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Fugitive officer turns the AK47 rifle on himself

General News Fugitive officer turns the AK47 rifle on himself

Constable Jackson Mwanza
Constable Jackson Mwanza

The fugitive officer identified as Constable Jackson Mwanza has shot himself dead using an AK47 rifle today at about 07 30 hours in Chinama area at the Chinama golf course .

According to a statement released to the media by Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo, Constable Mwanza had been surrounded by officers from yesterday till today when he killed himself. His body is in UTH mortuary. The AK 47 riffle recovered. He had a lot of ammunition in the magazine which he fired in the air before shooting himself.

Yesterday, Constable Mwanza shot dead two people and wounded two others, in a shooting incident in Lusaka’s Chainama area. Constable Jackson Mwanza also stabbed a male student at Chainama Health College last night using a military knife, whom he suspected to be in an affair with his girl-friend.

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  1. So this guy was still in the area from that time? You see how poorly equipped ZP is …yet you have their IG busy procuring Riot trucks from RSA and the silly President buying $80 million Gulf stream.

    • Dokowe – that’s because that helicopter was meant for flying from A to B ..I mean a Police helicopter with infrared and thermal cameras!!

    • Surely if you had a proper govt ..they would review Police recruitment as this just shows that unstable characters are being let in through nepotism

    • Hahaha…. C5 shot him dead!!! Ati “Constable Mwanza had been surrounded by officers from yesterday till today when he killed himself. His body is in UTH mortuary. The AK 47 riffle recovered. He had a lot of ammunition in the magazine which he fired in the air before shooting himself.”

    • A man with the gun and alot of aminition. You should be careful how you approach him. Make him feel as safe as possible. If feels threaten he might have killed more people. Well done zp

  2. Just how does the entire crack squad surround one fugitive officer for so many hours without subdueing and disarming him without casualties? This is a sign of fault lines in the service. There is need, if there is none a specialized unit of hostage negotiators and several other units which should be able to handle special situations and assignments with minimum fuss!

    • They dont know what to do as they have not been trained how to tackle someone who is equally trained as they are

    • This is a speciality for a Negotiator trained in hostage taking …does ZP have one? You also need a crack SWAT unit for such a job…this guy would have killed more people if he wanted to..I wonder how ZP would react if heavily armed Shabaab dug out in Manda Hill shopping mall….they would just sit there and pray!!

  3. Why didn’t this man just go to sleep or something ai..You don’t kill yourself over a girl I repeat do not kill yourself over and for a girl..Gee what’s wrong with you men of nowadays ai… ??

  4. PRESIDENTIAL GUARD Officer must under go thorough Psychoanalysis by our Intelligence Officers.
    The President was not safe.
    Also improve professional Police recruitment systems and WEAPON and AMMO ALLOCATION.
    This is now a BIG PROBLEM with 3 similar incidents involving POLICE this year in Chainama alone.

    • Zibaziba AK47 … it’s the most lethal weapon I ever fired. My 47th Birthday wish was to fire that weapon and boy I was in shock how powerful it is.

      The next gun to even come close to the AK47 is the German made StG44 which gives you a greater thrust when you put it in automatic mode.

      Not even the American M-16 comes close to the Kalashnikov. I fired all three of them for my 47th Birthday wish and the Kalashnikov AK47 remains my all time favorite.

      Zibaiziba AK47 ba Gay Gay … all they know is running their mouths for nothing at LT, forgive them.

      Epo mpelele,


    • BR Mumba JUNIOR – So you fly on an aircraft you conclude that airline business would be very profitable in Zambia now you fire a 1950s AK at that shooting range and has high recoil you conclude that its very very powerful…really laughable..you even compare it with updated refined accurate German models. …sit down and have a lollipop..you are truly you fontini boy!!

    • Busybee – How do gwira muntu ali namfuti and its loaded? There are people trained in such matters my friend they go to University for that they are called Negotiators …FBI officers have basic training for that not everyone who has a gun wants to die or has to be gunned down like an elephant on the rampage.

    • I have never thought to agree with BR but Jay Jay do a bit of research on calibre, range acurracy on weaponry. Not only that find one that has been laying in dirty water for years. never try to pull the trigger looking into the barrel. it’s a marvel the AK.


    • Cat Power – no one is questioning the durability of the AK..it was a preferred weapon of choice for a reason for rebels and revolutionaries…here is a rule of thumb: high recoil equates to poor accuracy…in terms of range the M16 has a longer range.

    • @Cat Power … forgive Gay Gay!!! He theorizes every … he does even know that despite the range differences between the Kalashnikov (AK47) and the M16, which is just about 200 meters not only the Kalashnikov now accurate but also effective.

      Wait until the M16 jams on you trying to hit a target and your opponent has an unjamming Kalashnikov you would be dead in a second. That’s the power of the AK47.

      Also, when you fire both guns, the M16 has a loud forward noise audibility while the AK47 sounds like a 100 meters behind you.

      That alone confuses the opponent because based on the noise, you could be firing just next to me and you based on that you are thinking I am not close enough yet.

      The Kalashnikov (AK47) is a masterpiece, period!!! You got to experience it to understand it…

  5. If a police officer can’t handle the pain of being jilted by a lover then you wonder how he handle the pressures of protecting citizens and it also casts doubt on quality of training ZP cops undergo

  6. The search included a helicopter and that’s how they located him. We are here and saw the action. Having said that it’s very painful that innocent people lost lives because someone’s love life went sour. May his soul suffer in hell.

  7. No one has ever turned an AK47 on him self and more over the wound is on the stomach. He was just shot

    • They shot him as they were tired and wanted to go home to eat breakfast last it a holiday…these guys are ill-trained for such a situation…we need a specialised tactical unit to handle such matters not mere C5 trigger happy cops. This is were we need to talk to the British, Germans and Israelis for technical assistance ….like the Kenyans are doing!!

    • True. Women are stronger. Men pretend not be emotional coz women rarely cheat on them. This is the rest when they are cheated on

  8. Things have changed nowadays the danger is not coming criminals it is coming from security personnel.
    The last two incidences have three similarities
    1.Both involving male police officers
    2.Both involving girlfriends
    3.Both using AK 47 (one of the most dangerously handy weapon or a close combat assault rifle which has been abused because of been found or used wrong people or wrong hands
    1.The only difference is the recently one claimed more innocent lives. My condolences to the bereaved families.
    The police service should not only employ chaplains,but also employ specialized professionals like Psychiatrist,Psychologists, Economists,Physical Trainers and Political Scientists. Furthermore,it should be extended to all Defence and Security Services

  9. Problem is when you don’t know the state of things and how much is involved to have certain things in place. You end up bringing DStv’s Hollywood programs as your comparative analysis. Dream on. You will always wake up in Zambia.

  10. Belatedly, what was Gay Jay saying in all those ignorant comments above? To the extent of arguing with a clearly knowledgeable BR Mumba. The trib.al disease afflicting Gay Jay must have gone to another level.

  11. If he was an opposition politician they would have taken him down very quickly because that is their speciality. I wonder how he acquired all that ammunition, one would think these officers have no easy access to weapons and ammunition. But whatever the case, its good that he went down with taking many lives.

  12. Please disarm the police service. Give them short buttons, sjamboks and the like. Police men have become too familiar with this dangerous automatic assault weapon they take it for a teargas canister. DISARM THE POLICE SERVICE. why should we have police men strolling the town corridors armed with AK47’s as if they are in a war zone.

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