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Health workers desert clinic for fear of alleged ‘ghosts’

Rural News Health workers desert clinic for fear of alleged ‘ghosts’

Mayankwa Rural Health Centre in Lukulu district in Western Province has been closed after workers deserted the facility for fear of alleged ghosts that tormented them and their families.

Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) Prince Sikufela Kabila told ZANIS yesterday that the health center closed three months ago, leaving more than 3,000 people without access to health services.

Prince Kabila said expectant mothers are the most affected by the closure of the facility as they are giving birth in their homes, a situation he described as sad because patients are denied clinical treatment as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

He said the clinical officers and other support staff have relocated to the nearest Luvuzi rural health centre, abandoning the ghost haunted Mayankwa Rural Health Centre.

The Prince added that a recent meeting held with the members of the community resolved that a Clergyman be called in order to conduct prayers to exorcise the health centre of the apparitions.

He said the meeting also resolved to use a traditional diviner to secure the surrounding of the rural health centre using traditional herbs that will secure the health centre from being haunted by ghosts in future.

But when contacted for a comment, Lukulu District Director of Health Raymond Musonda said the rural health centre has today been opened to the general public.

Mr. Musonda said his office has encouraged all the members of staff to open the facility and has since engaged the BRE from Senior Chief Anang’anga and other community members in the locality to ensure that health workers lived peacefully.

He further said that government regulations do not allow traditional healers to conduct divination activities at all public institutions in the country.

Mr. Musonda said his office will remain observant to ensure that workers at the health centre are not further tormented in order for the people to benefit from the medical services being brought near their homes in the area.

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    • I agree with you, roger Scott. Add to that the fact that most of the so called professionals just barely pass in their chosen fields and you have a mob of primitive myth loving motherlovers!

    • Comment: where are Zambian clergy to offer their much required services to the community by prayers and casting ghosts out of medical staff houses and the Clinic it self?

    • @chulu, forget about the Zambian clergy because they have all forgotten about prayers and casting demons. They have all gone to a higher level. most of them have became prophets, they will tell you who is dying tomorrow and who is winning elections at a fee, they are also praying for those desperately looking for husbands to marry. some have became political scientists eg. telephone mpundu, john mombo etc. in short they can’t even cast a fly ghost.

    • These health professionals were just looking for an excuse to leave the location most of them cannot work in rural areas because they have no heart for assisting their fellow man, this is why mindset change is the biggest challenge facing Africa, so sad.

    • This Is a highly superstitious society. That is why a president can just wake up and without any consultation declare the country a Christian state and no one questions this. Anyone who claims to be speaking on behalf of a spirit called God is agreed with because people are very scared of a spirit called evil or Satan both spirits invented from the west.

  1. Comment:As a man thinketh so is he. Too much belief in myths make unsuccessful in our endeavours. Where is our trust in God?

  2. There are no ghosts there, these people just want town life. Every day I see how people concoct plans of getting out of rural areas. We Zambians just want to inherit what others have developed. If Chinese medical personnel are sent there we will again complain that jobs are being given to foreigners.

    • If Chinese personnel are sent there the ghosts won’t appear. The communist state has no room for such spiritual balderdash so Chinese won’t imagine any ghastly beings to trouble their minds

    • Casper why is it Zambians only want the bright lights. I’m yet to a Pentecostal Pastor go in the bushes to spread the good news. Newly appointed teachers and nurses who have relatives in government will be lobbying their relatives to have them not posted in rural areas.

  3. From the story, i’m made to believe that it’s the health facility that is haunted by ghosts but the there’s a part of the story that says these ghosts are tormenting members of staff and their families. Do these members of staff and their families reside at the facility or there are staff houses within the perimeter of the facility?

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