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Sakwiba Sikota’s Prayer on the on going National Dialogue

Headlines Sakwiba Sikota's Prayer on the on going National Dialogue

UNITED LIBERAL PARTY President Sakwiba Sikota S.C
UNITED LIBERAL PARTY President Sakwiba Sikota S.C

Which one is your prayer?

All the Churches that mean well for Zambia must pray for the nation. This is so that healing of divisions can take place.

I totally agree with the people who say that Zambian political scene is gravely split and the divisions need to be healed. The split I am concerned with has come about over the issues of the changes to the Constitution, Public Order Act, Electoral Process and Political Parties Bill.

The changes in the Constitution, Public Order Act, Electoral Process and Political Parties Bills are being sought in order to address the following important issues;

  1. The need to provide for sufficient time for the Courts to deal with any post 2021 election petitions.
  2. The need to have an electoral proportional representation system in order to have zebra lists that will make us attain 50% gender representation and to do away with costly bye-elections.
  3. The need to have the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) have greater power to superintend elections.
  4. The need for the Public Order Act to be made more user friendly.

The costs of bye-elections, if done away with, could go towards;

a. building schools and hospitals.
b. funding institutions of higher learning.
c. providing more drugs in our hospitals.
d. Payment of salary arrears
e. many other important needs in our economy.

Better laws regarding public meetings and giving the ECZ greater power to deal with those infringing the electoral code of conduct would lessen the political tension before, during and after elections.

The current split we have in Zambia is between;

(i) The majority who want to attend to the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) to address the costs of bye-elections and redirect these wasted funds towards critical areas like health, education and other needy arrears, and on the other-side a small minority seeking to boycott the NDF because they do not mind the cost of bye-elections and would, instead of using these scarce funds on critical needy areas like education and health, rather this huge bye-election cost continues .

(ii) The majority who want to attend to the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) to address the inordinate gender imbalance in the National Assembly where we constantly have less than twenty percent Members of Parliament being from the female gender and on the other-side the small minority seeking to keep the hurdles that the female gender face. This small minority have no desire to raise female gender participation and representation.

(iii) The majority who want to attend to the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) to address the problems relating to limited freedom of assembly and association which are a source of such great tension and those on the other-side who form a small minority who are seeking to keep the national tensions high by not addressing the shortfalls in the Public Order Act.

The National Dialogue Forum is a seed planted by the Members of Parliament with the intention that it grows into a flourishing Zambian Constitution bearing fruits of greater freedoms under the Public Order Act, greater gender access to political and civil positions and blossoms that redirect expenditure from costly bye-elections to needy social arrears like health and education.

Participants at the NDF are praying that this seed germinates and grows to bear us these good fruits but on the otherside, are those praying whilst making Invocations and deep covenants that the seed is killed even before it grows.

Which one is your prayer?

Sakwiba Sikota S.C

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    • very young then HH won against Sakwiba at UPND convention. So any weapon designed against HH, Sakwiba will pray to use it.
      I pray that that lazy Sakwiba pay back bribes he gets from PF.
      He is showing up because National Dialogue is an opposition against HH’s UPND and the church on his side.

    • Tell us how hh triumphed over saki. What we’ve been told is that hh won based on tribe. No elections were held apart from the decree that only a tonga shall succeed mazoka. Since then there has never been intra party elections in upnd. All the nec have been hand picked by hh.

    • @Sakwiba mine is “… praying that this seed germinates and grows to bear us these good fruits”

      Let’s roll …

    • This is bulldozing and NOT dialogue, PF has already a predetermined outcome of the changes in their favour and are only playing to the gallery. Some of us are not blind

    • Which one is your prayer Bo Sakwiba asks? My friend I don’t pray I face matters head on and tackle the issue not hide behind some phony religious books…my prayer is my word!!

    • @FAKEblogger, patriot abroad, get your own name and publish it your own opinions under it.

      The real patriot abroad.

  1. Already you have MP who boycotted the National Dialogue Forum after few hours of his attendance.
    Others MPs (UPND)never attempted even to set their foot Or attending affiliation process.
    As long as HH and his cohorts keeps losing elections ,division,hatred ,bitterness and malice will not come to an end.

    Will have hundreds of National Dialogue conferences in addition but will be meaningless to HH’s regional supporters and their political party because to them any national dialogue should be linked with HH easiest of going to state house.

    • I feel for this country and the young generation which is so filled with tribal this tribal that. This tribal thing has gotten to your heard that you can’t reason or consider reason for you everything is tribe even the three mother church bodies is tribal and all the NGO is tribal. This tribal insanity is not good for your brains because even at chinama it can’t be cured

    • Not at all remember even PFools mp some year back boycotted to attend NCC in the time of mwanawasa so it tit for tat

  2. My prayer is simple, God should prevail judge those abusing the state resources and laws, eliminate the corrupt and their defenders!

  3. Point no 2 is very important for HH so if he doesn’t attend the forum and press for the increase in time of case hearing, what’s he going to say if the status quo is maintained?

  4. Sakwiba, please its time for healing. it is not time for immaturity and attacking opposition parties. Have you addressed the concerns of the others, yapping wont help. Let us been seen to be building and not being divisive, the ruling party already knows you are on their side, what more attention are you trying to seek?


  6. Sata was brave enough to expel Mp’s who attended the last waste of resources process under Mwanawasa. HH should do the same. Those attending this unconstitutional gig should be made to pay a price.

    • Sata who orchestrated such actions was not seen as an antagonist and tribalist but adored by his cohorts, then left a legacy as the tribalist in chief with statement appointments to service positions in government handed over to Lungu! Only the formidable opponent whom they want to portray in the negative and love to hate out of envy is the only one that can be tribal! Too many hypocrites around that need to cleanse their inner selves busy supporting a foregone tailor made coven termed national dialogue.

  7. I don’t agree on by elections. The money for by elections cannot build hospitals or schools. Infact people benefit more during by elections. It forces the govt to bring some form of development.. opposition and ruling party start paying people for some votes. They won’t see such monies if there are no elections

  8. The Gender issue is nonsensical and should be done away with. Let the best person just the job and not this this gender BS. Can anyone tell me whether the developed nations have attained all their development with a “gender balanced team if gender were so important to development?” Zambia has gone overboard with this gender nonsense. We now have so much incompetent individuals basking under the gender equity BS and retarding development.

  9. Can anyone name one situation where a prayer actually worked? If you can provide me that evidence then I suspect next year we will not see the opposition party angry or being divided as a country right? Wrong. Prayer does not work. If it did we wouldn’t have poverty, corruption and Injustice. Good Solutions to our problems need to be talked over with well meaning competent people. As long as you have a winner and a loser in an election , you will always find a dividing line. Pray or you can, no manna will com from heaven.

  10. That’s why this Zambia will remain behind awez surely being left behind by a once ravaged Country like Rwanda. Coz the so called leaders are self centred, they only think about self preservations not futuristic they can’t even think of how they want Zambia to be in the next generations to come, just full of rhetoric shame. We desperately need visionally leadership in this Country.

  11. This man ‘Sakwiba’ seems to be asking people to pray for division instead of unity. It is easy to say lets pray for unity from both sides and not which is your prayer.

  12. Honourable Sakwiba Sikota S.C., Advocate, President of ULP, rightful President of UPND.
    Sir, my prayer is that in the corrected (sounds better than amended) constitution, all the trib.als who have boycotted NDF must be exempted from enjoying all the good things that will come out of the forum.

  13. I don’t know why the UPND tribalists hate Sakwiba.

    The NDF must go ahead.

    Those who still have their heads buried in dundumwezi BS are in for a nasty shock.

    The NDF Act of 2019 is not hear to joke with anyone.

    Let that 5 time loser temper with those MPs who are attending the NDF if he has balls.

  14. 14 upnd MPs attending the forum? So according to the NDF Act, the rest will no longer be MPs in the next few weeks? They will spend their time in court fighting their self inflicted injury while on suspension from parliament while the courts prepare to confirm that their seats are vacant. Meanwile we shall be enacting the corrected (not amended) Constitution.
    So Zambians, prepare for a massive wave of by elections on a scale never seen before, and in the trib.al strongholds, and with completely new faces as the current ones are barred from contesting. It will be a mini 2021. And don’t give me that trib.al crap about cost of by elections, point the finger at Trib.al Hacks and his trib.als.

  15. ..what will be interesting is to watch the affected MPs rapidly degenerate from trib.al “honourables” to destitution.

  16. Bo Saki SC, another good idea for the Forum is to include a clause which bars a five time loser from contesting the position of “His Excellency of Zambia” and make it retrospective. … ….. ….. kikikikikikikikiki

  17. The best prayer is no prayer at all because Prayer is to some extent wishful thinking! Pragmatism is the best way out! The imperialist strategy lives on in our new African masters who come with the bible and prayer in the left hand and a sword, gun and teargas in their right hand!
    My prayer is that we abolish both the NDF and the noisy one man political parties! Mutilating the constitution aimed at targeting an individual or individuals is what robbed this country the Guy Scott Presidency because of a parentage clause that was inserted to block KK! NDF is bad history repeating itself!

  18. Africans are hopelessly religious! That is the reason why African countries remain backward! Instead of having National Dialogue on the ailing Economy, we are busy with NDF registers!

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