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President Lungu appoints PF cadre Jada as Zambia’s Deputy envoy to Saudi Arabia

Headlines President Lungu appoints PF cadre Jada as Zambia’s Deputy envoy to Saudi...

Huzaifa Jada with a fellow PF cadre pose for a photo near the presidential challenger plane.
Huzaifa Jada with a fellow PF cadre pose for a photo near the presidential challenger plane Chopper

Well known PF cadre and Kafue Businessman Huzaifa Jada has been appointed as Deputy Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Saudi Arabia.

Jada confirmed his appointment as Deputy Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in a brief statement to the media.

He was seen off by his fellow PF youths at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Monday.

“I have arrived safely in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to take up my posting as Deputy Ambassador at the Zambian Mission. My Regards to you all back home. Wishing you good health and prosperity,” Jada stated.

Jada is an ardent supporter and youth leader of the ruling PF who campaigned heavily for President Lungu.

He was a common feature at PF rallies in 2011, 2015 and 2016 elections.

Zambia reopened its Embassy in Saudi Arabia in 2013 after it was closed for many years.

Huzaifa Jada at one of the PF campaign rallies
Huzaifa Jada at one of the PF campaign rallies

Huzaifa Jada addressing one of the PF campaign rallies
Huzaifa Jada addressing one of the PF campaign rallies

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    • You chaps think foreign missions are places for cadres…I mean what’s this guy going to do there as a deputy? working part time whilst running his business Unless it’s got the same usual corruption connection with crude oil…
      This moron LAZY LUNGU has distroyed everything

    • I think Jay Jay you are ignorant on this issue. Why do you think America changes ambassadors whenever there is change in government. I know that you always look for opportunity to criticize but sometimes weigh up your criticism.

    • As it should be. He belongs with his fellow “sand niggaz” after all. They will treat him better than say an “Emmanuel Mwamba”.

    • Kabu – Most US ambassadors are career Foreign Service Officers (career diplomat – CD)…yes there are Presidential political appointees but for the right reasons specific to policy …I mean what PF policy is this man going to promote apart from corruption; what is Father Bwalya doing in Australia …let’s be serious!!

    • Lungu is paying through blood of Zambians to the money laundering fundamentalists that funded his election to the seat of authority. Rupiah Banda gave road contracts and army uniforms to Muslim along with Mosque in residential area where on Friday it is almost impossible to pass through Enock Kavu Road; Lungu gave contracts of ambulances, fire trucks and zesco favours in exchange for kickbacks.

      Huzaifa is a front of Islamisation of Zambia by Wahhabi money (read Suadi and Pakistani indoctrination).

      Zambia is doomed under Lungu

    • @Sri Lanka, Zambia is indeed doomed with Lungu’s appeasement of Islamists with his pockets filled with petro dollars.

      HH is the only way forward.

    • These Muslims have been here for over a century. I remember my great grandfather speaking with much pride about his close friend Abdu from the 1920s. They are part and parcel of our society. And we have lived peacefully together for decades.

      There is no such thing as Islamisation. It is a concept created by the west to deter Arabs from progressing around the world. Just as they search for ways to deter Chinese progress in the world.

    • @WeAreSlavesOfTheWest. You have know idea what you’re talking about, and probably so your grandfather too. I’m not you insulting you or him. Please bear with me I’m only trying to make a point. I debated with a Muslim once over his remarks that he is as Zambian as I’m. There is no bigger insult to me than any indigenous thinking Zambians of Arab origin are my equals, especially those whose ancestors came before 1930, because my grandparents fought them for they were enslaving us. Yes, all Arabs who came before that time came as Slave traders not trinket dealers as you have been lied to. My forefathers fought them, my former village still holds guns they got after they had captured my grandfather’s sister and 2 brothers, in 1921. His siblings weren’t recovered but they did kill those…

    • cont’d.. His siblings weren’t recovered but they did kill those 3 Arabs who wreaked havoc in my village and villages nearby. If you say that’s a long time ago and the whites did the same, you’re right but the whites in parts acknowledged the wrong they did, and them Arabs still haven’t.
      Do you have any idea why English was chosen over Swahili as an official language in Zambia? Why first sitting of parliament spent 8 months debating something as like this? Ofcourse not, because you simply don’t know your history, or maybe you’re just lucky that you come from a province other than the current provinces of Eastern, Northern, Muchinga, Central and partly Lusaka. Pan-Africanists favoured Swahili a language that is closely related to most Zambian languages and doesn’t belong to any…

    • cont’d.. and doesn’t belong to any specific tribe or group (freedom fighters were Pan-Africanists). They also had the view that by adopting Swahili Zambia would take part in the goal of African Unity and would replace a language – English that was a product of colonialism. Those who didn’t want it describe its roots with Zanzibari slave traders who an idea of the havoc the Arabs wreaked in Eastern, Central and Northern parts of Zambia until the British had put a stop to those activities, or so. That’s how Swahili was relegated to the back and chosen as an alternative official language which today has been forgotten to the extent that it’s not even taught in schools, largely because of French. We call people from the Indian Sub-continent ‘Mwenye’, what about Arabs? Wonder why we…

    • Please when you are debating online have some structure, paragraphs…don’t just post just one paragraph of mumbo jumbo like kaponyas fighting at Kalima Tower bus station.

  1. Now come ba LT. That is not a presidential jet but a chopper or helicopter as you say it. Congrats to Jada since he will dealing with fellow arabs.

  2. This is good really to Jada. Thanks Mr President. There is nothing like race here. Jada identified himself very well with PF and the guy was everywhere kateka was. my plea with the deputy ambassador plz negotiate for cheap source of diesel……. !!!!!

    • Negotiate what? the price of crude is standard and its your middlemen and proxy companies you should be concerned about…if he even negotiated that all that markup would end by in LAZY LUNGU’s pockets

    • @Jay Jay

      CD does not stand for Career Diplomat but Corps Diplomatique. (Diplomatic Corp) And true most Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors world wide tend to be cadres of sort


  4. I do not know this Jada but I hope he has what it takes to make a difference for Zambia to benefit from his posting. By the way the recipient countries are not dumb to not note the credentials of whom ever Zambia posts and that determines the value and level of interaction they will have with the representation.

  5. Kindly please correct and guide me if am wrong but I really want to know do we need cadres in foreign lands Or career Diplomats,to be real an eondering what report a cadre shall present to the country,but as stated kindly advise but I feel I need guidance on this.

  6. JAy Jay do think that Lungu can send you who doesn’t read the PF manifesto nor understand the PF governance?

  7. Ba Karibaman, to be a diplomat, you need to be a qualified career diplomat not a party cadre, you do not represent a party but a country with diverse humanity. Bu cadre Como namapwetete.

    • Tell him…people lack commonsense now…go and ask VJ he was a career diplomat, civil servant you would never hear VJ bootlicking KK when abroad!!

  8. In other clever countries like China they send very clever people to their diplomatic missions, in Zambia we send cadres.

  9. @Jay Jay, am sure you do not know how the Zambian government system runs, every diplomat under goes training at NIPA before taking up the appointment and security clearance from the country of operations. I strongly believe it is you who does not understand the role of career diplomats.

    • Going to NIPA is just a formality …..who has ever been rejected after being appointed? Any empty tin can do it Father Bwalya did it ..its not like its a driving test, you talk up Zambian system as if its ironclad …have you seen the Kaponyas in embassies

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