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ZRA unearthes another transit fraud smuggling

Headlines ZRA unearthes another transit fraud smuggling

The Impounded Trucks
The Impounded Trucks

The Zambia Revenue Authority has unearthed another transit fraud smuggling case worth over K408,000.

This is a pure case of transit fraud contrary to the Customs and Excise Act 322 of the Laws of Zambia, according to Topsy Sikalinda, the Zambia Revenue Authority Corporate Communications Manager.

Facts of the matter are that meat products purported to be transiting for the Democratic Republic of Congo when in fact not are being offloaded at a farm named Ilobezi Zambia Limited located between Mazabuka and Monze.

Mr. Sikalinda explained that at Kazungula Boarder post, the customs officers sealed the truck with official seals as per requirement for all transit goods but the importer opened the truck using supplicated means by unscrewing the door panels without tempering with the seals and offloaded 1, 382 boxes and only left 230 boxes on the truck

He said the Authority has since issued seizure notices for both the meat and the truck and has with immediate effect suspended the clearing license for Federal Cargo Limited who is the clearing agent and investigations continue in the matter.

Mr. Sikalinda said since the goods are perishable by nature, ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has invoked the provisions of the Customs and Excise Act cap 322 which empower him to dispose the perishable goods and has decided to donate the goods to Security wings and Hospitals.

He said the Zambia Army has since received 350 boxes of meat, Zambia Airforce will get 250 boxes, Zambia national Service 250 boxes, Zambia Correctional Service 250 boxes, Zambia National Service 250 boxes while the University Teaching Hospital will get 200 and the Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital 200 boxes.

Mr. Sikalinda has warned that the Zambia Revenue Authority will not spare any smuggler.


  1. LT, why can’t you employ someone to horn the headlines for you while you write the rest of the s**t yourselves? Just asking..

    • These must be very well connected Thugs who an afford to lose trucks off the road temporarily….only PF cadres have the braggadocio
      to keep doing this as the rewards are far greater than the crime …more over the trucks will eventually be returned. They have finished all Mukula now using the same trucks for other businesses.

    • Yes, why not Chainama Hospital? And why female prisoners didn’t receive none for Easter?
      Are there no funerals in Lusaka this week?
      ZAF should drop off some 50 boxes at Chainama.
      Even ZRA are not wise.

    • Good job, ZRA. Make sure the criminal smugglers lose their trucks too, and face jail time. Be very strict. Bampopwe aba need to be locked up. Again good job guys. Keep it up.


  3. Jesus Christ is a white lie that has been propagated for centuries simply to control simple minds. I’m glad to see this African man Maponga Joshua Marara –Author and cultural activist talk about the need to decolonize religion. He has enough brains to realize that Jesus Christ is just a invented mythical character. In some parts of the world some people worship rats, monkeys.

    They also believe in their gods because that what their brains were fed from childhood. Just as christians are brainwashed with the Mzungu jesus

    • Total rubbish. If you don’t believe, just sit. No, Jesus was never white. It’s a no brainer just looking at the region of the bible. To say Jesus was a made up myth? Total rubbish. Keep your blasphemous crap in your mouth. Better still, tell it to your friends during an afternoon of mosi consumption. We need not your lost views.

    • As usual, some ***** speaking out of topic, yaba!! Get back under the rock you emerged from. What’s Jesus Christ have to do with ZRA seizures?

    • Bushman, Jesus Christ is not a white invention. Just because some whites have painted him white doesn’t mean he’s not real. If someone paints Shaka Zulu as a white man, does it mean the real Shaka Zulu never existed? Come on man. Jesus is real. Repent of your sins and accept him as your Lord and Savior.

    • Off the topic…
      whoever painted him white, disliked his race. Whoever disliked his race, wished to depict a different character of him.

      And since this white depiction has stood the test of time, with little changed but by spoken words alone. One wonders what else of him, or his teachings, have been depicted wrongfully – and followed religiously.

  4. poverty has stricken us.I just saw some recipients of the boxes expressing gratitude.how safe is the meat in the boxes?and you give it to key institutions ! Where i come from you never eat such products of crime.We eat stuff that’s clean and healthy

  5. ….l concur with your thoughts Mr “Jungle” Bushman. Jesus is indeed FAKE! Little wonder Moslems have resorted to slaughtering MAN like chickens today due to this religious confusions.

    • Another off topic nincompoop, nice! Listen, WE believe in Jesus Christ. WE are not putting it out there that WE hate your etheist crap. For mutual respect keep your unbelieving, self-serving views to yourselves. Since, to you, He never was, what mileage are you gaining from poluting others with unwarranted, off topic nonsense. You’re sure spending time and energy trying to prove or disprove, according to you, nothing. Do us a favour: either positively contribute to topic on hand or keep quiet – respectively.

  6. @ Wanjimona spot on . What criteria does ZRA use to select recipients.
    Please sir it’s not too late some can be donated to chainama mental hospital. I also appeal to cooperate world to donate to chainama like they do to social events like golf.we need blankets remember it’s winter

  7. @5 Melly,I fully agree with you! In most cases fraudulent traders cut corners even in sourcing their supplies. It’s is possible the meat may not meet criteria for importation into Zambia therefore distributing it with even veterinary and public health inspectors’ consent may result in spreading harm than doing good! ZRA needed to tread carefully to avoid being possible ” short lived heros”!!

  8. They are quick to act on smuggling of others! I wish they also realised how much they have smuggled the resources of the people they govern. I retired in 2011 up to now my repatriation and terminal leave benefits are not yet PSID to me! My daughter , a teacher died in 2010 up to now her children are not yet paid the repatriation a and leave benefits and yet all the past years packages of for retired and dead have been included and pronounced in the budgets. Where do you take the money! You are hypocrites! You are ever busy paying yourselves hefty allowances forgetting those who had worked for more than 30 years! You are not Christians but smugglers of highest degree. The labour and finance ministers are the worst hypocrites ever lved in Zambia. Please zHH , ck, kalaba, tembo,Mumbai,…

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