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The National Dialogue process is a mere academic excise with a predetermined outcome-Kambwili

Headlines The National Dialogue process is a mere academic excise with a predetermined...

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili
NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party’s Chishimba Kambwili said that the ongoing National Dialogue Forum is a has an outcome is predetermined and his party will not part it.

Speaking in a radio interview Mr Kambwili said that that the dialogue process is a mere academic excise adding that the NDC will not be part of a flawed process, adding that the constitutional making process is not genuine.

Mr Kambwili said Zambia that is a democratic country adding that citizens should not be allowed to participate in forums whose outcome is predetermined.

He said Government did not consult stakeholders in drafting the National Dialogue Bill and emphasised that the National Dialogue Bill is a predetermined law.

Meanwhile, Chief Chitoshi of Lunte District in Northern Province has appealed to delegates taking part in the National Dialogue Forum to put aside their political differences and focus on addressing the aspirations of the people.

The traditional leader media in an interview yesterday morning that the forum is an important gathering that requires participants to be objective and sober minded in their deliberations.

He noted that the meeting provides an opportunity for the country to address contentious issues patterning to governance and peace-building.

Chief Chitoshi said all those taking part in the forum must prioritise national interests in order to have outcomes that will protect the country’s future.

He has since castigated individuals and organizations who are against the national dialogue forum, describing their actions as selfish and detrimental.

The traditional leadership in Northern Province is being represented at the forum by Chief Kaputa.

And the Patriotic Front (PF) in Northern Province has expressed hope that the national dialogue forum will yield positive results.

PF Provincial Chairperson Chungu Bwalya said the ruling party is optimistic that matters such as the public order act, political party bill, constitutional review and electoral laws will be adequately addressed.

President Edgar Lungu is expected to grace the 10-day forum taking place at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

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    • Hello CK
      Eeeh! What e doesze the eeh hihi word academic mean? LPM would ask.
      Guess what? You will be compelled to live with the outcome whether you participate or not.
      This thing is going on. Its good that you and other overzealous characters are not participating because progressive goons like you are doomsayers.
      If chiefs can attend, who is CK and his minions?
      Enemies of progress.

  1. Another bullsh*t way to get PF elected no matter what, we have serious financial problems in the country and spending money on a predetermined dialogue for ten days, even the UN general assembly doesn’t sit for this long

  2. Kambwili your colleagues in Upnd have allowed members who wish to attend to do so. Keep your warped opinion to your warped brain.

  3. CK is right. An exercise without blessing of the church and its people is bound to flop. Waste of resources. It is surely predetermined and those in attendance will realise too late and held responsible for the confusion that will erupt

  4. Chimbwili says what? Whatever, consider it trib.al bullsh1t and ignore.
    When the amended constitution is passed both Chimbwili and Trib.al Hacks will live and abide by the same rules, whether they participated in the Forum or not. Otherwise on what basis are they gonna petition the next election in 2021?

    Surprisingly, despite Trib.al Hacks opposing the Forum, some of his MPs are attending. Not that they are allowed by their party but because they are principled and the trib.al party cannot afford to lose them despite them actually defying ka underfive, for that is what it is.
    The trib.al upnd is not as united as it is made to look. Remember U5 trib.al called for protests? Who has obeyed him? Not even his strongholds or his wife and children,… nor even himself…

  5. Very poorly written story with a lot of misplaced words in sentences. Such low caliber journalism this is. Terrible to read this article

  6. Its better to try to change flawed laws than absconding all together and later wish you had attended. Who knows, maybe the frum will be such a success.

  7. Shut up naiwe Chimbwili, amano kwati ni trib.al.
    It is the same law that you and Trib.al Hacks will use to petition the elections in August 2021. So why not join and influence the law for your sure loss in 2021 rather than regret 2 years from now, we cipuba we, bushe uyo Trib.al Hacks ecipuba winga konkelesha?

  8. Kambwili just concentrate on being used by HH .you also be sidelined eventually and will hear more insults coming from your dirty mouth

  9. I get shocked when people say KAMBWILI ALALANDA KA EDGAR KUMBI KUMBI FYE. WACUMFWA IFYO CACILANDA? EBAUME. I feel sorry for Zambia. Edgar may not be good for you but to base your endorsement on platform utterances is sending Zambia even to worse levels.

  10. How I wish this dialogue can even call for more controversial amendments to make the big headed guys cry more like babies. Their presence was surely needed to articulate issues and bring out outstanding issues according to their understanding. Shying away and just making noise outside will not help develop this country. These guys are just like dogs that bark at everything they see. Get in there and tell the nation that this is what you want changed and make us understand.

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