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Second UPND MP withdraws from National Dialogue Forum, 14 UPND MPs decide to remain

Headlines Second UPND MP withdraws from National Dialogue Forum, 14 UPND MPs decide...

The official Opening of the National Dialogue by President Lungu
The official Opening of the National Dialogue by President Lungu

Zambezi East UPND Member of Parliament Brian Kambita has withdrawn his participation from the National Dialogue Forum which officially commenced yesterday.

In his letter addressed to the Chairperson of the National Dialogue Forum, Mr. Kambita said in order not to interfere with anyone’s freedom of expression and conscience relating to the forum said he has decided to withdraw because the forum conflicts with his fundamental rights and freedoms.

He said further, the forum is subordinate to the constitution as provided for under section 4 (1) of the National Dialogue Forum Act.

Mr. Kambita said his conscience does not allow him to continue participating in the process that does not seek to foster genuine dialogue but only to foster partisan interest for a few people.

He said he is ready to participate in genuine dialogue that seeks to bridge the differences among interest groups.

Mr. Kambita said with the prevailing challenges the country is going through he cannot in his good conscience attend and participate in the process that he is certain will not achieve genuine dialogue built on national consensus on critical areas on national concern.

Mr. Kambita becomes the second UPND Member of Parliament to withdraw his participation from the Dialogue Forum after Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo leaving only 14 UPND MPs in attendance.


    • Afraid of been fired by hh, the man decide to leave the meeting stating fake reasons why he decided to leave. Ba Upnd please grow up and provide checks and balances on the government, this childish way of boycotting everything must come to an end. You’re not helping the masses that voted for you, but your hh and your berries. Please stop or just disregister your party because you’re not doing anything honestly speaking. You can’t be boycotting everything kakwaba. You guys have no mind of your own

    • Solid reason.
      Next week should be Prof. Mwanalunshi withdrawing basing on same reason of consciousness.
      Remember Church Mother Board chairman, Reverend of UCZ, he withdrew from the thing.

    • The only big problem this country has is to have *****s expressing sincere ignorance in public. If this idiocy is any good for this country, why should you begin with infringing on people’s rights not to or to participate? Why should you compel people and not leave it to their choice?

    • You can change laws to suit yourselves but when its time to go, its time to go.
      KK manipulated constitution to suit himself whereby he even stood elections against a frog & won a landslide in 1988. But in 1989 pipo revolted & he was booted out in 1991.
      You can give Lungu the illegal 3rd term, change term of office to 7 loong years & bar HH from standing but when wind of change comes, its time to vaya to prison.

    • Conscience and honesty are non existent and the best solution would have been to the Commonwealth countries group and seek their services to help pen and review the Zambian constitution. All political parties are for serving self interests only a neutral arbiter can provide some semblance of fairness to what Zambians long for!

  1. No problem if trib.als don’t want to participate. It’s probably better than trib.als sitting there to make noise for others or disrupt smooth proceedings. I hope that the Chair has been given enough powers to throw out trib.al disrupters…. kikikikiki …. withdraw :honourable, you are most welcome to exercise your demicratic rights which you have been denied in trib.al upnd by Trib.al Hacks.

  2. UPND MPs would have not been involved in this National Dialogue Forum.From the onset UPND were not interested of participating in this conference I wondered how UPND MPs changed their mind.

  3. I think we need not put too much condemnation. Democratic rights must be respected. Only hope that the remaining deligates will put in their all and see the process to its end. They are our hrroes and our hope and prayers are in them.

  4. This group of people, known as UPND, is a collective of obstructive individuals that are retrogressive and aim to delay any form of advancement of people in Zambia. Time and again, whenever they have been invited to make meaningful contribution to the constitutional process, they become obstructive. BAN THIS GROUP.

    How extraordinary that an MP representative of his constituents, uses the Human Rights Act not to do his duty to them! The plot of UPND, is to prevent any constitutional changes until they are in power (which is never) because they hope they use our Constitution to bring separatist/tribal agenda.

    • We should not have such short memories. Isn’t the same PF that stopped its MPs from participating in the failed NCC? What happened to the PF MPs who disobeyed their party leader? HH and UPND have not stopped their members from participating in the NDF.They are withdrawing on their own and some decided not to go there on their own.

  5. Just half a day and you say the process is partisan. My take is because the forum was opened by your enemy called Edgar Lungu.

  6. This UPND MP is a dandehead who suffers from acute inferiority complex just like HH because what the current dialogue is doing is part of the constitution due to being an ACT of parliament. This is typical of the UPND who are into group think mentality because he’s not ready the constitution and yet in UPND they fear the Supreme leader HH more than they fear death…How shocking these UPND sycophants and zealots and enemies of progress….

    • Hope they won’t cry in future. The guys were more ready to participate in a dialogue that was not backed by any law. By participating you’re going to able to expose the flaws of this forum. Or is it that either hatchet men Katuka and Kakoma banahanjika something in your ear?

  7. Its really sad that there even people who support this UPND club. The dialogue process will go on with or without HH and his dunderheads and when the proceedings become law, no one should complain. Ba GBM, you did a great thing to escape the dark forces possessed by HH.

  8. Majority Zambians are lukewarm about whatever is going on there. It’s better akasaka ka ndalama is shared by all starving Zambians. As others are saying, the move is already predetermined as can be seen from the facial expressions of most Pf members.


  10. Actually to say the truth I was very happy when I heard that trib.als will not attend the Dialogue Forum. You can imagine my disappointment when the opposite happened, now I could imagine attention seeking trib.als, I could see disruptions to proceedings by trib.als etc etc trib.al etc.
    I mean Zambia is so much better off without trib.als.

    • If you can’t stand them and you feel you are better off without them goggle : the Velvet revolution and the Velvet divorce in the former Czechoslovakia.

  11. UPND MPs need to realize they represent the whole Zambia now, not their non constitutional office holding leader HH. This is a disservice to they people of the greater country. If it is a contitutionl forumn, you as elected MPs have to be there for voices of reason.

  12. We gave you a job and you don’t want to save the people. If someone does contrary needs to be fired. Please fire such people or suspend the party. Osatitekanfine. We need progress

  13. I have observed something about polititians. Even if they never want to be part of these imporant pocesses, they become direct beneficiaries of their outcomes. Example in offing is the petitions by UPND of the 2016 elections, do you know that they were quoting from the amended laws of 2015 even if they did not want to be part of it? CK was using the portions of the amended constitution to remain in power even if he had ‘ crossed the floor. Remember also what happened to when PF was in oposition and they were shaning these processes and yet used the outcomes to challenge MMD.

  14. The demon double h is possessed with is irresitable. All MPs bow down to it. The demon appeared to Garry and the other MP so they had no option but pull out. Even the others are having sleepless nights bcoz of the demon.

  15. HH infringes on the UPND MPs and members rights, he has imposed himself on them without a national convention. Do they complain?, oh no they don’t, because HH has them in his palms. They are the continental *****S and FOOLS. What they support is tribe and not constructive and progressive ideas, demonic people are always shallow in their analysis of issues and are held under captivity KUPUSA. Whoever challenges demonic HH is maligned and attacked, we know what is happening in upnd.

  16. These up and down guys fear one guy at the expense of us the people who voted for them.Mr Kambita u have made a mistake my bro.

  17. Those attending are just after allowance and not on moral ground. Most UPND Mps especially from Southern province are deceivers! they are not interested in the party winning the presidence but in retaining their seats knowing that they come from strong hold and they will do every possible to break any alliance fearing to competent with other party in fielding candidates. Wake up UPND members the mps are not consistent with their morals. They make more money by being in opposition or in losing elections.

  18. Actually everyone was supposed to leave and allows the planning failures attend it alone
    Because even after agreeing what they will do its contrary

  19. The problem with the Politicians is that they’re too selfish and greed instead of working together for the better of our loved Zambia,they want to be President, a good lead shares ideas and knowledge for the better of the Zambian people. It is then where the people we tell if you’re a good leader or not good leaders work together no matter the difference they have

  20. If you read between the lines, you cant really condemn people who are withdrawing from participation. As Mbwili said the outcome is already predetermined and that is what is watering down the whole process.The biggest problem is that wherever there is a PF hand expect a hidden agenda.That is what is causing suspicion among the general citizenry.

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