Mbala District Commissioner, Kedrick Sikombe says President Edgar Lungu’s administration is committed to the elimination of malaria by 2021.

Mr Sikombe says malaria can easily be eliminated if members of the community are involved.

He was speaking during the World Malaria Day Celebration under theme “End Malaria Start with Me” held at Masamba market in Sub chief Lwimbo’s areas in Mbala today.

Mr Sikombe said community members play an important role in the implementation of government programmes hence their involvement.

The DC however said there is need to sensitize people on the benefits of the Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) programme in the district.

And Sub Chief Lwimbo has advised his subjects to always sleep under Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs).

The traditional Leader added that there is need to reduce the malaria incidence by 100 percent by the end of 2021 and accelerate vector control interventions which are IRS and distribution of ITNs.

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  1. PF is full of illiterate leaders…….

    Malaria can only be reduced , not eliminated , unless we have mosquito nets across the boaders to stop mosquitoes comming in …..


  2. Ba Spaka sometimes its good to keep quiet than to comment on things you don`t understand. Elimination means zero locally acquired malaria infection.This can be either within the Districts, Provinces, nationally, Regionally, continental or globally. if there is no infection globally, its not elimination, its eradication. Then reducing the burden of the disease to a level where it`s no longer a public health problem, it`s Control. So, malaria can be eliminated in any contextual application using the said strategies i.e IRS, ITNs, Adequate and efficient treatment, environment cleanliness and community mobilization and sensitization on the health interventions. So, don`t politicize everything, learn to understand.


    • Sontapo
      Please educate me,i thought malaria in places like Lusaka was eliminated but only came back with PF.Dont misunderstand me i am not trying to politicise things but didnt the previous government ‘s achievements on this score brought back by PF?


    • It’s all talk, you can’t even win with simple cholera and yet you want to use terminology to shine here.


  3. I hope that government will provide all households with nets and sprays !! It’s all talk and less action in a country full several other communicable diseases. Most Zambians are lacking in the most basic needs such as food, so how are they expected to prioritize malaria eradication when they can’t feed themselves? Dream on and keep on evacuating to India and South Africa .


  4. Plonk! We are now right in the middle of the supernatural, daring the Gods, nature and all with sheer incompetence and wishful thinking! All for the sake of a vote. So you think people will actually be fooled that Malaria will be done and you deserve a vote. Awe kwena elo lwanya.



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