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High turnover of UPND Vice Presidents can’t blamed on HH-Charles Kakoma


UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma

The opposition UPND has charged that the high turnover of its vice-presidents cannot be faulted on party leader Hakainde Hichilema.

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma said reports being circulated on social media that the UPND has expelled five vice presidents from the party in less than 15 years are uniformed, misleading and mere PF propaganda.

Mr Kakoma gave a chronological account of the individuals who held the post of UPND Vice President and circumstances in which they left the UPND.

1. Mr Sakwiba Sikota left on his own after losing the UPND Presidential election race to Mr Hakainde Hichilema at the UPND convention or general assembly.

2. Mr Patrick Chisanga and Mr Bob Sichinga left on their own in the aftermath of the UPND convention. They were neither expelled from the party nor removed from their positions. Hon Sichinga later on changed his mind and came back to the UPND to campaign for HH in the 2016 presidential elections.

3. Mr Francis Simenda left on his own after being offered a position by PF as ambassador to Ethiopia. The PF cheated him and in less than six months, they dismissed him from his diplomatic job.

4. Mr Richard Kapita left on his own to campaign for the PF and Edgar Lungu. He was rewarded a position of provincial minister in the PF government.

5. Dr Cannisius Banda left in frustration after being left out as a running mate to HH. GBM was HH’s preferred running mate.

6. The National Management Committee of the UPND has passed a vote of no confidence in its vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and asked him to exculpate himself from allegations of gross misconduct. If he manages to successfully exculpate himself, he will not be disciplined.

7. The high turnover of UPND vice-presidents cannot be faulted on President Hakainde Hichilema. In some of the cases, the ruling party had its dirty hand in it.

UPND past  Vice Presidents
UPND past Vice Presidents


  1. In a company when people leave whether on their own or force to do so, it’s still a turnover. Just admit that your trick is to attract the best person to enhance your chances. Next it will be Kambwili. You will give him money to market his party and six months before elections you adopt him as running mate. You’re easy to read.

    • This Charles Kakoma can do a good job as Toilet Cleaner for the city Council.

      His attempt to clean the smell of feeces which are evident on (HH) battocks is amazing.

    • The end of UPND and HH……..Anderson Mazoka was a classy politician….HH is delusional and he needs to quit Politics now

    • GBVM was pushing for a democratic Convention to be held in UPND this year. The first of its kind.
      (HH) realized that GBM’s support for Garry Nkombo was going to boot him out of UPND. GBM president, Running Mate Garry.
      Press Secretary Mwiinga started anti-GBM propaganda and it led to GBM’s expulsion.

    • If UPND won 2016 elections GBVM was going to be pushed out in early 2017.

      Now GBVM will insult (HH) to his death. GBVM will divulge all the evil secrets of Akainde and his Armageddon wife. GBVM is a ticking time bomb that will explode UPND.

    • For 3 days UPND mouth piece Zambian Witch Doctor (ZWD) has failed to publish the political fallout from the GBM scandal.

      They are shocked by Kainde’s lack of strategy. The Katukas of UPND hounded out GBM like a rat.

    • So hechi hechi has tombard a bemba & discarded him & you bembas are now angry? You did see other tribes being tombard by this tribalist? Did you think you were speacials? Bring another bemba in Kambwili & see how he will also be discarded after utuma rounds

    • Looks like Zambian watchdog has given up on HH and UPND…..nothing to write about and they’re shocked to the core……UPND is going into obliviation…..i said it a few days ago UPND will become worse than UNIP

    • Pwahahahaha
      Ati “In some of the cases, the ruling party had its dirty hand in it“.
      Liar, liar. Double h is in the thick of every case. Wiring and rewiring veeps in order to find a wining Formula. Tribalism and intolerance is a second self infliction that UPNDEAD suffers from. What a losing record. Those “walk aways” are not as innocent as you want them to sound.
      The Upndead is one most intolerant grouping of beeds of the same color or characteristic.
      I just wonder why on earth double h doesn’t leave.

    • All the previous 5 Vice presidents were wrong. (HH) was right.
      (HH) is a ‘god’ and all the other UPND members are sub human.

    • The opposition UPND has charged that the high turnover of its vice-presidents cannot be faulted on party leader Hakainde Hichilema.
      Very true it should be faulted on all the tribalists in UPND

  2. All those who left did so out of frustration of some sort. And you say HH had no hand. How did you expect Sakwiba to stay on when Sejani said UPND IS FOR TONGAS? And HH did nothing to distance himself from this. How’s innocent? We’re not fooools.

    • I am not interested in Assistant Coach for Chipolopolo National Team.
      I don’t care if Chintu Kampamba saves as Vice-coach for National Team.
      I don’t fuuucking care about Vice-president of President Tayali.
      I only care about who is the boss of UPND.

  3. That party UPND is now so unattractive. 2021 they will be 4th place.

    LOOK at PF. President Lungu from Eastern Province totally loved by the Northern, Luapula, Lusaka, Copperbelt, Muchinga and Central provinces!

    • Pf must recall lungu

      4months no pay for council and post office

      Its scarcely to think of president who is not even concerned

    • In our party we can challenge President Lungu democratically without fear. Whoever we field will still be loved by the people. Even our Running Mate will be loved.
      We just need to clean up the economy for the next 2 years.
      In UPND challenging small uncircumcised dikc Dictator (HH) will get you expelled.

    • Mr. Lungu is a curse on zambia. He is unconcerned about working class, peasant farmers, unemployed youths and retirees who are dying of depression, hunger and neglect.

      Only bootlickers and buttock-polishers of Lungu will sing songs for such a useless Kaponya of PF.

      Sata must be turning every day in his grave.

  4. How come you are recalling a statement made by an ordinary member who has since left for pf. How many such statements have been made by Rupiah Banda, Canisius Banda, and other top pf high ranking officials yet you decide to deliberately ignore them.
    The statement by a certain Sejani was his personal opinion and not the UPND policy. How many of the 10 vice presidents were from Southern Province?

    • If a small child insults people passing by his house and the parents do nothing about, how are you going to interpret that? Come on we’re not children. We here what you people say when they think we’re out of hearing distance. Munkombwe said the same and Hah Hah said nothing to assure us that he had a different opinion.

    • (HH) tries to hide the tag by lining himself with ceremonial Vice presidents

      Illeterate turd GBM will finish your ka small party UPND including kachi kala (HH).

  5. So why don’t you also try and remove HH ,may be UPND will do better without him. UPND has removed vice presidents and still far from winning presidential elections. Just my thought ,try removing the head now.

  6. The guilt are ever afraid. HH and UPND used GBM as a doormat and after thinking they have achieved something out of jim, he is been dumped. But make no mistake, HH achepa sana.

  7. Kambwili if he is a fo0l will soon join that long queue and after being used in 2021,CK will be dumped same as Edith Nawakwi,Sakwiba Sikota,Patrick Chisanga Dr.Canicious Banda and GBM!!!Its a pity that our politicians do not learn.However,only HH’S UPND shall be the biggest LOSER from this GBM SAGA!!
    As neutrals to UPND,we are enjoying this drama which shall push HH further away from plot one!!

    • It’s tribal minds, period.

      Late Munkombwe (HSRIP) once yelled in a miscalculated fashion.
      “It is our time to rule”

  8. There is no opposition in Zambia. Everyone wants to become the president of this rich country for there own selfishness. How many toothless presidents of useless parties do we have now.

  9. Chronological Listing just rubbed it into people’s memory! 5, vices one president. What a sinful man HH is could he have more vices than that?!


    • Advocate – What do you want me to comment about? Majority of Veeps leaving on their own and in frustration…everything points to Hakainde: they should take him to convention…the only problem is he will give them the cheque for that event. Zambia is not yet ready for a US style Veep who is independent and in waiting; everyone wants a senile harmless Grandma like Bo Inonge.

  11. HH has a big hand in the dropping of GBM and no one should say no to that. Just wait and see what will happen in the near future. Time will tell, he will cry again. Watch the space.

  12. Of course, can UPND in general and HH in particular be responsible for anything? Absolutely not only PF in general and Edgar in particular must be blamed for all the things. And that is the naivety of this cult called UPND, they are not responsible for anything and blame everything on someone else especially on Lungu. These guys are boring to the teeth. When GBM joined them they kept numb. When he leaves it is PFs hand what a bunch of shallow minded lot.

    • Your hero is that devious.

      Devious means:
      showing a skilful use of underhand tactics to achieve goals.
      “he’s as devious as a politician needs to be”
      synonyms: underhand, underhanded, deceitful, dishonest, dishonourable, disreputable, unethical, unprincipled, immoral, unscrupulous, fraudulent, cheating, dubious, dirty, unfair, treacherous, duplicitous, double-dealing, Janus-faced, below the belt, two-timing, two-faced, unsporting, unsportsmanlike.

  13. Just look at the face and mouth, typical smiles, that finally they are getting rid of that fat GBV which was not welcome among the trib.als anyway.
    I am sure Steven Katuka is now telling close confidants: “That boy is incorrigible, I told him not to take GBV into our party…now look… and now he wants to take in that fat sme.lly f00l Chimbwili as running mate.

  14. By the way Hacks, what happened to your plans to start protests? No response of course, not even from your fellow trib.als!!

  15. In Unip days we used to have elections every 5 years to elect members of the central committee. We even pretended to challenge super Kenneth. At least that was something.

  16. All the veeps who have left upnd under hh’s watch are non Tonga. Upnd are scared to appoint a Tonga as veep, they want to hoodwink us that they accommodate other tribes in their party.

    • Central Committee of UPND is deadscared of HH, who feeds them on a daily basis. They cannot stand up to this looser elitist, illuinati, scourge on peasant farmers, miners, unemployed youths.

  17. Kakoma, how did you leave Daily Mail, fired or resigned or pushed out-constructive dismissal?

    Stop boot-licking a tribalist capitalist, the sucker of workers, peasant farmers, unemployed youths. HH is worse than Lungu, it a matter of one’s comprehension who is the worse evil out of the two.

    Zambia needs a poorman’s messiah and not elitist suckers.

  18. All you PF bloggers are a mess ….I don’t know what the problem is about HH and what exactly he has done to you and to your families including your wives. I also wonder if LT is pro-PF. The issue is not HH but rather PF government which hasn’t paid civil servants their salaries for the last 3 months or so and pro-PF bloggers on LT are not concerned about this very important issue which has affected a lot of families across the nation but would rather talk utter trash about HH and UPND. The PF party have realized that losing the Roan seat had helped to galvanize the opposition hence the need for PF to trick GBM to start acting up while serving as UPND veep. This is one of many PF machinations to try and weaken the opposition. It won’t work this time ba PF.

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