A 42-year-old woman of Chifunabuli district in Luapula Province has appeared in the Samfya Magistrates Court for allegedly defiling her 14-year-old nephew who was under her custody.

The victim told Magistrate Fabian Likulunga that her aunt repeatedly defiled him on different occasions as her husband did not satisfy her sexually.
He said that his aunt took him in on account of taking care of him but started abusing him sexually.

The accused Doreen Kangwa of Bombawamenshi village in Senior Chief Mwewa’s area in Chifunabuli district is facing one count of defilement contrary to section 138 (1) of the penal code cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.
It is alleged that on dates unknown but between September and November 2018, on three different occasions had unlawful carnal knowledge of a boy who is under the age of 16.

The boy narrated how his aunt abused him sexually by undressing herself and asking him to perform sexual acts on her.
He said that he was threatened with death if he ever revealed to anyone about the sexual abuse.
The boy narrated that on one occasion his aunt abused him until his foreskin peeled off forcing him to alert his biological parents.

Upon disclosing he was taken to Lubwe Mission Hospital where he was treated while the police arrested his aunt.
Magistrate Likulunga has adjourned the matter to May 6 for continuation of trial.

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  1. there a lot of men who were going to perform that role but opted for a small boy. kali testa iyabakulu.


    • Which men? The majority of Zambian men are drunkards dreaming of the English Premier league


  2. Really? There is no case here for a simple reason. was the boy aroused? yes. is erection a matter of psychic? yes. Thank you! Supposing the partner was also 14, what does the law say? the boy is guilty. So, whether the boy is 14, but performed as a man, the woman not guilty. That is the law for you? if the boy was given money and not threatened, would have kept quiet. The next thing auntie pregnant!!!! akana kaume no small small now,!!


  3. Clearly , the boy was not beeing coerced to perform! He was party to the scheme, and at 14 knew right from wrong.If he has biological parents what was the reason for moving in with Auntie? They just got caught and he panicked for an excuse! Poor auntie is exposed now.



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