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Mwenya Musenge files injunction against Kambwili and announces his own party leadership team

Headlines Mwenya Musenge files injunction against Kambwili and announces his own party leadership...

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge and NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has filed an injunction in the Lusaka High Court restraining former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili from allegedly masquerading as party leader.

And Mr. Musenge has with immediate effect dissolved the entire National Governing Committee (NGC) interim team but has retained Joseph Akafumba as party vice president.

Mr. Musenge stated that the party wants Mr. Kambwili and the dissolved interim committee to stop parading themselves as senior members of NDC.

He has also announced that Copperbelt University (CBU) lecturer Brian Chirambo has taken over as national spokesperson from Saboi Imboela, while Ackson Simwizye has been named as the new Chairperson for Elections and Mobilization.

Mr. Musenge named Bala Mwila as the new chairperson for finance, while Steven Chewe, Alex Mulindwa, Mernard Monta and Job Nsama will be members of the NGC.

He also warned that he will be forced to commence legal proceedings in the courts of law within forty-eight hours if Mr. Kambwili does not substantiate his allegations that the NDC Secretary General has been bought financially by the ruling Patriotic Front(PF).

Meanwhile, Mr. Musenge has proposed December 20th this year, as the date in which the party will hold its national congress to elect its leader and other party positions.

He reiterated that he has no intentions whatsoever of running for the presidency of the NDC but stated that his role is simply that of preparing a way for a person to lead the opposition party in the 2021 general elections.

But NDC vice president Joseph Akafumba has urged party members to IGNORE sentiments by Mr. Musenge to the effect that the National Governing Committee(NGC) has been dissolved.

In a statement, Mr. Akafumba stated that Mr. Musenge has no constitutional powers to make any changes to the committee adding that the newly announced interim committee by Mr. Musenge during a media briefing in Kitwe is illegal, null and void.

Mr. Akafumba, who is not affected by the changes announced by Mr. Musenge, has urged NDC members not to worry as the two factions will face-off in court.

Below is Mr Akafumba’s full statement

Ignore Musenge!

Lusaka. 07.05.2019.

As the National Democratic Congress NDC, we are urging all our members countrywide to completely ignore the purported sentiments made by former Secretary General Mwenya Musenge who held a press briefing in Kitwe today.

The sentiments should be ignored with the contempt it deserves.

We have perused both our Constitution that was prepared by Mr. Musenge and the society act which regulates the formation and conduct of political parties.

Both documents do not give Mr. Musenge or any officer or office bearer of the NDC powers to dissolve or appoint any member of the central committee, serve for the president who has the powers to appoint only eight members of the central committee.

Mr. Musenge does not have any of these powers in any capacity.

We are aware that Mr. Musenge is among the ten officer bearers under the Registrar of societies for purposes of registering the party.

Therefore, being an office bearer, does not give Mr. Musenge sole power to dismiss or appoint any member of the central committee.

The power is by the ten registered office bearers.

There’s been no such meeting held by the members registered at the office of the registrar of societies to dismiss the central committee.

Therefore, this lone ranger act by Mr. Musenge is void and should be ignored and dismissed by all members of the NDC and the general public.

The misconduct of Mr. Musenge to each time run to the press to make lone pronouncements against the standing of the political party, ranks him in the same category with Captain solo.

Therefore, we are now inclined to strongly believe and rightly so, that Mr. Musenge is not working in the interest of the party, but is all out to destroy the party.

This confirms what we have all along suspected that Mr. Musenge is actually working with the PF, as all his actions are meant to benefit the PF.

Finally, we are all aware, that Mr. Musenge’s conduct or omissions, in our view has-been directed by the registrar of society.

She has played an active role in disrupting the activities of the NDC on behalf of the PF.

We are also aware that she is working under the instructions of Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampoyongo.

We want to warn the registrar and Kampyongo to stay away from NDC activities and maintain their lane

We also aware that this is being done to disable the NDC for it not to take part in the forthcoming local government by elections on the copper belt.

Finally, Mr. Musenge’s pronouncements have no effect on NDC activities countrywide and should be ignored.

Issued by: Josephs Akafumba. NDC Vice President.

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    • Just when one thought the diahoria mouth gorilla would come to a direction then the earth under his feet start shifting again. Now this is becoming like MMD

    • Of Akafumba decide to take up UPND position, then that will be end of NDC. It will be like Miles Sampa’s party or ABC of Frank Bwalya.

    • LESSON: If you want to form a personal to holder political party like NDC, be man enough and announce your intentions otherwise you will be dribbled. Not hiding in the name of CONSULTANT

    • Reminds me of 1962’s fights between Kapwepwe and Kaunda. Peace loving KK pleaded with Kapwepwe so they could be on the same team to fight colonialism together.

      Kapambwe didn’t want any of it with Kaunda. November 1962, KK leaves ANC and forms UNIP … 23 months later KK is the 1st Republican President of the Zambian Enterprise and the rest is history.

      You got to learn to share the cake with those you started with otherwise you would be left behind. Karma is real even those politics stinks. I always take care of those whose paths have crossed mine.

      Life is too short not be lived in harmony. You live in harmony with others not matter the differences, you live longer … look at KK

      Epo mpelele,


    • That’s Zambian politics…you know who is pushing him. In the end the party will be gone and he will have nothing!!

    • Celebrity101 – They like playing that game we used to play as kids in the rainy season of placing a stick in a small artificial heap of moist soil and taking turns getting chunks out of it and the one who drops the stick gets a beating unless he reaches the safety of nearby location.

    • Musenge is Party Constitution abiding, Akafumba and CK are lawless.
      Musenge, you’re being overruled. Fire Akafumba, the is undermining you, the SG.
      Then fire CKinsultor; he is the one bought by UPNDEAD.
      The way to the congress for NDC sounds good.
      Lawless mean:

    • …not governed by or obedient to laws; characterized by a lack of civic order.
      “it was a lawless, anarchic city”
      synonyms: anarchic, anarchical, disorderly, ungovernable, unruly, without law and order, disruptive, insurrectionary, insurgent, revolutionary, rebellious, insubordinate, riotous, mutinous, mutinying, seditious, revolting, terrorist,
      illegal, unlawful, lawbreaking, illicit, illegitimate, criminal, felonious, indictable, delinquent, culpable, villainous, transgressing, violating;
      informalcrooked, shady, bent.

  1. No one will follow musenge


    “…commence legal proceedings in the courts of law within forty-eight hours if Mr. Kambwili does not substantiate his allegations that the NDC Secretary General has been bought financially by the ruling Patriotic Front-PF….”

    When some one defames you, that is what you do , unless you are guilty

    I am still baffled as to why CK and others call lungu a thieving corrupt president , and he does nothing ???

    • No now will follow him? Are you sure all it takes is a bit of funding and you can have 10 nobodies…even likes of Tayali could raise followers to go with him to Civic center. remember Musenge in the transport business he can pick callboys from the stations.

  2. The big question is: Why didn’t Musenge make himself NDC President when Kambwili was NDC consultant? Why did he wait till Kambwili ‘accepted’ to be NDC President?

  3. This man is shameless, not even his own house dog follows him. Grow up and show leadership. This is why you failed your election as a sitting minister to an independent individual. Mr Mwenya if you that popular why are you forcing yourself on people who don’t want you. Show us the number of people following you.

  4. Chinangwa chi mwenya musenge.Such chaps to be in leadership u can’t develop.how old is this man?Ubupuba

  5. These whole lot need to sit down and sort themselves out, they have already embarrassed themselves but it seems it is not enough with them. One would expect some form of maturity and diplomacy from adults but as usual these huge men have so little brains to function respectively and accordingly.

  6. Mwenya Musenge is being paid to do this. He has no clout without Kambwili. Kambwili one an election who knows Musenge?

  7. Mwenya, for as long as you used money from Kambwili to register the NDC you’ll not get anywhere with your escapades

    • It’s all fun and games for Musenge since his real power was usurped by Kambwili who then tried to disenfranchise him.

      Why not a few high jinks, capers and yes escapedes! He can laugh all the way out of the party office!

  8. Our bold brothers from the northern part of Zambia. Let’s ask a fair and honest question. Don’t you worry about the flip-flopping of your political leaders? We get worried at how a people can always have leaders who are always flip-flopping or scheming. When can your leaders practice politics of morality. Unfortunately this trend now has even affected the traditional leadership. I’m not trying to be tribal but just asking a

  9. Unfortunately Zambians will follow comedians like Kambwili. Imagine someone giving praises to Kambwili for insulting his opponents. ATI CHAMUTUKA. CHIKAMBWILI CHAUME. To me this shows that we don’t care about Zambia as long as a political leader gives us money for own entertainment.

  10. Mwenya Musenge is right he is the one who registered NDC,ba Kambwili came in as a consultant and his name Kambwili is not at the registra of societies.Mr.Kambwili is just paying for his lies,ubufi ba Kambwili ubufi ba tata lekeni twa papata.

  11. Let us be serious, this is stupidity of the highest order. Why can’t you chaps go and waste your energies plowing a piece of land instead this monkey games? Politics in Zambia have really gone to the dogs.

  12. This is what happens when things are not done in good intentions initially. Kambwili being a coward failed to go and register a party by himself. He wanted to be eating with both hands. The PF will be fo0lish not to take advantage of this weakness. Buy the remaining nine members on the register and have NDC registered. Then the Roan seat becomes vacant again.

    • You have brought up something very important, especially to the neutral observers. Kambwili was going to be consultant until August 2021 had the courts not ruled against him. He was going to play cat and mouse, run from court to court. Unfortunately our courts go only up to supreme court. He did all this to protect his gratuity and people couldn’t see the obvious.

  13. CKinsultor is Spooky.
    Spooky means:
    * sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease.
    synonyms: eerie, sinister, ghostly, uncanny, weird, unearthly, mysterious; frightening, spine-chilling, hair-raising, scaring, terrifying, petrifying, chilling; informalcreepy, scary, spine-tingling.
    Freaking creep.

  14. Hilarious. Just desserts for Kambwili! Now he can feel it.

    Keep it up Musenge, crank up the volume! Wind then them up!

  15. Musenge emwine wa party bane. He is the sole owner. Remember kambwanga was PF when he a consultant in this party. No hijacking ba kembo

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