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UPND’s Sponsored Prime TV show in local languages to explain GBM suspension

Videos and Audios UPND's Sponsored Prime TV show in local languages to explain GBM...


  1. Fantastic program. Feels Zambian. Levy Ngoma got cool Nyanja or whatever language they are speaking. Who gonna explain in Bemba, can’t wait for Lozi explained!!
    This is cool….
    GBM should also do his press thing in Bemba.

  2. This Chanda guy was the wrong chap to do this program. Very uncoordinated. Luckily I listened to Ngoma though his nyanja was too deep.

  3. Imwe bantu, all those insults by GBM, the suspensions of senior officers by junior officers, the call for discipline by Liswamiso, the statements by Katuka, all of them came after some event that trib.al upnd would like us not to notice.
    Just before all the current happenings, you will recall that Trib.al Hacks and GBV held a media briefing at which both spoke. GBV referred to Lungu as President Lungu, and that is not in line with standard trib.al upnd rules set by Trib.al Hacks. I could see immediately that something was brewing. I am not surprised at what is happening now. It was all stage managed. I would not even be surprised if something else before GBV holds his media briefing tomorrow.

  4. …by the way, trib.als, I am not bought by anyone, I have enough money, from my hard sweat, and its all clean sweet money, nothing from fraud, bribes, privatisation tricks, black mountain or any such like unsustainable or political suicide stupiodity. I am fully aware that sooner or later, everybody pays for their sins no matter how clever they think they are at the moment they engage in crime. Examples abound in Africa and elsewhere..
    . Kikikiki…sorry thieves, that is a fact.

    • You guys who are suggesting such can you please tell people how much HH paid GBM to join Upnd. I remember the praises people heaped on GBM and how each insult he heaped on the president was welcomed by you people. GBM has made a decision please respect it just as you respected his decision to join the Upnd. I’m sure if Kaiser Zulu joined Upnd today all his evil would be washed clean. I hope you won’t now rubbish his qualifications.

  5. He is nothing but a wife battering thug who even once assaulted his own father. GBM, or “Genetically Modified Mambala” can return to PF, that’s where his obesity and fervent tribal bigotry count. One too has to doubt HH’s judgement, did he really think taking a fat baboon out if the jungle of NaBwalya humanized it???

  6. I wonder when the day will come when we’ll have real principled politicians with a passion for nation building – not these clearly selfish uncouth crazy fellows with mouths as foul as a village tramp. That is not a chap I can ever call my leader – even at gun point,I just can’t accept such.

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