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UPND Youths take on GBM at the Party Secretariat

Videos and Audios UPND Youths take on GBM at the Party Secretariat


  1. As long as you are not from the privileged provinces, you cannot survive the UPND the Mujahideen of Zambia led by their terrorist leader

    • UPND is a cult and that’s why for me no matter the diffulties we’re facing as a nation I can’t vote for this party coz I know their intentions and the powers that be should never allow HH to be near Statehouse whatever the circumstances.

    • These political divisions are sponsored by PF directly and in some cases indirectly. True democracy cannot thrive in an environment where there is hunger and corruption. Anyway UPND will recover soon, it happened with Canitious BANDA, and Sakwiba Sikota and where are they now?

    • @LT why you allow such idyot above called Popolyongo?
      We don’t play such games here.
      Delete it.

      LT United Party

    • These Delusionals are hilarious. GBM has always been indisciplined. You where applauding when he was hailing unpalatables at ECL. But now that they are directed at your demigod, you want to chase him (GBM)away!

    • I told you all LT bloggers….lets form our own Political party….looks like there’s an opening…2021
      Nubian Princess…running mate

    • I told HH that GBM is not a Politician…just a business man looking for opportunities and now he is frustrated because his bank account is running low and he wants to find a way of joining PF…..dont be surprised if he starts working with Kambwili….i feel sorry for HH….i like him as a person but he is not a Kaponya and unfortunately we now have Kaponyas in the Zambian political scene….so HH is no match for these Kaponyas

    • Enticed, Used and Dumped like a diaper or used rag
      The second wife should not enjoy or celebrate the beating of the first wife because when a man gets the third wife, she will in it.
      Carnisius Banda is watching. The reasons that he advanced could be haunting GBVM today. Tukwana timvele.
      Some people can be callous.
      Wolves, don’t trust them.
      CK is a third wife.

  2. That unwritten rule has to be invoked to keep these people away from the corridors of power so that Zambia continues enjoying its peace. We don’t need terrorists to rule this country. It happened in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood and today Egypt is in safe hands

    • Amen, it was disturbing to hear that man say Hakainde republic. This is not Cuba, or some weird south American dictatorship. Zambians from everywhere should unite as always to keep evil people out of the corridors of power. If one province does not, the rest of the remaining nine will. One Zambia one nation.

  3. We have been waiting for this ….kkkkk..these alliances of convenience.just to get to state house at all costs honestly are just trouble..but imbwili will finish you off.

  4. We all knew what was coming .who does
    Not know GBM .HH should have known
    The risk of taking GBM. He is not making
    Any money here so he is frustrated.

  5. Upnd leadership shud take an upper hand.zis video is damaging.if u can’t control ur own pipo hw are you going to manage a nation.

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