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GBM to hold press conference on Tuesday over his UPND suspension

Headlines GBM to hold press conference on Tuesday over his UPND suspension

GBM speaking during the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony
FILE: GBM speaking during the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

Suspended UPND Vice President for Administration, Geofrey Mwamba has said that he has not received official communication from the party about his suspension. Reacting to the news of his suspension, Mr. Mwamba said that he welcomed the move if indeed the party has suspended him.

Mr. Mwamba said that he will hold a press conference next week Tuesday to inform the nation his next move and that it was insensitive of the UPND to be issuing irritating political statements during Easter, before adding that he is a strong Christian believer who would not mix the Easter period with Politics.

According to reports, the UPND National Management Committee (NMC) suspended Mr Mwamba for allegedly issuing derogatory statements against the party and forming parallel structures.

At a meeting chaired by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, the NMC, through a secret ballot, voted overwhelmingly by 75 votes to 0 to suspend Mr Mwamba for issuing derogatory statements against the party and forming parallel structures in the party.

Earlier in the week, UPND youths gave n their leaders a 24 –hour ultimatum to discipline Mr Mwamba for allegedly insulting Secretary General, Stephen Katuka, or face unspecified action.

“We are giving the national management committee a 24-hour ultimatum to discipline our vice president Geoffrey Mwamba because no individual a bigger than the party,” UPND youths have demanded.

UPND national deputy youth chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso said the door was open for GBM to leave if he thought he was untouchable as it was wrong for him to start insulting his fellow leaders in public.

“When you are wrong, the best thing to do is to ask for forgiveness but if you, as an individual, you think you are untouchable because you are called GBM, the door is open. This is a bitter pill to swallow, but we need to move on as one people.

“We cannot allow one individual all the time to continue insulting our leaders. You cannot insult the SG of the party. You cannot insult Mr. Hichilema in public. We have meetings where such issues must be resolved. We have tried our best to counsel, manage, and rehabilitate this individual but he has become a problem to us,” Mr. Liswaniso said.

He said there was nothing tribal about UPND demanding that GBM should be disciplined because as an institution, it will be difficult for it to run if it feared to take action against people from certain provinces on the pretext that people from such provinces would rise against the party.

“We cannot run an institution in that way. When you have made a mistake, you need to be disciplined. So, discipline will start from the vice president and now I want to appeal to the national management committee that we are giving them 24 hours to discipline GBM,” he said.

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  1. Only a tonga shall be the president of UPND as per constitution. Run up to 2016 elections Mukombwe, Maureen Mwanawasa and VJ Mwanga said it was time for tongas to rule Zambia. It is practically difficult to work with HH and his tonga brothers.

    • ….read between the lines…..”his next move”…..the marriage of inconvenience between HH and GBM is over……finito

    • Am not a fun of GBM but the way the so called Liswaniso was talking…..that was hate talking with broken English…even his body language…the chap was even shaking with hate

    • And this is how HH lost elections for the 6th time……..chindi chamana….he needs to retire after 2021 lossssssssssss!!!!!!

    • GBVM will be gone with his followers. I don’t know about CK. For now they say he is not the president of NDC but he can joint UPNDEAD as an individual with his Luanshya, Roan, supporters. Then GBVM will have a party and a grouping of tribals to decampaign, PF and UPNDEAD respectively. Its a mess. My take away from the article above is that either the UPNDEAD leadership is impotent and succumbs to juvenile delinquents or the leadership wants it’s way by using these same delinquents to do the job for it. GBVM and CK are insulting by nature, infact, they themselves are insults. The youth’s or leadership’s stance be anything to go by, I am afraid CK will be gone in 2 weeks of joining this incredibly tribal and bigoted grouping because CK may be double a menace as GBVM. This is a strategy…

    • What’s the problem that only a Tonga should lead UPND?
      Guy Scott could not be Republican president, and no one count him that he once ruled Zambia, why because he is not Tonga, not Bemba, not Lozi, he has no tribe. Ni mpumba mukowa like most of you.
      You need to have a traceable tribe to be a Zambian president. And Tongas and Lozi are the most real Zambians. Mulongoti can’t make up story on HH .
      GBM mother is Xhosa, he forgets that he be challenged in court.

    • …double h promised. Kulibe Dzabwino. If you thing the UPNDEAD under the current leadership will ever form Government, you are clinically delusional.
      Tribals should not be allowed to rule over us. The juveniles will be demanding for everything and a seemingly impotent double h will be succumbing to pressure if the orchestrated narrative above is true. Pure disguise. Double h is devious.
      Devious means:
      – showing a skilful use of underhand tactics to achieve goals.
      “he’s as devious as a politician needs to be”
      synonyms: underhand, underhanded, deceitful, dishonest, dishonourable, disreputable, unethical, unprincipled, immoral, unscrupulous, fraudulent, cheating, dubious, dirty, unfair, treacherous, duplicitous, double-dealing, Janus-faced, below the belt, two-timing, two-faced,…

    • Anonymous – Since when have I cared what happens in UPND…you are truly showing us how simply minded you are as you are no different from those tins who label you an opposition member when you crticise LAZY LUNGU. I suggest you stick to drooling over your Chibuku Tavern slapper XXXX Princess.

    • #Spaka
      I criticize Lungu yes because Lungu is just a Politician just like HH….i criticize all Politicians Kambwili,GBM,Nevers etc all these are not my friends….I used to trust Politicians a long time ago but not anymore becauseI realized that Politicians are just individuals looking for work and easy money to fatten their pockets…look at how rich Lungu has become in a short period of time….this is someone who had less than US $ 500 in his Bank account when he became President but today Lungu has confessed to the Zambian people that he is the one with the all the money…..same applies to bwana HH….yes HH has money but he wants more money and power not that he cares for Zambia thats a lie….Chishimba Kambwili biggest bandit in Zambian Politics

    • Another tribalist who sees things on tribal lines. Each and every Zambian has a right to rise to the highest office in the land. Would you have said the same had HH been Northerner, Easterner or from the Copperbelt?

    • You sell your soul for $50-Million surely ba GBM?
      I hated GBM for beating his wife & broke her spine & beat up employees. He got involved in corrupt deals as PF defense minister to recover money he spent on PF 2011 elections & commented “te mpiya sha noko” to justify his corruption.

      But he seemed to hv changed after joining UPND & i started to slowly respect him.
      Today i know it was just a stint, the man hasn’t changed. Soon we’ll hear of another GBV.
      Politically he was recruited to win the northern block. But he failed to win a single seat on northern, muchinga or eastern province. He even fielded his daughter for kasama central & she lost spectacularly to PF.
      GBM should stick to business, not politics.

    • Nation of talk talk talk.
      Ati I’m a strong Christian believer.
      Just like Zambia can claim to be a Christian nation but have thieving corrupt leaders from the presidency to the party cadres.

    • Mazoka started the tribal thingy. When he was at Anglo American he recruited only tongas and lozis. All of them continued with his tribal nonsense. Let HH go to hell.

    • Finally the end of GBM sull of political career has now come. He thought UPND is a joke of a party like PF which is full of bakandilemo bachimbwi. UPND is solid. Any selfish UPND leader who left UPND out of failing to follow the rules has been confined to the dust bin. Where is Chimbwi, Kakoma, now. He reduced himself to a beggar.

      GMB ‘s departure is actually a good sign that the UPND will now grow even bigger in CB and Northern provinces.

      Good lesson learnt. I will never allow any chimbwi from another party to join UPND and be appointed into a senior position again. All new comers should toll the line and show complete commitment and dedication to the party’s cause before they are allowed to hold a higher post.

      UPND shall surely form a government. Kachakolwa ka Lungu will be…

  2. “….We cannot run an institution in that way. When you have made a mistake, you need to be disciplined. So, discipline will start from the vice president….”

    “….and now I want to appeal to the national management committee that we are giving them 24 hours to discipline GBM,” he said.

    Kikikikiki….. icisingu ca ma trib.als!!! An appeal disguised as an ultimatum!!

    No, it’s not the English, you can see clearly that it is an instruction from Trib.al Hacks before he opens the NMC meeting of the trib.als.
    Was Lisawniso paid? But of course, going by trib.al upnd’s own theories that people don’t speak out unless they are paid.

    • Look at these theives making a foreign language , English , a prerequisite to being popular ??

      Typical muzungu ani konda monkies trying to out do the English at their own language …..

      So what if a African speaks broken English ???

    • Whatever language you speak you must speak it properly otherwise you won’t communicate your ideas, your reasons for firing your VPN, your party manifesto. So stop hiding in foreign language when you are just dull. If your language is poor it is most likely your everything else is poor because school is conducted in a language.

  3. You brought GBM to win you 2016 elections but never happened. We know your next strategy is to find someone else as fuming mate most likely Kambwili. Your desperation for power will choke your partt even worse. You sid the same to canicius Banda. UPND is equal to pwi pwi pwi pwi.

  4. On Your Marks !
    Get Ready !
    And Go !

    This where one would expect the tearing of UPND

    On the other hand. The interview GBM gave on #Radio Mano # a couple of days ago was unprofessional and very self-centered. He left UPND or HH with no choice. But to fire him.

  5. I didn’t know that I am a prophet, have you now believed me you the Unproductive Party for Non Development?

  6. Ati UPND can win without Bemva vote, what an insult to the great and might people of Bemba land. In the past elections UPND jas even received considerable votes from the Bemba which PF hasnt from these tribalists. This time HH and UPND have crossed the line and shall go flat out to remind our people that HH and UPND dont need you, why would you be foolish to waste your vote on them? Kambwili keep that in mind too.

    You are right. Both HH and GBM kuwayawayafye. GBM equally has no morals. He nyas whatever comes in his mouth. It was PF vs NDC and now it local derby UPND vs UPND

  8. HH and UPND have crossed the line. They dont need the Bemba vote so they have called for it. Now let game begin!

  9. Ba GBM icikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya. Utulo balala notwamunobe. Nokowamubiyo tekatilwa palwino, ntomba ntomba nkakwate ilyandi takwata mucinshi ngatalimoneke; to prove cibola kumupengwilamo; icilinganya mapuli cilaponweshya; ubukulu bwansumpa tebukali bwa bwalwa. if you really loved your mulamu MSC go back to PF mukasunge abana bakwa bukwe!

  10. This clearly shows that there is hardly any opposition in zambian politics. One would expect that by now all issue pertaining to leadership squabbles and tribalism should have been dealt with!!! Just when are you people in the opposition going to put your acts together!!!!????

  11. @ Mwansambulakulima
    Apapena walasa, wankontaula kunseko. Ntomba ntomba nkakwate ilyandi takwata mucinshi ngatalimoneke; clear message for UPND.

  12. Look at the rats above dancing , this is nothing, why did gbm leave PF ???

    He was a PF strongman and he was sacked by PF , so are you surprised UPND might sack him ???

    • @ Spaka

    • Ba spaka bena kuwayawayafye.
      You have finally found your voice.
      UPNDEAD juvenile delinquent like liswaniso.
      Insoni ebuntu.

    • Chanda

      It’s not about being warned , you find out yourself. So what if UPND keeps on the search for suitable leadership ???

      PF have been warned about chitotallas corruption , are they listening ??


      Changing personal is no big deal , look at the corrupt dunderheads in PF like lusambo , you were warned about MMD now running PF , have listened ??

  13. #14 Spaka, not at all, when he came to trib.al upnd we knew that it was a question of time before he became… kikikikiki forgive my English. What is surprising is that you trib.als made GBV your member, vice president and even running mate. Didn’t I for one tell you that Trib.al Hacks was reckless with this country by making GBV running mate meaning that at some point (maybe he went like Sata) GBV would be President of Zambia? And such a reckless senseless unpatriotic dictator Trib.al Hacks wants to be President of Zambia? He wants to be Our His Excellency, my foot!! Fuseki trib.als! Ifisushi uko kwine ku tuma strongholds twenu!

  14. “They are some things that money cannot buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.”
    Money can’t buy class:

  15. Mwansambulakulima,we need more of those bemba adages,like mulinganya mapuli alaponwesha,shimuchita panono apokele njikalafye umukashi,ntomba ntomba…..

  16. Zambia is a country full surprises and dreamers!!
    Even that clueless fat bag of maize meal, GBM, is dreaming of becoming a Zambian president one day! Nimaloza – God forbid!! That thing cant rule our country; he is brain dead!

  17. I used to respect GBM but not this time.heavyweight in kasama failed to deliver one sit .Go well GBM you will be remembered by issuing tribal statement and failure to win a sit in your bedroom (northern province).

  18. It’s obvious what Fat Albert will say, and I can in advance quote him now: “I have been disciplined because HH said I am a stinking and thieving monkey-eating Bemba”. Anyway, Zambia is already split wide, Bembas will never vote for anyone from the Zambezi Provinces, those Central African Janjaweeds are very tribal.

    • Yes, and Canicious would be right of course. To bring one divisive fat Albert that is already brain dead to help lead a party, was fantasy in the cuckoo land.
      This was the biggest blunder that our President HH should never be allowed to make again in our party! The truth is that HH personally and naively single handedly appointed that fat thing as his deputy and our UPND members trusted his judgement and went along with it. But now look at the mess that fat pig is bringing to our disciplined party! HH should bear responsibility for that very poor judgement; politics is not business!!
      Mrs Nalumango is far much a sensible person appoint to replace him – she has xseen the party through thick and thin; an intellectual and a safe pair of hands!

    • @Chilyata, if you are questioning HH’s sense of judgment on selecting GBM, why should the citizens trust his sense of judgement over the entire nation?

  19. GBM, are going up the Zambezi rapids in a boat with no radar. No direction, collision course gauranteed. The sad thing in all this is GBM gave up A respectable role/place in PF for the impatience to be leader. You paid no respect to President Lungu and now accused of the same in UPND. Looks like the paint has dried hard.

    For, Zambians everywhere; why do we accept these flawed people as leaders? Money cannot buy happiness. Christ said that the camel will get into the eye of a needle before you can enter his kingdom based on money. GBM, says he is a Christian and rightly took a respectful break in politics to honour Him. I hope the next move he announces is that he is retiring from politics to concentrate on philanthropy works for the poor of Zambia for Love of Christ.

  20. Amano ebuntu bane. Umuntundu wa chibemba wali ibelako pantu ufundila mumapinda. eico amalango were used to teach, to advise and to build resilience. pantu ngafilya insosele pakubala ubukulu bwansupa tebukali bwabwawa. iwikela mwisamba lyamupundu eumfwa uko shilepona. kaili munshyebwa aile nobusali kumako, cintomfwa apokelele umulemba mukutwi. nalikwebele tabulapo.

  21. My iggest prolem right now is, if electios were to held tomorrow, which party can i vote for? I’m seriously lost

  22. My biggest problem right now is, if elections were to held tomorrow, which party can i vote for? I’m seriously lost

  23. Ba HH nga nimubola, you can say likula, worst striker who even scores own goals! Ba UPND, bushe won’t you sabula ba mwine? Nabafilwa and now will make UPND a party for political decorations. His political blunder and miscalculation on GBM is grounds for impeachment! Imagine he was Zambian president and appoints a Warload in DRC to be his vice because he has interests in DRC, that would be serious breach of national security and integrity. NEC should begin the process to replace HH or kiss good bye to many disappointed former members!

  24. GBM was never a force.let him go if he
    Wishes to go.He has one good or bad
    Quality and that is Boasting and pride which will never Make him a leader.
    Upnd Forget about him may be it’s
    Blessing in disguise.

  25. Another used condom GBM. You were needed to attract Bembas into UPND. You failed. You were needed to show that UPND could have a national identity. You failed. Now what next. Just flash it. Careful not to block other condoms from following. Did you expect Tongas to love you? You are just a political prostitute.

  26. My advice to my President Lungu. Incorporate as many MMD leaders in our party. They played a very big role is moving us forward.

  27. GBM betrayed Luapula, Northen, Muchinga and parts of Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces. Mwazipika tyala imwe a tonga, No one can win the Zambian presidency minus the bemba vote northerner, luapula, muchinga vote who are in the majority. You are kidding yourselves because bembas are in all the 10 provinces. The vote for our leader has nothing to do with tribal inclinations.Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, Rupiya Banda,late Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba was tubulu, Micheal Sata was bisa and Levy Mwanawasa was lamba but bembas still voted for them anyway. Bembas dont care about stupid tribal politics but a good leader who transcends beyond tribal all affiliations.

  28. I do respect GBM especially as a business person and for the independent mind. However, the interview he gave with radio Mano station in Kasama he should have been there and not through telephone interview from South Africa. In a real democracy, that is already a big error. You cannot attack other people while in a foreign country as a politician. Also, the anticipated press conference, where will he hold it. It cannot be in a foreign country. Here GBM needs proper advisers.

  29. Hola mochachos, major kachingwe left two months ago, now Fights on GBM. You need everyone’s contribution until you cross to the winning side. “WANYA WANYA TATEKAMUSHI”

  30. Why is it that only Tongas in this country are called tribalists? Easterners are hard-core tribalists – they even say “wako ni wako”, but nobody calls them tribalists. Recently, all Bembas congregated in Luapula calling for all Bembas to vote for their own. As citizens we are sick and tired of all of you who like judging others and yet you are the terrible tribalists. If GBM today says UPND is a tribal party where were his eyes when he joined the party? Is it only today that we have heard about UPND being a tribal party? Chokani pano ba satana. We know you are so congenitally dull you can’t hold a logical argument without accusing others of being tribalists. Talema naimwe, tikuzibani tu nzelu twanu tung’ono twa upuba.

  31. GBM is a bloody lazy non-performer. When he joined UPND he promised to pull Northern and Muchinga provinces to UPND. He has lamentably failed. Infact UPND has lost more Bemba votes than before GBM joined. If PF want him back, they can have him. He is such a bloody i.d.i.o.t immature devil. The truth is that he has been intimidated by the way Kambwili and HH collaborated in the recent elections. Kambwili scares the s.h.i.t out of GBM. I thought GBM was just irresponsibly FAT, but now I know he is FAT, DULL, and LAZY. Just go back to PF chi-dumbo…you failed to perform. You can call UPND a tribal party because that is what all dull i.d.i.o.ts call UPND when they fail to think. Kabiye boyi, you won’t be missed.

  32. At the presser, GBM will say the following: ‘Am resigning from UPND with immediate effect; I made UPND popular in Kasama; HH is selfish and will never win elections; UPND is very tribal;. We know the drill when desperate PF infiltrate people GBM so no surprises

  33. UPND is a Satanist party HH th they can’t win elections in Zambia because HH is a Satanist leader in Zambia. BA president Lungu is man off GOD ba Lungu GOD bless u Zambian is a christian nation

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