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Police officer on the run after going on a shooting rampage

General News Police officer on the run after going on a shooting rampage

Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo
Zambia Police spokesperson Esther Katongo
A Police officer yesterday shot dead two people and wounded two others, in a shooting incident in Lusaka’s Chainama area. Constable Jackson Mwanza also stabbed a male student at Chainama Health College last night using a military knife, whom he suspected to be in an affair with his girl-friend.

Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo confirmed the shooting, which happened yesterday, between 07 and 08 hours, as well as the stabbing, which happened last evening.

Mrs. Katongo has named the deceased as Dickson Mwanza 32 of Mtendere compound and Albert Chinungo also a Lusaka resident.

And those wounded are Andrew Zimba, aged 20, a student and Felistus Tembo 23, a friend of the Police officer’s girl-friend.

Mrs. Katongo has also named the stabbed student as Nike Fungulwa, who was attacked with a military knife, while at Ben Mwiinga Police Post in PHI area.

She explained that after stabbing Fungulwa around 19.55 hours, Constable Mwanza ran away, as other police officers attempted to apprehend him.

The police officer is still on the run.

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  1. So, this criminal Law Enforcement Officer had all the time to hang around after shooting dead two people in the morning between 07 and 08 hours and later stabbing another at 19:55hrs? Is 07:00hrs and 08:00hrs the same as 19:00hrs and 20:00hrs to you? LT, it appears you have serious issues with storytelling or is it news writing? Always trying extremely hard to confuse your readers!

    • Kavindele junior dodged 3 bullets from some guy who still works for Ba Edgar, over a girl-friend. Thank God the guy didn’t use a knife, this time he could have been a fugitive too.

    • #Njonginjo you are surprised!
      Zambia Police Service is more concerned with traffic policing than community policing.

  2. It appears he did the stabbing the night before the shooting and the case was reported to Bennie Mwiinga Police. He should have arrested that night and detained, but it appears he was offered special treatment and allowed to roam free. The following morning he went on a shooting spree and people have now died. Police could have prevented those deaths. There another Police officer who shot another cop in Munali a few months ago and is on is still on the run. Are we safe with these cops????

  3. A mare girl friend,you were suppose to resolve the problem by ending a relationship or tell the girl to stop seeing a man or accept to share by taking turns.Some policeman are not supposed to handle guns due to immaturity and psychological problems.Give them inkoli

  4. This when we should see the IG Kanyanga and that Home Affairs PR guy issue a statement …to show seriousness of the manhunt but they are nowhere…any the force is infuriated with unprofessional cadres.

  5. This is the result when recruitment is marred with corruption. How can anyone person with a sound mind go on a killing spree over a girlfriend? Police officers go under some grueling and dehumanizing training that toughens them up that no amount of $hit when they start working can make them flip overnight.

    • “Police officers go under some grueling and dehumanizing training” That is what breaks people, trauma!! You have trigger happy traumatized Police protecting you.

  6. It is reported in the”Sunday Nation”.Newspaper.That magistrate Douglas Fredric said that he is “no Bleeding heart”.I agree.God has hardened your heart.The same way that god hardened pharoah’s Heart.But the love of god can melt the hardest hearts.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  7. Magistrate Douglas Fredric.What is wrong with being a headmaster?Is’nt the attribute of leadership To be desired?It would be good if magistrates were chosen from the ranks of the military.And as for you not being a bleeding heart.It is said that”you could carry a cow to water but you can not make it drink”.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  8. Constable Jackson Mwanza also stabbed a male student at Chainama Health College last night using a military knife, whom he suspected to be in an affair with his girl-friend.

    So the military knife was suspecspected to be in an affair with Jacksons girlfriend

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