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Tribute to Dr. Manasseh Phiri

Columns Tribute to Dr. Manasseh Phiri

Manasseh, The Other Phiri Boy in Angel’s Booth

By Field Ruwe

Manasseh of great intellect
A great soul of matchless courage
He spoke more persuasively than ten thousand tongues
He spoke unspeakable words for the good of man
In humbler ways he went forth to fight a good fight
So when his glorious task was done
It was not of his fame we thought:
But of the pride with which he fought for all
“Hear Ye, Hear Ye!” he would yell
“Come gather, hear me speak”
“I’ve words you need to hear”
“Keep healthy, keep alive”
“That’s it for today”
“Until next time, goodbye”
The cadence of his farewell wafts in our souls
From the Angel’s booth he now speaks

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  1. Thanks for you life sharing with us. For those spent time in Luanshya in tbe 80s and 90s we remember him as our doctor at Roan Hospital-ZCCM, Roan united team doctor thereafter Znbc director general etc.
    So glad had a lasting share of your life Dr Manaseh Phiri.

    shalom shalom to the living Zambian.

  2. @Felix

    You forgot about us in Kitwe’s Wusakile and Nkana mine hospitals.
    The guy was so humble and wonderful with the way he treated his patients.
    His masterly and use of the Queen’s language was unmatched which made us think he was BEMBA.
    Go well cousin.

  3. Some people are born great,others hire public relations officers.Manaseh Phiri was a great man.He fought a good fight and we can emulate his efforts for a healthy Zambia.Rest in peace great one,great doc.

  4. Manasseh! You are one irreplaceable great man. So genuine, so humble, so loving, so giving, so intelligent. What a great man. Rest in peace my friend.

  5. When this passing time comes and all is done, when the sun has sank with its radiance to its destination, then fully know, how much we cherish the departed. Dr Manasseh Phiri was dressed in his own unique, plain, humble, authentic character, marching his deeds. Recollections of his youthful life of intellect, genius and hard working in Luanshya, Kitwe, Lusaka as a medical doctor is only but a glimpse of his hidden life in the Saviour’s love, not till then how much we know those that become the Lord’s instruments in His work.
    RIP Dr Phiri.

  6. RIP Dr.,

    You always wore a smile and touched many. You will live on through your children, that you raised well, and your work, which touched many people in this country.

  7. i recall Dr Phiri as an immpeccably dressed, well groomed man who anchored the news on ZBC in such articulate manner you never would want to miss his newscasts. Obviously his immense talents and compassion were limitless. One can only hope that he did enough to inspire a new generation of Mannasehs to continue his work. We will miss you Dr phiri. The nation has lost an Iconic figure!

  8. The old icons,slowly going.
    Closing the history of those born in the yester years
    Who embraced the radio with love of a mother
    And Manasseh and Mateo like blood brothers made us so believe.
    Zamrock came you gave it to us
    and let us go into comparisons.
    Keith Mlehvu,Rikki Ililonga,The WITCH,Motsi-o-tunya,Tinkles and the all lot.
    It was you the gifted,gave fair air play
    Not a penny put in your pocket from them
    But sacrificed so much for the struggling musicians.
    I don’t want to call you by the new borrowed title -DOCTOR PHIRI
    Forever,I will remember you as the Phiri brothers.
    The GURUS of ZAMBIA’S entertainment.

  9. Bon voyage my mentor, my doctor and my very wise counselor Doctor Manaseh Phiri. You were a very rare gift indeed. Your now join your former secretary in my eldest sister in the angels booth. May your soul rest in peace till we meet again doc.

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