will have it heated within the unfortunate NDC grouping, as we await another showdown at the so called pact. Selfishness will derail these highly unstable characters.
      Next you will hear one being fired, then court injunction then a prolonged heated grudge.

    • MMD was much better organised during Mwanawasa’s rule….and yes Sata is the one who brought PF kaponyas into Politics….and from the way Munsege and Kambwili are acting do you think these guys have any good intentions for Zambia or just to fatten their pockets and Kambwili wants to start flying to London for a cup of tea again…..he used to do that with Tax payers money when he was in the PF government and he is now HH’s best friend

    • I told you NDC is a “one hit wonder” or fly by night party….pure jokers even worse than PF bandits….Chishimba will end up like Miles Sampa…..So Kambwili or Musenge can not survive outside Politics….they have to be in Politics for them to survive….no business ideas and they know too much free money in Politics

  2. Mwenya a has right to reject the dismissal. He is the founder of the party. I foresaw this a long time ago. Double H is very happy at this confusion. Where is the alliance going now. Kambanga has to participate in all elections.

    • It’s a Goal!

      We have a new Drama Series in Zambian Politics.

      It’s always amazing that the very people who are at the forefront of preaching democracy; are not very good at practicing democracy

      For all we know Kambwili has been called a Political Consultant.

      There is no doubt NDC beat the establishment of PF. That was fair play to NDC. A good job done !!

      That said, Kambwili has become BIG HEADED. If he has the MOJO in him, let him announce the NDC Party Election Convention. Then; he must get elected by the NDC Faithful Members. Why has pulled a fast one, attached with short cuts, to power.

      I must remind Kambwili what happened to Miles Sampa and his party.

  3. So, we have another “MMD” situation, which tells you the low level of Zambian politics.
    A new Party but already doomed for failure.
    So they call up a Central Committee meeting without an agenda, without all members being available……just on the fly they decide to make one a President?
    Or if Musenge was present during those deliberations, why is he opening his mouth now through the press, we don’t give it a s.h.i.t

    • And that’s how they plan to govern Zambia. Now I understand why KK thought he was the only right person to rule the country,it’s because of chaotic charectors like these. My worry is that the understanding of situations by our people is almost zero. Kambwili will only tell them a lie like you will get free this, free that and so on and like my friend in Mpatamato who’s expecting a job in 3months, they will believe this bullsh1t. Then you end up with something 100 times worse than we currently have in State House. The guy will even declare himself life president. No matter how you explain, people have come to believe Kambwili will bring jobs to Roan within 3 months.

    • Indeed acknowledgment that we do not have real leaders in Zambian politics, looking back KK was the only leader who understood people`s needs.
      The one in statehouse now is buying jets when employees are not getting paid, bursaries are being waved off, corruptions at its peak, the list goes on…
      The other one who is looked upon to be a possible saviour doesn’t listen when we tell him to clean up his house by taking just two steps to clear his name, namely elections within his party and also to take a position on accusations pertaining to mining sell-off so he can win the likes of @Ndanje Khakis, but he doesn’t see that. Its a hopeless situation unfortunately.

  4. “NDC vice president Joseph’s Akafumba said that Mr. Kambwili will be the sole NDC presidential candidate for 2021”.
    So when are you holding a Convention to elect yourselves, Mr Akafumba? Do you know that under the new Constitution all presidential candidates must be elected or endorsed at a Convention of party members drawn from across Zambia? For NDC that includes upnd trib..al strongholds don’t ask me if it will be possible for NDC to achieve that.
    NDC, trib.al upnd … no difference at all.

  5. Wapya baisa, I can see another MMD situation now. This is too early for the party to start having divisions like this. And where was Mwenya Musenge when this was happening yesterday because he’s also a member of central committee. There’s no way he can be shunning from attending meetings and when someone is appointed as president he goes to the media to Issue a counter statement.

  6. There is no meaningful hope in all these opposition parties. Look at NDC Kambwili’s appointment, he appoints Bridget Attanga as Secretary General of NDC, why? This woman is a political prostitute who jumps from PF, UPND, MMD and now NDC! Also, UPND doesnt believe anyone other than a Tonga can lead it but then he wants to use the Bembas to escort him to State House, what does he think of the Bembas, as stupid? HH has misused GBM and the Bembas and for that he will be taught a lesson never to be forgotten.

  7. Through confusion comes order. Kambwili will triumph and will lead NDC successfully. People are joining NDC because they like Kambwili, they appreciate his actions and works and has a vision. Here in Chingola we are working hard at grass root level to consolidate the party. Come 2021 there will be shakes and shivers in PF and Jean Kapata, Bowman, Mumbi, Kampyongo and the PF SG should be thinking of where to hide. Imwe mwalibipisha imitima, kano fye kambwili ewinga micimfya. The wind has changed direction and now it is your turn not to sleep.

  8. Before I retired from LT last night I prayed for less confusion on this Good Friday. But alas I wake up only to find that I am still in Zambia.

  9. Here is a guy who chewsd a widows money and even got suspended by LAZ but people still vote for him

    Here is a guy who participated in selling mines and destroyed the whole industrial base in the country and people still vote for him

    Here is a guy who shutdown Membes Post. Striped intire rail line as scrap and sold it as scrap. Forged academic credentials and FORGED pacra documents and FORGED a political party And people still vote for him

  10. Oh dear me, who is more corrupt, lungu or kambwilli?????
    When kambwilli was with PF look what he did to the Post.
    Such a man must never become President of Z. He will carry on with what ECL is doing.

  11. This is interesting. Legally Kambwili will lose because his name does not appear at Registrar of Soceities as being a leader of this party. He may just start preparing to register another one.

  12. NDC is nothing without CK , CK is NDC.

    Any NDC internal election CK will win without even sweating…….

    Musenge is just stuck with nowhere to go.
    He most likely is being paid to cause confusion.






    • @Ndanje
      Its all about being smart to use the resources around you. You cant be the most intelligent one and surround yourself with dunderheads for fear of them “ukukupoka icipuna”.

    • That saying is not restricted to big buttocks bwana. It can mean any means of taking advantage of situations.

  14. I would like to inform you that this is an internal matter and will be resolved by members of the central committee. This is the power of democracy.

  15. Much as PF is a mediocre party, I dont see the opposition flipping the cards in 2021 for the simple reason that they are too hungry for power and they dont have any convincing road map how they will change Zambia for the better. The only thing they always sing is that PF is corrupt and of course which they are but that is not enough reason to flip the cards because even opposition leaders have skeletons in their cupboards. The only chance the opposition has to flip the cards is by giving us a convincing road map of how they will turn around the economy of this country. Only that is what matters- the economy!

    • “….The only chance the opposition has to flip the cards is by giving us a convincing road map of how they will turn around the economy…”

      Was satas message of

      “more money in your pockets in 90 days ”

      A road map to turn the economy around ???

      In Zambian politics it is who is more abrasive and insulting…..the street orator with no manners , the one who shouts at foringners for taking Zambian jobs, the one who point at corruption , is the one who can will…….

      And right now that is CK….

  16. Musenge must know that it’s NDC thriving on Kambwili not the other way round. CK would still be a political force even without NDC, so Musenge you just have to come to terms with the fact that NDC needs CK if it is to gain political relevance

  17. Young ones where are you. We are tired of REycling politicians. These people have taken advantage. Since they have been in power the country is going down in a lot of ways.These old folks have run out of ideas. They need to go. All we hear is fighting each other for their self gains. They don’t think about their people at heart. There is no creation of anything to bring jobs. Industries were sold by the same people. This made young people to endulge them selves into stealing, drinking, killing and prostitution.




  19. @SPAKA

    Both UPND AND NDC are nothing without HH and CK. You can have the financial muscle but no brains.

    • Premier

      If you call one man, CK beating the whole PF GRZ in roan no brains , if you can call one man , HH bankrupting lungus GRZ in the presidential elections , despite having eurobonds , no brains , then tell me what are brains ?

  20. We are suffering and we thought someone like a leader has come to reedem us.We are just fooling ourselves. the man is dictator just like lungu, God help us. No convetion he is made a president.When he was declared president he started behaving foolishly by demoting a colegue he started this party with.I expect wisdom to prevail but nothing. The early squarbles shows that we should not expect anything good

  21. Nipa zed, it’s like we’re in Kindergarten preparing for pre-school but not well enough to be ready the next grade. Africa twasebana.

  22. Mwenya Musenge is mature responsible man. Kambwili is very immature, irresponsible bandit. Kambwili thinks he can do everything by P! No, laws are there for even Kambwili to follow. So Kambwili has lost it here. Musenge is the winner.

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