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GBM pledges empowerment to Kasama markets

Rural News GBM pledges empowerment to Kasama markets

Kasama Central MP GBM after the interview

Former United Party for National Development Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba has pledged to empower marketers at Chambeshi and Chikumanino markets in Kasama with K70, 000.

Mr. Mwamba said the donation is part of his empowerment programs to boost capital for marketers in the district.

Speaking when he made the pledges in Kasama, Mr. Mwamba said he would donate K40, 000 to marketers at Chambeshi market while those at Chikumanino market would receive K30,000.

He explained that marketers play a cardinal role towards the growth of the economy through the taxes they pay to government through Zambia Revenue Authority.

Mr. Mwamba added that most traders in markets are women who support families hence the need to empower them with capital to help them expand their businesses.

He has since assured the traders that he would give them the money on Wednesday and further urged them to put the money to good use.

The Former UPND President has since promised to work with people of Kasama in fostering development.

And Chambeshi Market Committee Chairperson Fred Chansa has thanked Mr Mwamba for pledging to empower marketers in the district.

Mr. Chansa has promised to ensure that the money is invested in viable businesses that will help improve the trader’s livelihoods.

Meanwhile Mr Mwamba who visited Kateshi area in Kasama has pledged to support school going children in the area.

Mr. Mwamba said he will ensure that he assists the children in the area by catering for their school requirements.

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  1. That time when you are only accepted because you can give money to the poor, I hope GBM will one day separate his resources from politics. Goodwill is very important but it should never be aligned to politics. That said, hope he the money being donated will be used for the intended purpose.

    • He has started lone moves within PF. What does the braches say about this? Or is gbm now above they party?

    • GBM is well remembered as Former PF Minister of Defense, not UPND fimofimo.
      So to tag GBM to UPND is to degrade him, he deserves better.

    • Everyone is suspicious of GBM as everywhere he has left he rubbishes them that without him this and that…now he is back to PF trying to drum up is own support to brag about…

    • Doe’s double h give.
      Blessed is the hand that giveth.
      God loves a cheerful giver.

  2. Why didn’t he do all this when he was vice president of upnd. This means he had ulterior motives or maybe still has.

    • GBM claims he spent $1million to hire helicopters for 2016 campaigns.
      Today he gives $4000 to a group of marketeers. Thanks. BUT:
      $1million ÷ $4000 is 250 individual traders. $4000 each!! Or 250 markets around the country. 250 bwana.
      He could have won elections without risking flying in plastic hericopters.

  3. Now trying to enter into conflict with current MP. Some people never learn. Kuthandiza sitilesa…….

    • GBM is Bemba he spends on Kasama like this and no one is claiming he is tribal unless if it was a Tonga guy spending money on is fellow Tongas this is what I hate about Zambia where is UPND Cadre he is always shooting down Tongas .

  4. How many marketeers will share 70 pin?
    Stop joking for a change. US$42 million would make sense.

  5. Get the ka change drink it and VOTE him out in 2021 as MP for KASAMA , VIVA the kasama MP , I FORGOT HIS NAME IT MEANS HE IS EITHER A NONENTITY OR A CROOK, ANYWAY BEST IS TO DONATE THROUGH THE MP

  6. $50milion soon it will finish GBM.you have stopped fixing HH now since HH is not answering back.when you are attacked by a fool please don’t retaliate because people won’t know who is intelligent.

  7. GBM is sincere with his giving and he gives I remember he gifted to PF under Sata jalouse down better to give than spend money on nothing he is a giver, I would urge other politicians to be considerate to the cries of the power in society than just brag about their stolen wealth.
    When you have wealth it means nothing to the community unless you give it out to the needy that is when it serves the purpose , some wealth it is better it is not there Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive.
    ( ‘ stealing ‘) profits nothing but it is a cause.

  8. I must say that I am amazed by the shallow thinking of some of my compatriots. Some of these guys have stolen millions from you and when they give you K70, 000 out of millions of your own money, they go crazy.

    And, giving you K70, 000 is like giving you fish, it will feed you for a day. What you need is some who will grow the economy, enabling everyone to prosper.

  9. Former defence minister struggling to find his feet in his own backyard. Kikikikiki…tefintu Yama.

  10. Maybe trying to win back the hearts of Kasama pipo who rejected him. ..Donch Kubeba!

  11. This ex-officio trib.al GBV is known for this, I.e. thinking money always buys people. And everywhere it has tried this it has been rejected unless the party wants it.
    This is a recipe for conflict with the area MP Kelvin Sampa, are you sure this fatso is not a plant by Trib.al Hacks? With my suspicious and inquisitive mind, I am suspicious and I am warning PF to keep an eye on this GBV. Not that PF is exactly my darling but certainly I don’t want any trib.als anywhere near power.

  12. GBM gives and he has helped so many Zambians!!This is one thing nobody hears about HH.Kainde cannot give anyone even a K5.My friends in UPND clearly state how HH does not give anyone any ngwee!!K70 000 is good money for the poor marketeers in Kasama.It will help them a lot.God bless GBM!!

    • Usually corporate pompwes don’t give.
      They always think of profits.
      They use other peoples money turning a blind eye to theirs.
      UPNDEAD ripped GVBMs wallet.
      They are looking to feast in CKinsultor’s account.
      Watch this space.

  13. This is the caliber of Vice President to hh best friends yet never shared a meal together now hh is pleading to be vice to CK who looks more of a grass root leader than he hh will ever be

    • Mmmmh iwe double h vice to CKinsultor? Can’t never. That’s a scam. Unless there is a big conspiracy to have him (CKinsultor) crushed so he (Double h) can serve as president. That would be the first in Zambia and the new constitution, veep (double h) taking over after the supposed orchastrated demise of the president (CKinsultor).

  14. Never believe in a person who will dish out money where there is no concrete project that has been appraised. It is a sure sign of a wasteful person NOT fit for leadership in a progressive nation – only fit for the usual banana republics of the third world that don’t know they are in the 21st century. Did you hear what the North Korean leader said about if he was given a chance to colonize just 2 of the African countries to give us an example of how to run a country?
    We’re a pitiful lot. When will we ever learn?

    • My bad, it was for bus terminal.
      lusakatimes dot com/2014/02/05/government-rejects-donation-made-gbm-towards-construction-bus-terminus-kasama/

  15. 2021 PF Presidential aspirant…. We know these moves.
    He uses the belly to think than brains. Like mumbi phiri said teti amona na item yakwe lol

  16. Whao ! Good ideas. Can 400 billion USD do.who will be buyers in the sector and will the produce come from. . Think is easy Mr to just smuggle Mealie meal into Congo. Hahaha we could make some money. Oh how about ifyamba fya party. Almost 60year now no working project . All I see is like a son or daughter who stills spoons and hide in her bedroom and claims to her brother’s and sisters that she is richer than them simply she is got more spoons in her room than the rest. We all in the SAME SINKING BOAT, same house . We all poor together as people of Zambia. Whether we still money from one Lusaka to one Solwezi its same house , ,,,,,,poor. Zambia.chichichi

  17. The biblical and moral principle is that when you give, the left hand should no know meaning you don’t have to announce your help. Give in silence. But when our giving is for show off or political in nature, we publicise it.


  19. You have to pay back that money in one way or the other to GBM. He doesn’t just give freely without being appreciated. I remember in Kabwata when he lost to given Lubinda under MMD he beat all the councilors and asked them to return the bicycles he had bought them for cheating him that all was well. Where he is coming from (UPND) he is already complaining of having spent more than one million without being appreciated. To him he sees everything through the lenses of money. I hope under PF you will behave.
    Sata’s politics was not about donating cash. He just spoke and people were happy with his messages. He warn many people’s hearts because of what he said not how much he donated. I think this is the route Kambwili is following though he gives one thing here and there.

  20. But spaka is very useless, when GBM was giving monies to you ba under5,during 2016 elections you should have said its stolen money. foo.lish you

  21. If only you knew GMB, your praises would always remain in your pockets . Bwalya mwamba, gives using the left hand whilst a whip in his right hand. People Remember what he did and said when he removed mealing machine from Kasama. He insulted us all in kasama . Thanks this time he is going to give money to PF. when you give don’t announce. GBM wants to be a running met to Lungu . mark my word . GBM is Childish who can not be Trusted . Even HH, if he had consulted us he could not have appointed GBM as his Running met . WE are bembas but we can not eat bwalyas money . Tatukongwa inshima nanama. Elyo kuchibolya takubula mukaya. Ba PF Mupokeleleni but tachibulu pali nalikwebele. umweni talisha munsoli, UUkwebele infwa yokwanoko mutanshi. lelo lala ufwe talipatali. Ifilala fyamunda yanama…

  22. Receive GBM’s money with a caution…. He will remind you… for he gives to remind and he does not give to help…. worse off, the moment you will challenge him you would have regretted having received a coin from his hands….

  23. Why collect money from somebody who will keep on singing about it? This GBM is giving that money to Kasama marketeers as a means of buying his way into PF. He is a mere member who has no office in PF. why busy yourself like that dishing change from $50M for nothing? Was that part of the deal? I would rather get money from HH who does things without advertising. Let people know that he is stingy when he does thing more than any body in this country. I hope this GBM will be discarded later as is the case with those politicians who cross to them. Where are Shakafuswa, Taima, Masumba, Canisius Banda etc? Same will happen to GBM. Then we shall enjoy a good fight between ECL and the mad dog GBM!

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