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People’s Party President Mike Mike Mulongoti has died

Headlines People's Party President Mike Mike Mulongoti has died

People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti

People’s Party President Mike Mike Mulongoti has died at the University Teaching Hospital.

His death was confirmed Thursday evening by Mr. Mulongoti’s younger brother Joshua.

“My elder brother People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti has died at UTH,” Joshua Mulongoti wrote.

And Mr Mulongoti’s closest Political ally Nason Msoni has described Mr Mulongoti as a patriotic.

Mr Msoni said Mr Mulongoti’s death is shocking.

Mr. Mulongoti was evacuated to South Africa for specialist treatment in January 2019, but was brought back last month.

He was being treated for cancer.

Mr. Mulongoti served as Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Minister of Works and Supply under President Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda.

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  1. Didn’t we tell you people that PF is way up something? Who called him Jonathan?
    GBM is smart he noticed his weight dropping like no other, he went back begging.

    • And them are not dying.
      Every morning I praying to Lord to spare Ba Inonge, she is 20 years younger than KK. But these PF have put her under some hotel rest or arrest. That’s what they did to Mike, Lupando too.
      Why not bring her to her bedroom in Lusaka, then ship her doctor from India?

    • One vote party gone. I Wasn’t his fan but still RIP. He was a political nuisance honestly with zero vision even his family knew it. He was one of the mwibala architect under RB when he served as works and supply minister.

    • I don’t know what sort of affiliation LT has with Mushota to allow her to comment so disgustingly. I argue with BR and all PF cadres on points but this news blog is irresponsible, uncouth and desperate to allow such. Never supported most of Mulongitis thoughts but we all should have a sense of normality. I now believe Mushota is not real. At this rate we should start slowly boycotting and reading this post as they will take action against such vile contributions. Rest in peace m


    • @1.2 Mushota
      Thats the problem these days….people like Mushota spend time on Internet seeking attention….they say and do stupid things just to be talked about…and these are the Mushotas of this world….loners and nonentities and the majority of Internet attention seekers lead very miserable lives if you meet them in person…

      Anyway Rest Well Mr Mulongoti and God bless

    • Mushota is actually fake. That’s Lusaka Times commenting on their own stories. You should all know by now that Mushota is Lusaka Times. Why they commented with such distaste for Mike Mulongoti is anyone’s guess. Anyway, rest in peace Mulongoti and may God be with your family.
      Our difference of opinion does not mean we stop respecting each other as human beings.

    • @Carol this man that is called Mushota is too dull to be Lusaka Times. Mushota is the Dorika of this website.

      RIP Mulongoti condolences to the family.
      Let it be a lesson to other leaders that today lasts for a moment but the future lasts for ever so try to improve things while you have the opportunity for the sake of tomorrow.

  2. The late Mike Mulongoti’s death is a blow to the Zambian citizens. To some people I know its a relief because all what was said is now gone but will be remembered. The exposed secretes have been hidden.

    In an African Context, his death is not an ordinary one. Someone is behind it and he is celebrating with his entire group.

    • Yes.. he said he was going to spell the beans on people using him to say malicious things against the president . He was going to tell and he apologized to the president..rip

    • @Redo maybe it’s just as well Mulongoti didn’t get a chance in your words “to spell the beans on people using him to say malicious things against the President”. For crying out loud, the man was born in 1951. He wasn’t a child. He was an adult capable of taking responsibility for his own actions.

      Unless you tell us that a gun was held to his head? In that case, any wrong doing on his part is absolved.

      Otherwise, May his soul rest in peace.

    • These evacuations are they worth it?As soon as some one comes back we hear
      He passes away.So why not save this
      Money or why can’t our doctors not say
      To government not to evacuate.

    • He had incurable Cancer, what do you think a second evacuation would have accomplished? Keep wasting taxpayers money? All you can do in situations like that is to simply keep the patient as comfortable as possible (probably with pain medication) and let them pass peacefully.

      Here in the U.S, his last days would have, most likely, spent in Hospice Care….which is the rightful place for people in their last days of life dying from incurable Cancer. Unfortunately, facilities of the sort probably don’t exist in Zambia.

      Anyway, go well Mr. Mulongoti. Your presence here on Earth was without value….you did your best. RIP.

    • @4.2 I know of a hospice in Chilanga. We do have such facilities but evacuation is all the rage. RIP Mulongoti.

  3. All hh supporters are going one by one. People who support hh must think twice. Gbm was on line too.

    • I like mushota.. she knows how to play with people s mind. And people are busy respond to her, condmning , insulting… Non of her comments go without a response.. people read what she writes and are always waiting for her comments

  4. His boot licking failed to sustain his life. Sometimes our politicians lose their dignity by appearing to please koswes instead of sticking to your principles. Mhsrip

  5. Go well comrade, we will remember you and the sacrifice you made for your country. Gods plan

  6. Go well comrade. I will never forget the verbal fights you always had with George Mpombo.

  7. Morning Zambians

    Condoloncese to Zambia for the departure Mike Mulongoti Hon.

    Well many are commenting this that.The fact is he has been recalled from his duties on this Earth called Zambia.

    He came was elected appointed and retired by the overall boss number one Allah swt -God the almighty.

    All we need to do is to look at all the good he did and pray to God so that my show his mercies to mulongoti.

    Guyz its not easy to be recalled while your books are not in order and we remain talking ill abt him under the so called liberties.
    Were he has gone there are freedoms and liberties but to account for everything.

    So dnt forget tht we shall crose over some day so becareful of whtever we say be it politics economics etc careful

    We all hv our time mikes time is nigh yours…

    • I am Sorry and Sad, I will pray for his’s family comfort,
      God we are Crying x3
      God we are sadness x3
      let Mike Mulongoti rest in Peace x3
      we are pray pray pray

      Pastor Emmanuel M. Mwami ( Deaf)
      Zambia Deaf Choir

  8. He was evacuated almost at the same time as Lupando Mwape but Mulongoti’s condition looked worse than Mwape. Rest In Peace patriot. Meet you on the other side

  9. Death is the worst thing on earth. Those with such conditions cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke etc, plz do not waste time go for crystal cell it does wonders crystallize yo life

  10. Chabipa bamwisho! The man who never won an election but served in different cabinet portfolios as niminated MP. Overall he was a political clown willing to fall for the highest bidder. I should inherit People’s Party to continue with your legacy.

    • The evil remain that makes the 2 of us. You and I and the rest that are still alive. Well said my brother/sister

    • Good riddance, hope he gets transported to hell in the same Manda Mandas he bought with his already rotten friend Tentamashimba. Let there be no more like him to ever walk on the face of this earth!

  11. Death is a bad thing in our lives!!!This is the major reason why politicians should stop fighting each other and practice mature politics.God is love,so we must love one another!!!Hope Mr.Mike Mulongoti repented and apologised to president Edgar Lungu for all the bad(fake) things he said about him!!!Govnt tried to save Mulongoti’s life but his cancer was too advanced.anyway,may God receive Mr.Mulongoti and let him rest in peace!!!

  12. You cannot be clever with death. It comes like a thief. It picks one by one. It doesn’t choose whether you are rich or poor. Even those people who are mocking Mr Mulongoti, like Mushota, will also kick the bucket when time comes. We shall all pass through death. It is appointed unto man or woman to die once. Death will always be a mystery. It is only the creator who knows when each and every one of us will die. Today is Mr Mulongoti,tomorrow it will be Mushota,with her sarcasms. That is death. It strikes at no appointed time. If there is a way of buying life, those of us with no money, can find it difficult to buy life. But death is the rightful equation. It hits on both the haves and the havenots. It is only painful when one dies young minus achieving his or her dreams.

  13. I blame Elias Chipimo for these deaths (Mwashingwele, Mulongoti) who openly prayed for our leaders to be dying

  14. He died well; presidential hopeful for his country, hoping to do service for his fellow citizens. There is no greater emotion than love . God grant him peaceful rest, and peace and comfort to his family.

  15. Rest in peace our late brother Mike Mulongoti, you were better than kalusa hh in terms of news making, i never liked you but you were surely making noise news than the ing’ombe ilede we know, m.y.s.r.i.p and only God knows the next for you, after all who are we to pray for the died.Let the living reflect, cry and pray for themselves .We value your contribution to our great nation, we miss you but we hope to meet you in heaven when we breath our last also.

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