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Lowering Semenya’s testosterone levels could be harmful: Doctor

Sports Lowering Semenya's testosterone levels could be harmful: Doctor

Dr Sindeep Bhana says lowering Caster Semenya’s testosterone levels could have harmful effects.

The court ruling on the IAAF’s new regulations means she will now have to reduce her hormones artificially in order to compete.

But doctors say this could lead to increased risk of hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol problems, among other health issues.

Bhana also said changing these naturally-occurring levels of testosterone could have a negative effect, not only on her career but her body as well.

“So I have no doubt that this would affect her athletic abilities, but definitely, we know there are symptoms associated with dropping testosterone from where it was naturally, this is not someone who has abused testosterone,” he said.

Semenya’s legal team is now reviewing the IAAF’s ruling.

In the meantime, she’s being asked to either risk her health or give up her passion.

Source: eNCA

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  1. Well…. Then let him race against his fellow men! how can he be allowed to compete with ladies. I’m sure his/her wife agrees.

    LT.. Stop boring us with this. This is a SA issue not ours. By the way, the US has taken similar action with transgender deranged chaps that wanted to compete as women.

    • 1. You are very shallow. Semenya’s case is not similar to the cases you’re referencing in the USA. Semenya was NATURALLY born the way she is. She has not altered herself in anyway. The cases in the USA are about people who are altering themselves surgically to be the opposite of what they are.
      2. No one is boring you with anything. You have a choice to skip what you don’t like on net.
      3.This issue is not about South Africa. It is about rules and laws governing international athletics. It is for people who are interested in sports ethics and fair competition. If taking drugs to enhance performance is deemed illegal; it should also follow that taking drugs to dampen one’s naturally advantage should be illegal.
      This issue definitely is beyond your station. How about you just shut up?

    • Affirmative, why cant she competent as a man folk..? What is her/or his fear. As a matter of facts, he is a guy who has even a dear wife.

    • Africans wake up. You are busy bashing this girl. What you do not know is that you are just bashing yourselves.

      It is a woman’s race. It is not called a testosterone race. And she is a woman, for those in doubt, that aspect has been verified. She is a woman born with an advantage. Just like some men are born with more testosterone.

      If this woman were European or white, they would be giving her medals and making her a celebrity.

  2. At least Maria Mutola you could defend her..how can you defend Ba Caster everything is not normal from the name, to the voice, to the girlfriend, love for mens gear..

  3. Diabolical ( Satanic), outrageous! This decision by IAAF is very suspect. I mean, isn’t (artificial) tampering with her testosterone levels doping in itself?

  4. Best thing is to retire instead of risking your health. She or he didn’t choose this status.

  5. Firstly the women that Semenya competes with were not born the way she is.They are totally different from her.Therefore it is also not fair for them to compete against Semenya.I believe and think that there are a lot of people born with conditions similar to Semenya’s and therefore it is only fair that the Sports Governing body should try and consider pairing Semenya with women having the same hormonal levels with her.Otherwise we may never see the end of this issue for all I know.

  6. Ndanje Khakis is right.Let Caster retire .Muzungu is not happy with Caster’s achievements and all along has been trying by all means to suppress her.It all started in Germany where they asked her to undress because they were not sure whether Caster was a female.Caster emerged victorious on this one and went on to bag world titles including breaking/setting new records.Muzungu was not happy with this African athlete.Final nail,Caster was ordered to reduce testosterone levels.Iyi yeve vamukwanitsa.

  7. Let her compete with people who are of the same hormonal levels as hers/his. Otherwise why compete with girls or women whose testro levels are lower than hers. Let her stay home and forget because he is more of a man than a woman. Listen to him talk then you will know what I am talking about.

  8. For Caster he has always had an advantage over the female athletes; He has competed 27 times and has won them all, with ease, in fact without sweat. Let him competed against other fellow men if he doesn’t want a reduction in testosterone levels. It is case of the love of money, which is the root cause of all evil – God forbid.

    • But they are not her fellow men.

      She is a woman who happens to have high levels of testosterone.

      And by the way, every woman has testosterone, except that their levels are within muzungu’s defined “acceptable” levels.

  9. even in schools when a pupil is exceptionally bright and has a high HQ ,the teachers would push the bright pupil to a higher grade until they are sure that the pupil is comfortable with the new grade,otherwise if that is not done the bright pupil would make his/her peers appear to be dull when in fact not,The same applies to Semenya, she should be placed in the category of women with similar hormonal levels and everything else, I believe that would create a balance and fairness to everyone concerned including the women that she is currently competing with.

  10. That one, even I can not defend. That Kenyan is a man that has even done 10 years with hard labour in some tough prison somewhere.

    Most men would have struggled in that fight against that Kenyan.

  11. I can see most of you have no clue about track and field and Caster Semenya’s physiological issues. She has female genitals and breasts that are predominant and outside whilst the minute male testicles are embbeded inside her body. She has no male genitelia outside as some of assuage. That is just a natural deformation she was only born with and not of her on making. I hope some of you have heard conjoined were the other twin is not fully formed and just a parasite. Moreover, you should see how female sprinters and jumpers look like because they just look like muscled men with female faces and makes Semenya pale in size like a dwarf to these amazons. So shut up if you have nothing tanjible to offer regarding an issue you little understand. It is wiser to research coming than just coming…

  12. here only to sound like an incoherent bafoon who understand little to nothing regarding the Caster Semenya saga. Learn to do some research before you come here and just embarrace yourselves. Better still, it is wise to keep quite on topics you know little or nothing about. I end here.

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