FILE: Two women using a mosquito net to catch fish in Mongu. It is illegal to fish using a mosquito net

Chief Chimba of the Bemba speaking people of Mungwi district has warned people in his area to avoid using mosquito nets for fishing.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS recently, Chief Chimba said the abuse of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) is criminal.

He said the government is currently spending huge sums of money to ensure that people are provided with nets to help in the reduction of malaria cases in the district.

Chief Chimba has since cautioned members of the public to desist from using the nets for unintended purposes.

The traditional leader added that a constant refusal by some residents is also hindering the effective implementation of the Indoor Residual spraying (IRS) programme in Mungwi district.

Chief Chimba called on various stakeholders to enhanced sensitization of key messages so that the disease can be tenaciously fought.

And district administrative officer Mwape Mumbi said the Government iscommitted to ensure that malaria is eliminated by the year 2021.

Mr Mumbi however, noted that it was saddening to note that malaria cases in the district have remained unacceptably high despite the various interventions currently being implemented by the government and the various stakeholders.

He said this was posing a danger to people’s health as malaria has continued to be a killer disease which claims thousands of lives every year.

Mr Mumbi however, stated that health officials will not relent but continue to implement their mandate to control mosquitos through measures such as the distribution of insecticide-treated nets and Indoor residual spraying to curb the deadly disease.

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  1. This is what has depleted fish in the Luapula river. People catch to Kasepa which are newly hatched breams.



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