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Police Officer shots himself dead with an AK 47 rifle

General News Police Officer shots himself dead with an AK 47 rifle

Zambia Police

A 34-year old Police Officer of Namwala Police Station in Southern Province has committed suicide.

Zambia Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said Constable Elzier Lubinda shot himself with an AK 47 rifle and died on the spot.

Mr. Hamoonga said the officer shot himself through the chin and the bullet came out through the right eye in the incident which occurred around 01 30 hours at Namwala Police inquiries office.

He said Constable Lubinda was found lying down facing upwards with the firearm on his chest and Police have since opened up an inquiry in the matter.

The incident comes barely a week after another police officer Jackson Mwanza committed suicide in Lusaka after he killed two people and wounded two others.

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  1. If it is at 01:30 in morning then it’s an accident.
    He was doing off leaning his chin on gun.
    My cousin use to do same, bad habbit, is a Para in Ndola, and used to guide at Stabic bank for yeaaaars, maybe he still there, with his chin on the gun.

    • I always have a chill through my spine when I see some of these policemen carrying an AK 47 very carelessly.

    • @jayjay
      What is your problem today ai??
      Don’t you understand that the economy in your mother’s country is bad to worse and people are desperate to hopeless by the day, good reason to take one’s life with an AK 47 to make a statement to your good friend lungu

    • Shame RIP. In Europe few Police Officers walk in the streets with Guns, They have any other weapons but.

      Is this a solution in Zambia?


    • @Jay Jay, kikikikikiki this guy amaze me. how can @Ndobo be dull… even ladies will laugh at you. Iwe fyonse fye ku ngwinta, who told you that Kanganja officers take weapons home like your lazy State house advisers? I cant drink with those guys anymore, I know they are harmed.
      imagine going to work in dark at 1am? The late Lozi officer was hard working despite late salaries.

    • Consider increasing the age at which policemen should be allowed to carry guns. Otherwise this will be a weekly occurrence

    • This spirit of Police Officers taking their own lives is moving like a whirlwind. Can someone urgently command the police to have a Psychologist/Counselor at each Regional Command in the country. May the Police command quickly go to UNZA Psychology Department and identify kids who graduated with Upper merit -Distinction in Psychology/psychiatry and take them to LiLayi for 6 months to do Chilayilayi after which they should be posted at Regional Provincial Commands. The Officers are killing themselves because of lack of professionalism in the discharge and administration of police duties by their command/HQ. Add to this the current terrible socioeconomic situation which is creating a confusing atmosphere

  2. Religious minister my prayer request is that COPS should refrain from shooting themselves. this is a bad spirit hovering over Zambia police.

  3. Too bad Police officers are abusing the guns. condolences to the family and the nation. Police is now a service not a force. Disarm all police officers. Leave arms to the armed forces.

    • They shouldn’t be taking firearms home…they used to drop them off at their stations nowadays nobody even knows where they are after the report in!!

  4. In this era no one should be allowed to carry such automatic machine guns in public, unless in war zones. A simple teaser gun and shamboko on the hip is enough for our police officers, we still haven’t learned from what happened when that cop in mtendere lost it and killed innocent souls, or haven’t we learnt anything from the new Zealand shootings, a semi automatic gun in chainama hands is deadly even for the innocent.

    • If your President was not selfish and greedy he would have upgraded our officers guns to a more lightener side pistol like a Glock 9mm pistol with just $2million but the moron decided to procure a 10 seater $80 million Jet to fly with his fellow crooks!!

  5. I strongly recommend that guns are withdrawn from Zambia Police.They have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are are not competent to handle them.Only fully trained rapid response teams need to be armed. How do you explain a cop with a fully loaded AK47 ( and maybe with an extra loaded magazine) walking the streets and possibly taking the weapons home? I even wonder whether there is an inventory taken after shift especially after their “riot control” exercises!

    • I am equally wondering what highest grade the LT editor reached. I am not bothered about an idiioot killing himself or hanging himself with the rope that he is given to rescue others. Kutumpa kwakwe.

    • At least this one is believable ..not like Mwanza in Chainama last week who commited suicide yet his gun shot wound is in the chest!!

  6. fire area are supposed to be handled by Army, Para-military and special forces only and NOT these Police officers with no experience at all to handle such deadly weapons simple. Just what’s happened to those so-called “short buttons” and other simple weapons like MALEGENI; just to scare away would be law breakers?

    • @jay jay YOU ARE A BORE.

    • Veteran miner- everyone here can tell that you are in the Police Force nothing to do with mine from the way you are using caps thinking this is a Police A4 statement form you charge people!!

  7. If it is suicide then too bad. If it’s an accident then it echoes complaints I have made many times over poor gun safety by most regular police officers.

  8. If you kill yourself, its Suicide
    If you kill your mother, it’s matricide
    If you kill your father, it’s patricide.
    If you kill your Mother-in-law, it’s pesticide.

  9. You people with foreign flags don’t think these things don’t happen in the USA. Mind news these days is faster than light. We read daily how cops either shoot innocent bystanders or themselves. Unfortunate as this may be, don’t use it to disparage your mother country.

  10. Even in their poorly written english the editors are clear about the place where the officer might have shot humself from. It was not at church, not at a bar and it was certainly not at home. It was not in a public place either. Please people read before you comment.

  11. Financial stress triggers psychological emotional creating hostile environment in homes and love-affair situation. For instance Mwanza may have spent colossal sum of money to sponsor that girl. The girl became a gold digger and prostitute(sorry NGOCC forgive for using this language). The officers joined Zambia Police were the salaries are extremely low ranging from $116.00 to $193.00 per month. No promotional unless you are an Easterner or Muchinga,Northern,little bit North-Western or former cadre ,mistreatment by superiors,high cost of living,favouritism openly,tough job of helping rig election,beating and arresting opposition and finally carrying AK 47 and cell phone without units

  12. It’s strange how in Zambia people make assumptions about incidents which haven’t even been investigated properly yet !!! There’s also lack of empathy and respect for the dead and the bereaved . I personally would not ridicule anyone taking their own life as I feel that its not for me to judge and to make assumptions about reasons why people commit suicide . I would suggest that as a nation you should focus on suicide awareness ,prevention and counselling as you seem to have many suicides. What happened to the so called Christian country? Do you have to laugh at such a serious issue ? What happens if your own loved one commits suicide ? Put yourselves in this family’s shoes !!

  13. in Zambia that’s why you can’t solve even the simplest of cases/crimes.
    how the h ell can you sit there and conclude that he committed suicide? too lazy to carry out investigations
    what if someone did in fact shot him through his chin ( to make it appear like he shot himself)
    they just want to sit on their fat behinds and do nothing. the only thing they know is arresting those protesting on the streets. they are all a mediocre butch

  14. If you go to other countries, you don’t routinely see police with AK47s everywhere! Most armed police officers in those countries carry concealed Pistols, some in plain clothes! Does the brandishing of AK47s by our police make us any safer? Probably not! Way forward is withdraw all AK47s and subject all officers carrying guns to mental assessment as a proactive measure to protect the public from potential crossfire from mentally unstable Killer Cops!

    • That’s the way we’ve lived. From the colonial days our white policemen or bwana kapaso always carried heavy guns. The differences I see are that those days policemen had to go to the parade ground to do pelete or exercises before reporting to the office. 2 Civilians were not allowed to drink at the police clubs and also policemen were not allowed to freely socialize with civilians. Each country has got its way of conducting business.

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