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Monday, February 24, 2020

Africa requires strategy to liberate its people from poverty and Famine-Mwamba

General News Africa requires strategy to liberate its people from poverty and Famine-Mwamba

Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba speaking whilst flanked by his counterpart a South African High Commissioner to Zambia Ms. Sikose Mji during the South Africa Trade and Investment Mission to Zambia Meeting at Cresta Golf View Hote

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba says Africa requires strategy to liberate its people from poverty and Famine.

Mr. Mwamba says Africa has a long history of civilization but its development was hindered by disruptive foreign forces that attacked it with invasion, slavery and colonialism.

Speaking at a gospel album launch of a Zambian Artist at the emperors palace in Johannesburg South Africa Mr. Mwamba said Africans need to liberate their mindset in order to exploit it’s natural resources.

He said it is unfortunate that Africa remains poor despite its wealth.

And Mr. Mwamba has Congratulated Ms. Sheena Muleya a gospel artist who is also the District Commissioner for Choma for the successful album launch .

The event was beamed live from Johannesburg on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation sponsored by a community initiative “My Home Town” sponsored by a Zambian national and prominent businessman based in Johannesburg, Mr. James Ndambo.

He Further congratulated Mr. Ndambo for the initiative and for urging people to remember their roots and help the underprivileged.

He said the transformative program was empowering communities through wealth-creation initiatives.

The event was graced by various South African gospel artist as support acts to Sheena Muleya.

This is contained in a statement issued to the media by Naomi Nyawali, the First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa.

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  1. I can excuse Mwamba for saying this bcoz he is not a driver of policy implementation back home!! However,he needs to preach that to his leaders who have been giving away put resources to foreigners at the expense of locals;land,good government contracts and no emphasis on local value addition,just building malls instead of encouraging manufacturing.Result- an “artificial good economy” with high levels of unemployment and poverty!!

  2. When is Mwamba leaving for Ethiopia/AU? His transfer was announced months ago and the Zambian community in SA threw him a farewell party two months ago! Is ECL struggling to find a replacement for him in Pretoria? Or maybe he doesn’t want to leave SA for AU? May the powers that be please update us!?

  3. Mwamba why blame foreign entities? you guys steal with impunity and you deliberately choose to ignore mass plundering. Until you acknowledge the filth in your government, we are not going anywhere

  4. Mr Mwamba which strategy is going to implemented and when.
    1900 there is strategy to get rid of poverty and illetrace in Africa
    1950 still there is was strategy
    2000 there is a strategy
    Go through all African presidents 98% of the 53(or 54 countries) have failed .DR Congo,Zimbabwe,Malawi,Niger,Gambia,Zambia,Cameroon,Uganda,Mali,Mozambique the list go on and on over 2 centuries struggling. All the presidents are fighting to continue staying in office not economic growth and development. Look at Zuma his main focus was consolidating the relationship with the Gupta family. The rest is Chinese mega-billionaire dollar welfare. The Chinese mega-manufacturing base is the world warehouse supplying Africa all sort of products.

  5. For instance Chinese supplied military weapons for liberation and fighting communism. And also supplied about 1000 machetes to Rwandan before the genocide . So in Africa will continue importing from Chinese,meaning no jobs,no industries and no workable economic strategic economic and political policy. Furthermore,the Chinese gave billions of dollars with the aim to takeover the local potential industries and when this failed then workers have became affected as they are not getting paid in our case. So very soon we will start importing from Chinese products like meal mealie,salt,soup,tomatoes,riot gears,meat,drinking water,polish,Vaseline,building sand,crush stones and beer.
    Lastly the Chinese billion aid to Africa has result into a large scale of corruption,financial…

  6. Lastly the Chinese billion aid to Africa has result into a large scale of corruption,financial misappropriation,extravagance,political and economic instability,high levels of poverty,poor healthy facilities etc.

  7. How with 42/42, $135 million presidential jet, first lady spending $1 million going to look at 2nd hand fire trucks worth $50 k,

    All the while the country can not survive without donner funds ……

    Disgusting…..crooks calling themselves leaders

  8. Mwamba..blames the British.
    They left over 50 years ago
    It is fat corrupt politicians like him that are the problem

  9. Africa’s problems are not caused by colonialism. They are caused by poor governments.
    They are caused by corrupt selfish incompetent MEN .
    Look at the Asian countries that were colonised.
    They are now miles ahead of Zambia.

  10. Zambia needs to be liberated from their new colonial masters – the PF. PF has deliberately induced poverty so that the Zambian people can become docile to its misrule. May the Lord deliver us from these evil rulers.

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