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GBM rejoins PF, vows to dismantle UPND

Headlines GBM rejoins PF, vows to dismantle UPND

GBM arriving for the press briefing accompanied by his Chama
GBM arriving for the press briefing accompanied by his Chama

Suspended UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has rejoined the PF.

Mr Mwamba said he was left with no option but to rejoin the ruling Patriotic Front.

He said he felt sidelined by the two leadership of the party who allegedly stopped involving him on decision making on the party.

Addressing a press briefing today, Mr Mwamba described UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema as a stubborn man.

He said a number of UPND Members of Parliament tried to reconcile the two but that Mr Hichilema refuses because he was “stubborn for nothing.”

Mr Mwamba said Mr Hichilema would do well to abolish the position of vice-president because it is irrelevant.

“HH has been having meetings with senior party officials that they should not align themselves with the vice-president…There fear is that I was going to challenge HH at the convention,” said Mr Mwamba.

He has vowed to dismantle UPND saying he will soon embark on a countrywide tour to de campaign the party.

Mr Mwamba said he will start with Kaputa where UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango hails from.

He has also apologized to President Edgar Lungu “for all the insults he showered on him”.

Among those who flanked GBM was PAC leader Andyford Banda.

Mr Bwalya has since advised UPND members to change leaders starting with with Hakainde Hichilema or the chances of the party to form government will be in 2040.

Meanwhile, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has thanked Mr Mwamba for the services rendered to UPND and wished him well in his future endeavors.

“We would like to thank our former Vice President Dr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for the services he rendered to the party in our quest to run the country better. We wish our brother, GBM, all the best in his new journey and future endeavour,” he said.

“Further, we appeal to our party members and the nation to respect our brother’s (GBM’s) decision as it his democratic right. May God bless our country,” said Mr Hichilema.


    • Ba Lusaka times you are too slow, to say the least, we understand its almost free to read your news, but the GBM story is almost stale news. You needed to break this story and update your readers when the press conference you helped in advertising went ahead a couple of hours ago! Come on girls, run for your money!!

    • It’s not only about forming government. A strong opposition is very important in a democracy. History will judge HH as the best manager or leader in Zambian politics.

    • More problems in PF.
      GBM should have joined Kalaba in DP.
      Well, as Kalaba keep saying, PF government is now for business dealers. It’s about contracts.
      GBM’s weight and businesses where closing ever since he joined UPND, he has to revamp what he knows best.
      I see an advantage to HH. He should keep his cool.

    • We wish our brother, GBM, all the best in his new journey and future endeavour.

      How do you wish a person who has promised to brutalize you politically well? Naivety of the highest order.

      Mr. GBVM has a right to belong to a political party of his choice. He has a right to renounce and denounce membership of any party and join or rejoin a party of his choice.
      One important piece is that he reckons that he is a violent man. But man he called on his members to denounce violence.
      PF has always done it. Received prodigals with open hands. Sampa is now his Worship the Mayor of the City of Lusaka.
      Runaways from UPNDEAD never go back there, why?
      It is simple Treachery, Suspense, Intrigue, Vindictive and Jealousy .
      We are watching this space as things take an…

    • Nothing to celebrate here…Politicians are tricksters….and Zambians end up eating oxygen….GBM will just add more money in his pockets

    • Rule 1
      HH is always right
      Rule 2
      If HH is wrong refer to Rule No1
      Rule 3
      You snooze, you’re kicked out. If in doubt, refer to rule 1.
      Rule 4
      HH does not need elections to be UPND Presidents If in doubt, refer to rule 1.

    • I have lost the very-little-respect I had for GBM.

      Once prostitute always a prostitute; political or not.

      Good response from HH though.

      So GBM will start bashing UPND country wide? Why can he not start improving the lives of Zambians country wide instead? Do not be bitter GBM. Just move on, and enjoy the fruits of corruption with your PF.

      And now that GBM has lost weight, he will fit in one jail cell; sharing it with Lungu, Kaizer, Amos, Chitotela, Kampyongo etc. etc.

    • GBM looks ridiculous here.

      What happened to to a little self
      Pride, dignity, own loyalty.

      He is basically not wanted into any party by default is he ?



    • I prefer policy to politics … this is a whole lot of hogwash and adds no value to the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      The former Minister of Defense is a total disgrace and an opportunist at best. Unfortunately, politics is a game of numbers and he who has more numerical gravitas than others takes it all.

      GBM has no shame!!! HH’s written statement shows some real class compared to GBM’s at separation. Talk about insolvency of the highest order!!!

      After all the insults this cretin showered ECL during and after the last campaign, all he can do is say “sorry” and all is well??

      I feel like puking right now … Heaven help us all.

      Epo mpelele,


    • GMB reminds me of that National Geo Wildlife documentary I watched about Hippos in the Luangwa valley in the dry season when the rivers and ponds are drying up and Bull Hippos have to run from one pond to another and have to be checked up by the Big Boss Hippo Beach master at the new pond as he dont trust him.
      This man was telling us LAZY LUNGU was a thief but he has no option but to join the thief…Zambians we need to wake up and not tolerate this nonsense….GBM you had an option and its either forming another party or retiring….how can someone move from MMD to PF to UPND to PF…come on let have pride!!

    • @BR the PR value in this for, PF is stupendous! GBM is eating his own words, revisiting the doorstep he spat on when he left for UPND.

      This is a great high for PF after Roan loss. Many others are following GBM, back to PF from UPND. They are in disarray! As long as he remains a mare member with no cabinet role that’s fine. Looks like the old PF is regrouping for 2021.

    • GBM does not even understand what he is doing. He is a confused fellow.

      This marks the end of his political career. Watch the space. Today he is PF s darling. Tomorrow PF will tell him ikala fye you out spent politician.

      If GBM becomes Lungu s running mate it will definitely snow in Zambia.

      Political prostitutes like GBM never go far in politics.

      Any way this is a lesson learnt but no influence lost as many people now are beginning to hate PF with passion for non payment of salaries and massive corruption.

    • GBM does not even understand what he is doing. He is a confused fellow.

      This marks the end of his political career. Watch the space. Today he is PF s darling. Tomorrow PF will tell him ikala fye you out spent politician.

      If GBM becomes Lungu s running mate it will definitely snow in Zambia.

      Political prostitutes like GBM never go far in politics.

      Any way this is a lesson learnt but no influence lost as many people now are beginning to hate PF with passion for non payment of salaries and massive corruption.

      PF is for corrupt people and thI eves.

    • I dont want to say I agree with JUNIOR and inflate his ego but he has some that vividly looks like a point somewhere in his post….GMB is a rich self man who only respects another rich man; GMB always used to state that he bankrolled PF when it was being created to old man Sata: GMB never respected LAZY LUNGU and would never respect him now as he is a proud man in his own right.

    • The game of counting numbers without principles is not healthy. He will not stay in present for a long time.

    • So GBM is a fake business man…he cant survive outside Politics….shame…last week he was in UPND and today PF…..i was expecting him to say he has stopped Politics and he wants to concentrate on his business and enjoy his old age with his wife and grand kids…..and Zambians being played like always…..its funny he joined UPND thinking that he will dismantle PF…..and now he wants to dismantle UPND…..insanity at its best

    • @Patriot Abroad … GBM is actually now and going forward to be considered a useful id100t who adds no value to our democratic ideals PR or no great PR.

      He’s a sell-out I can’t trust with a potato gun and if you as PF see value in him then you too don’t deserve votes from the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise come next election season.

      You are only as good as the company you keep and if a guy who dragged you to court disputing a legitimate election just for shows comes back and all he says is sorry and it’s fine and daddie then your entire party too is a sell-out group the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise needs to stay away from.

      This is a case of moral authority vs positional authority and integrity allows people to follow credible leadership because that shows…

    • Continued…

      This is a case of moral authority vs positional authority and integrity allows people to follow credible leadership because that shows dependability.

      Epo mpelele,


    • Well……my concern is not about GBM demonstrating the political prostitution at its peak, my concern is the level of st.tupidity off here who are hailing GBM with praise and even going to an extent of castigating HH for his wishing GBM well in his life and political endeavor.
      Why should he embark on de-campaigning when he was not campaigning for UPND, as a VP he was really invisible? So he just on an espionage mission to learn more about HH, and use that against him? As a human, this is not fair. I think the intellectual he, should stand up and condemn GBM so that we send a warning to such falsehood politicians from doing so in the future.
      Feel like VOMITING

    • Poly-ticks all they want is your blood and they will then leave you for another whom they can also suck dry.

      We are stuck in a paradigm that says only one person can lead, we follow this so called leader whether its HH or ECL thinking they are annointed, but no one is perfect, before colonialism we had elders who advised and made important decisions, power was never in the hands of one individual, now what has happened is a real betrayal to our African ancestros who have cursed us for leaving the way of Ubuntu, Ubuntu means people, a real govt should be a govt of the people who make the decisions to solve problems affecting them everyday. Not a select few of fake parliamentarians who only dance to the tune of their respective Party leaders, we are truelly cursed.

    • I don’t know what the Zambian law states about confidentiality. But GBM could be prosecuted under the GDPR/Data Protection Laws of 2018 if he breached UPND’s confidential informant.

      God Bless Zambia.

    • The problem with GBM is he thinks he’s a political heavy weight.
      – If he’s as popular as he claims, why didnt he form his own party? Just last week he said he can’t rejoin tu kabolala (thieves) tu PF.
      – Next week he’ll be paraded at a PF rally where he’ll be made to kneel to Lungu like the way Miles Sampa was made to.
      The truth is his businesses have been squeezed by PF. Stomach 1st, country last. Arizona trucks will start transporting & FRA will start selling maize to his milling plant

    • GBM is confusing Pilato now….does this mean GBM has become koswe Mumpoto…….will Pilato also campaign for PF now…..me confused

    • Does GBM sincerely think they will trust him simply because he has tendered a simple apology?

      If he does, he is exhibiting the highest level of naivety one only finds in sufferers of codependency. This a very poorly calculated move. If he were a real strategist, he could have just apologized and then plan for the final onslaught at the convention.

      There’s a rumor that his business fortunes were dwindling and he needed a recharge.

    • The most dangerous thing in life is eating your vomit! GBM has just done that and its good for the UPND to increase its strength. All politicians who do not mean well expel them selves from the mighty UPND.

      Scatter brains and thieves can not survive in UPND at all.

    • He made the same vow after leaving PF. That he would destroy the ruling party. If PF accept him they are useless. They previously told us Sampa must return apply.
      He is only joining them because he has no choice atase! How important is he for PF to be dancing to the tune he is playing?

    • Not surprised at all. People who think HH would be better than Lungu are gravely mistaken. This guy has been president of his party since 2006, with no popularity contest allowed from other party members. Why doesn’t he call for a convention and allow other party members to challenge him for the party presidency? And can a non Tonga become UPND party president? His style of leadership has tribal and dictatorial tendencies, and that’s very troubling. What’s the guarantee that if he became a national President, he wouldn’t continue with this autocratic tendency? Come on. Another troubling thing is his contesting the presidency 5 times already, without giving a chance to other party members. If anything, this guy is beginning to scare me more than Lungu. He can easily allow other party…

    • … members to challenge him, and if he won, people would trust and respect him more. But he seems to have this personal unhealthy obsession with becoming Zambia’s President. Both HH and Lungu don’t seem to be presidential material—in my estimation. Hopefully a better third party candidate will arise and challenge these two dictators in 2021. And GBM is no good either. How can you rejoin a party you claimed was corrupt? And shamelessly apologizing to corrupt Lungu…Why?

    • GBM I used to respecting you but what I have seen today,I think you are the most unreasonable person.people said that you are broke I’m now start believing what they said about , you are a desperate man .HH never wronged you but you are trying to paint him black,I’m not going to follow you because at this moment I have come to know you as a wrong man.Mr betrayer go for good you will be remembered by creating confusions in UPND party.

  1. Thats why I have no faith in any politician…they are the same. Ruling and Opposition are the same with the goal to make themselves rich.

  2. It’s hard to work with some people and the show continues. Dr Canisius Banda must be enjoying this drama today and am sure he feels vindictated. pilgrim come and see .

  3. Who is he going to recruit. He is a finished Product. Caught with pants down. It’s easy to catch a cheat no matter how hard you try to hide. So after being exposed you had to run back to your sponsors without delivering the goods. You can eat between now and 2021. Tell your sponsor HH is not going anywhere. You shallow minded

  4. Politics has been made dirty because of leaders who have no morals. It is a shame that politicians of nowadays are just like leopards who cannot change their spots. We expect our nation to move with such puerility in politics. Are they there to serve or to run their business? The defection of GBM has nothing to do with what he is saying. He has gone to PF to protect his businesses which are in a vegetative state. The problem with politicians is that they are all liars and they are like empty sacks that cannot stand upright. There is no morality in politics. Zambia will never develop with such shameless individuals purporting to be policy-makers. What policies are they making when they are morally bankrupt. Politicians will always behave like dogs on heat.

    • @mbaluso
      Not just “because of leaders who have no morals”, its these intellectuals on this forum, they also morally quilt for supporting GBM move.
      Zambians should be ashamed, if this normal political environment, then does not expect a few people with moral to wooed into join politics.
      Its a sad day for Zambian politics.

    • Kanene no one is supporting GBM. What people are celebrating is that they have been proved right when they said HH had made a political blunder by preferring GBM to Dr Canisius. We told the man was more unpredictable than climate change. You celebrated and thought PF was finished with GBM then 2 I c in Upnd.

    • @Ndanje Khakis,
      You shouldn’t even be celebrating that they have been proved right, the core issue here is the political prostitution which shouldn’t be happening in the first place. This is my argument, and when you say “told the man was more unpredictable than climate change”, it means you support political prostitution except that this involved GBM, therefore, there is no difference between those of you “supporting GBM” or “celebrating”. You are both not down to principles.
      With the above clarification, I hope you will now understand, I wouldn’t have been one of those “celebrated and thought PF was finished with GBM….”

  5. Did we not tell you? Yes Adolf is stubborn it was election time as persons not fit to be anyway near power delivered “big fish” to c golf hotel. They were all shapes and size MS, Bashi Nono, Katrouzers, muzungu wop, dancing MP and indeed the Great Bag of Maize….it was as if the party was bewitched…Suddenly we were sidelined. When as we figured we lost we called for a postmortem, but no Adolf and his side kick fat Albe, began tours of courts as they looked at their bank balance….the rest is as is….

  6. Those who join UPND usually regret immediately. The atmosphere is toxic, unfriendly and uninspiring unless you belong to certain people of Zambia. You definitely have to learn to speak in tonga otherwise you feel like your parents were still alive to console you for your mistake even if you are 55 years old.

  7. The lesson to be learnt by the PF;
    1. GBM is untrustworthy
    2. He will do anything to get what he wants
    3. Never make a mistake of giving him a position too soon (he is just a loud mouth)
    4. He will not add much value to the party just like he did not subtract much when he left, accept him anyway.
    5. GBM has money just like HH, who said “we are business men we will fix the economy”
    6. The people of Zambia know too well that politicians that have money only use it for themselves and campaigns not for the wellbeing of the country.

  8. It’s not wise to always pick people who are bitter and have an axe to grind. GBM was bitter against Edgar and so is Kambwili. Pick people with points to put across.

  9. When ever we called him a ruthless illiterate UPENDI always defended him

    Let him wait for 2 years before accepted back in PF.

  10. At least Mr HH has some morals and he has been one of the most consistent opposition leaders with the same message (economic emancipation of Zambia). I’m sure many Zambians are now seeing this and we must try him in the next election. Look at America; they voted for a businessman with good business acumen – he renegotiated many previous deals and Americans are reaping the rewards; they have the real more money in their pockets becoz of lower taxes, lowest unemployment rate in 40 years, better infrastructure, strongest Army, Police are better equipped than in the past, etc We can also make Zambia great. God bless Zambia!

  11. Well, I guess PF could not wait to rub in to UPND! AS LONG AS GBM remains an ordinary member of PF there is no problem. This is a great PR hit for PF.

    As politics goes in Zambia, party members moving between parties to leverage election success seems the game to play. It shows the nature of politicians in Zambia, always looking for an easy ride.

  12. But GBM was a few days at press conference telling us that he would not lower himself to join a sinking titanic PF and that he would only resign from UPND to form his own party. Not even a week has passed, he is on the same boat he was denouncing. Politics of Bellies. I’m trusting this man HH who is so principled despite going through a number of humiliations. I like his gentle response, HH by wishing GBM good lack that is how states men should conduct themselves.

  13. So the loudly promised MOTHER OF ALL PRESS CONFERENCES actually turned out to be such a miserable squib. Like I said GBM, kabiye boyi, you won’t be missed. Trust me, with Davies Mwila not liking your coming back to PF and, on top of that, the highest official to receive you back being Lusaka PF Provincial Chairman, I would not bad-mouth UPND too much. Wipontesha boyi, ukabwela – one day. If PF were so excited to have you back, Davies should have been there, VP should have been there. Check the powerful delegation that received Antonio Mwanza, compared to the team of PF wimps that came to your presser. HH may be stinky right now, but in a few weeks he will be least of your worries. Trust me. Good Luck!

  14. Where as I have little problem with his resignation from UPND,which was inevitable anyway.I am ,however, shocked by his low political maturity in rejoining of PF. Is he very sure he is genuinely welcome in PF ? I personally doubt it.The PF will welcome him for the sole purpose of destabilising UPND after which they will dump him.This is the political end of the great GBM. PF are aware of his ego which makes him inflate his political value. I am sure he is eying the running mate position 2021 in PF.That is where he is very naive.They simply will not let him.

    • After PF raises the Falcon Arizona enterprises, GBM will launch his evil plans again. He is full of ego. He will scheme to be PF Presidential candidate for 2021. We wish him well!

  15. Being a GBM follower or family member must be very confusing;

    2006————MMD losing candidate for Kabwata constituency.
    2008————Appointed PF chairman for elections.
    2008————Resigns after being suspended and subsequently dropped from the position of chairman for elections after assaulting his wife.
    2008————Rescinds his decision and rejoins PF.
    2009————Adopted as PF candidate for Kasama central following Saviour Chishimba’s resignation from PF.
    2011————Returns the Kasama central seat under PF.
    2014————Resigns from government as defence minister citing the differences the Sata government had over the gazetting of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and that he couldn’t choose a government job over his clan.
    2014————GBM sneaks back to the corridors of power via association after Wynter…

  16. HH WILL REMAIN HH,GBM WILL REMAIN GBM. All you need people is to follow what HH said,Let GBM work well
    with his Part,thaugh he has forgoten his Insults to the zambian president ECL.BAMUSELELA UKWAKABA IMWE,,

  17. Let’s forget about the defection thing. My question is that, is GBM going to manage to do jogging with ECL every Saturday?

    • @26 Eastern..he will,he has lost quite some weight and was quoted as frequenting the gym.May be that was the condition (shedding weight) given for him to return to PF?!

  18. It’s very obvious who has sour grapes, between GBM and HH? GBM sounds bitter, childish – while HH sounds mature and Statesman like.

  19. Underwhelming press conference followed by a predictable outcome. Boring and sad. There has been no major shift in people’s perceptions according to various postings and phone ins. People are still of the same mind, they are broke, economy is bad and UNZA lecturers are still waiting for their March salaries and ZAMPOST buildings are now white elephants. Mental faculties of PF supporters still astound me.

  20. Right from the outset GBM was not welcomed and accepted in UPND and I for one used to say this time and again. I knew it was a question of time, Mr. Mwamba would come back to the PF, a party where his heart and soul has ever been.
    To those who think we just bluff when we say UPND and HH dont mean well to non T0ngas its time you got it, if six vice presidents, second in command, all non T0ngas can leave the party after experiencing the harsh reality, who are you, an ordinary person to this HH? He will tell you what you want to hear, blame everything on those in power so that you can give him a vote but guess what, he doesnt care about you! This is the truth about HH, he is a chancer, deceiver, manipulator and very selective man that you cry foul after you make a mistake of aligning with…

  21. Is it not obvious who’s bitter between GBM and HH?
    GBM sounds Childish, while HH sounds mature and more of a Statesman.

    • That’s because HH has had time to prepare from Thursday …GBM has a point though HH simply wants Yes men …I doubt he would let his MPs to go to GBM’s house for Sunday lunch.

    • HH has humbled himself not to provoke GBM, all else hidden secrets of the party will be exposed! so bane kuichefya ba HH to avoid embarrassment.

  22. Lusaka Times,you are too late.GBM rejoined PF around 11hrs!!
    Anyway,where is “Spaka,Jay Jay ?”
    I was there when GBM rejoined PF!!!


    • Why do you include me in folly? This is not democracy to fooooooolishy cheer about my dear friend of recycling politicians like a commercial launderette. we can develop a nation like this even his press conference some dunderhead was giving running commentary …I mean what’s wrong with having a proper Press conference of just media and reporters!!

  23. Thank you HH for your kind and mature words. St. Paul gives the first prerequisite to reconciliation . Sir , read Roman 12:19-20 . You cannot change what cannot be changed otherwise you make your life miserable to respond badly to such people whose interest getting rich. God is warning such in Isaiah 3:14-15.

  24. Good riddance. He engineered the Mongu treason case. Pf were using him to see how they would eliminate HH whilst being shunted from one prison to another. Remember during HH’s period of incarceration Gbm went into hiding planning on how they could eliminate HH whilst in prison. Thanks to the church , the Commonwealth and other concerned Zambians for quick intervention, otherwise HH would have been no more

  25. As a dog returns to his vomit, so GBM has gone back to the pit latrine.

    From HH and GBM’s reactions you can easily tell who is illiterate and well-educated.

    HH, what a sober way of handling this fiasco. Your leadership style HH is a growing sober movement that does not engage in insults, remonstrations, denunciations and threats to allow sobriety rise above mediocrity for all to see your true leadership qualities. I like HH more than before for this approach. The test of a true leader lies in the way he/she reacts and responds to challenges.

    Ba GBM aba Bemba batila “INSALA KAPONDO ILANYELA”.

    • And Garry Nkombo has been asked to exculpate himself for attending the opening of Munali Mine officiating by the Republican president. So what’s your take on this?

  26. GBM I can say is finished, after all he lost in his so called bedroom kasama , I don’t usually predict downfalls of politicians , but GBM I can, his only value to PF would be mud slinging and dirty politics directed at the opposition.

    The truth be told he is very uninspiring

  27. Flip flopping always, trash talking to cheap apologies but never tackling the real problems ordinary Zambians are faced with is what they do now. Then they step aside and watch us take each other apart as we strive to show who’s side we belong to regardless of who’s wrong and who’s right. That’s what we’ve been reduced to and they have us exactly where they want us. My heart bleeds.

  28. Viva MY PRESIDENT HH who knows maybe you have been freed now from moving with the person who made you to be losing the elections, just be yourself because you will always be the good leader and to make matters worse you have the vision for our country ZAMBIA come 2021 you will be in the office. GOD bless our country Zambia coz we can not be suffering like this, from the word “GO” we have been suffering. Be with HH so that he can fully accept and understand the rejoining of GBM in PF and, therefore GOD will abundantly bless. Lord hear my cry????????????????????
    Vice president :HAKAINDE HICHILEMA

    • Wrong GBM lost only one election not elections. But you loved GBM, you loved his insulting the Republican president. Now he’s made a decision not to your liking he’s useless. To tell you the truth I didn’t expect his press conference to end in a defection.

  29. President Lungu is a master politician. He has managed to outwit the likes off Guy Scott and the whole Sata clan, HH, Given Lubinda, plus the whole MMD. Jay Jay that we have to give to president Lungu at the least.

    • Really laughable ….where did LAZY LUNGU outsmart anyone? How can someone without vision outsmart anyone…go to YOUTUBE you will see him in car park when there was a power struggle in PF. Do you really think GBM respects LAZY LUNGU, GBM is one of the founding fathers of PF…its only a matter of time Bowman and Dora rub him on the wrong side

    • LAZY LUNGU was not handpicked by the elite because he is smart…really laughable….just look at the thieves around him and the company he keeps!!

  30. GBM (KASAMA REJECT) has no following at all if he has let him form his own party. The daughter too was rejected in Kasama. UPND is SOLID as PF is nosediving and failing to pay salaries.

    I support UPND and i say NO to PF pangas

  31. We all know that GBM has gone back because of business ( Arizona) and not everyone in PF is happy with his move. Dr. Chilufya, Dora Siliya, Mwila Davis are among the few.

  32. Both GBM and HH are business people. Deep hatred for each other is foolishness because the Zambian economy is too small. Where possible still need to collaborate as business people and not as politicians. Otherwise could be a Cain and Abel thing but that is not necessary as seen from HH message as after all they have had good times also and some of those moments will remain until death. Divorce is always not easy but afterwards, things settle down.
    HH now should not jump in bed with another person from outside. Should look from within and potential person to take over the party.

  33. If God Lord The Almighty had to review all that we have done, All that we say, all that we think , that is when you could see how, the animal in man works. GBM has a very big mission , his own. Iyo Northern province is my bedroom . Ba GBM, Ifwe tulibabemba inkonko, lelo wilaita imbwa, nakamuti nawikata. Akanwa kamo takofwa nshama ukulowa. Witulinga akani mwikufi . Ulubemba mwaba abengi , Abalungu Abamabwe,Abenamwanga, Ababisa, Abatabwa. Abowayafwa palibonse aba nibani? Ulelanda palichitimukulu, bushe eutulisha nangunifwe tumulisha. Ichuma uitasha ukukwata , Muchilya nababemba nangu nabanabobe? Tayankila ibiye. Sebanafye wikute nabanabobe elyo nolupwa lobe . Lelo wasebana weka , pantu walya amalushi yobe. Lelo wishibe ukuti eko usulile ekopanoko . we know very well you are a bully , take…

  34. I can see Saltless in GBM , we only have one Man in this country who can save the nation HK that’s so ,

  35. How many people went with GBM in pfooools? the most dull man is Mr $50m in zambia.form your own party if you are man enough.

    • BUFFOON CK formed his own party when you dared him …look at yourselves now with egg on your faces without shame!!

  36. Hat an Easter to remember, Mwende umutende ba GBM, kalebalika konse ukomuleya, YOUR opinion decision could be right or wrong, timely or untimely, but only Jehovah and the Bible speak the Truth. That’s why God is always Love.

  37. GBM has lost weight and business from the time PF cut him off GRZ contracts! He had to make a bold move back to save his remaining weight! It’s now up to PF to be careful with its prodigal sons, including Mulenga Sata and Myles Sampa!

  38. I wonder why PF cadres are so happy, GBM will stand against ECL in 2020 convention, if he won’t like the outcome he may defect to another political party or from his own and start insulting PF again. Everything that has happened today is just a temporal thing because GBM wants to bring back his almost collapsing businesses back on track. After he has accumulated enough by 2020 or so he will leave again depending on the outcome of the 2020 convention.

    • But you opened your doors to him tripping over each other to welcome him into Upnd. He’s now a scandalous villain. Don’t say you were not warned.

  39. This latest development means one thing only; HH should forget about being President of Zambia in his lifetime. UPND will now be fighting a resurgent PF with money and loud mouths capable of destroying HH’s personality. So far words spoken by GBM seem to suggest that HH is dictator who can’t work with anyone outside the zambezi belt. HH must vigorously defend his name.

  40. I am surprised that you people can waste minutes/hours of this very short life time trying to disect, bisect, analyse and try to understand the mind of GBM his judgements and decisions. GBM is practicing politics which in Chinyanja is called Ndale which in football involves tripping the legs of an opponent especially strikers like Messi down. The aim is to Win. Don’t try to bring Jet Science into politics. PF are already a step ahead in preparing for 2021 as you struggle to understand GBM. It might take us the whole life time to understand the man GBM and Ndale.

  41. Who welcomed GBM in pf? was it general Secretary , mayor,mp vice President or branch chairman? which kasama is he claiming that is his bedroom?is it that kasama where her daughter lost the election?then if he is claiming that kasama ,then he is not popular.GBM is it true that you hired buses to make your press conference shine?if it true then you are not popular.HH is innocent man.i thought you were going to answer the allegations they levelled against you.

  42. Hashii stop condemning gbm.hw clean is HH.hw many pipo has he failed to work with?
    1)Canicius,2)kapita,3)GBM,4)Nawakwi,4)Mutati,5)Nevers,6)kaunda,7) SATA jst to mention a few.
    Garry is mute now days ve u taken an ache to find out?
    Next VP shud be from ourselves (upnd).it will work don’t rely on alliances and Intruders now.

  43. HH thinks he is aready in state house,true he stubborn and not only but very sturbon.Kapata mukaya.GBM WELL COME ABOARD.uncle GBM you have made a right decision and it is good you have come to your senses and have seen for yourself how bad these guys are,very tribalistic.CK don’t join them they are finished product truly it wll take wise UPND politicians,who have the eyes of an eagle to rise up and remove this upnd god.

  44. Its good he has left this GBM guy.After all the bad words he used against him,HH has wished Mwamba well.Looking at these two men its clear who the bad person is.HH is a strong and courageous man and it seems Zambian may be warming up to him.To hold an entire press conference just to despise HH when this nation of 17 million people has such an immense array of problems is scaring deep sited mediocrity.

    • PF is the only party that understands,tolerates and ready to receive the so called prodigal sons and daughter’s. GBM mwayai mwane,shikenu mwane,andenu mwane!

  45. when Canisus Banda was thrown out,he was quiet until the last moment,and it took him time to decide.He can not make decisions,now after the expulsion of GBM he as come out of the closet to comment on, tata mulekosa ma politics ayaaa. He is using apathaird system of governance.kapata mukaya.

  46. Great bad man has finally turned back to his rout . He only now’s how to dividing the country no economy knowledge the most tribalist man.check your age GBM stop dividing the country.just tell us the reason why you were suspended?Mr $50m use your brains not tummy to think.

  47. When GBM left PF he made a similar vow about how he would dismantle PF bla bla, but what happened, his candidate couldnt even win Kasama central. His just a typical African politician, driven by greed, selfishness and hunger not desire to help the suffering masses. Hope koswe mu mpoto will be smart enough not to embrace him too closely..

  48. The only noble thing GBM has done in his life is to leave UPND and rejoin PF the party of criminals where he belong.

  49. There is no democracy in Upnd and surely Zambians will never vote for them.GBM has made a wise decision.

    Garry will do well too to join PF……how does interracting with a head of state at a developmental function become an offence ?


  51. GBM – if there’s anything for your big head to take in, and also as a grown up, never despise where you are coming from. Otherwise how do the people you are going to or joining think of you?

  52. A case of truth stranger than fiction or Zambian comedy at its best. .!
    The lack of principles is shocking.

  53. PF gunnered (1,860,877) which was 50.35% of the votes cast with the help of Mutati’s MMD.
    UPNDEAD got (1,760,347) which amounted to 47.63% of the casted votes with the huge contribution from GBVM and cohorts, the votes the deads had never gotten under spooky double h. Now, I expected double h to have had some respect for GBVM. How in the world would a veep not be in direct communication with the President of the same party.
    Muletasha bakapoli, ba nkusa.

  54. Nimiponto shakwe abwela, how I wish PF could reject him and send him into oblivion for good. At his age he must never stoop so low after just a week after insulting the PF and its leadership.

  55. Ba Mwamba ,wrong decision yamaimwe PF will lose the next election. Mukaya kwi? I think your low level of education is a problem here.

  56. What will Zambians benefit from the ‘dismantling’ of UPND by GBM? More jobs? More Hospitals? More doctors and nurse? Oh I forgot one more thing, one kwacha will be equal to one dollar! What a bellend GBM is!

    • GBM has nothing to offer and i’m pretty sure with this rhetoric the senior PF members will not be entertaining his suddent return. The point is that he has nothing to offer apart from his thuggish behaviour.

    • He is a selfish *****. And utterly shameless and vindictive with it.
      Chishinka this man must be broke.

  57. We have been around for along time now. And we understand Zambian politics am sure my brother GBM cant draw water from his own well because the water level has gone. The only way to get back to business is replenish his pockets . But am sure its almost getting late for him. Think of what happened to the former mighty BY may his soul rest in peace, his end was miserable. Its not a secret PF has squeezed GBM to the point of suffocation.
    Finally GBM in political cycles can be likened to a dying horse having its last kicks
    Wishing you well at the time when KBF is challenging ECL for 2021

  58. Well… like some of you have already cried foul… at the end of the day there is no political party in Zambia with real substance. We are dealing with people who call themselves as leaders and they belong to political parties that were founded by certain individuals. The same political parties are not underpinned by any ideological ideas that can at least inform and help translate the political climate of Zambia for ordinary people like you and me to understand and enjoy all facets of our lives!!!! what you have are people like GBM trotting from one political party to another in the name of right of belonging to a party..At least UNIP was a real party that had a mission with a clear political ideology underpinned by its manifestos, values and transparency. Lets not waste time with…

  59. When one resigns as a member from a party, should this be news for the public. I dont get this

  60. Look like the there was , or will be a funeral in one party and someone has been promised UKUMPIANA. Agon is that someone moves on before u die…..hashana hahaha

  61. You still recall the economically calamitous Lusaka -Ndola Dual carriageway, initially estimated to cost $500m? Well, Jameson Mutaware aka Malawan Lungu announced that the road will now cost $1.2 billion, making it the most expensive road project in the world. Now listen to this and learn: “Malaysia Premier Mohamed Mahathir was quick to postpone work on the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) when he took office. He was unhappy with the vast amount of money his predecessor, Najib Razak, had committed the country to borrowing. Now, the deal has been renegotiated. Malaysia will avoid paying the RM21.78 billion (US$5.3 billion) termination fee. The first two phases of the railway will now cost RM44 billion (US$10.7 billion), down from RM65 billion (US$15.8 billion).
    If we chucked out Lungu, we can…

  62. If we chucked out Lungu, we can also renegotiate the calamitous US$1.2 billion full of satanic kickbacks for stinking Lungu. Go to this like and see for yourself:

  63. Upnd too much tribalism if they can change their mentality can form government. No tribe is special in Zambia and no politician/party can win in Zambia if he /she focuses on tribal lines

Comments are closed.

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