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Idris Elba ties the knot with Sabrina Dhowre in a three-day ceremony in Morocco


Idris Elba and model Sabrina Dhowre have tied the knot in Morocco, after getting engaged in February 2018.

The two exchanged vows on Friday at the Ksar Char Bagh hotel in Marrakesh, according to British Vogue. The Ksar Char Bagh is a small luxury hotel with extensive gardens in the palm grove of Marrakesh.

Idris Elba wore a custom Ozwald Boateng suit while Dhowre wore a classic off-the-shoulder, A-line gown custom-made by Vera Wang.

“The celebrations have been spread out over three days. Friends and family attended a “colours of the Souk” themed dinner the night before the wedding at the Amanjena. On April 27, they will attend an all-white party at the Mandarin Oriental, which will emulate the atmosphere of a festival,” Vogue reports.


    • I like this brother he keeps it real not the buzungu loving coconuts who leave our sisters when they get a few coins in their pockets…he is even supporting his African bro Ozwald Boateng’s clothing label.

    • @Jay Jay 1.4; for once I agree with you. I remember not too long ago someone wrote here that all the black men that are married to white women end up being successful, but actually it’s when they become successful that they marry white women. This not to spite black women but to feel accepted by white men whom they revere so much! And white men are more than just happy to see millionaire blacks marry white women because all that money will benefit their communities while black communities continue being poor.

    • The man is the Hollywood star but British origin .he acted many movies
      He voiced the tiger in jangle book.. his name is proposed to act James Bond 007 . If it goes through , he will be the first black Bond, James Bond

    • Diversity people. It is not just your news that is news. Even Mushota’s news is news. Embrace diversity.

  1. Abena Libala South
    Did the PF tell you that the veep was fuc*ed up with sh*t health
    Did PF tell you they were using your tax money to pay for it.
    Get a life

  2. black women in the Americas are crazy about the brother…sexist man alive? really?
    I’ve nothing against him and the fact that he’s marrying a sister, I give him props
    he was voted (I don’t know who votes … I know it’s not the same people who voted in the sesheke by- elections lol) sexist man alive
    I don’t like it when some people say that we kind of look alike
    I could have asked mushota, but he likes muzunga,(nick) can I get a feedback from my sisters here. my Nubian princess what do you think of the brother, looks alone?

    • Brother has made it in Hollywood. Such success stories are shared to inspire some of our less fortunate citizens. What is wrong with that?

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