Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa
Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa

Minister of Energy Matthew Nkhuwa has called for more private sector investment in the development of Biofuels in Zambia.

Mr Nkhuwa said Zambia is politically stable and has abundant water and land to enable private sector investment into the energy sector.

The Minister said government is encouraging private sector participation in the development of biofuels in Zambia so that the industry can grow.

He notes that biofuel can be a good alternative source of energy for Zambia especially now that the country is experiencing effects of climate change that has negatively affected the energy sector.

The Minister was speaking during the official opening of the policy consultative seminar on the revising of the Biofuels Development in Zambia.

The Policy Consultative Forum which is being held at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka has been co-hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of National Development Planning, and is supported by the Brazilian Embassy who are represented by Ambassador Colbet Soares Pinto Junior.

And Minister of National Development Planning Alexander Chiteme says energy is a key resource for the operation and growth of pivotal sectors of the economy such as mining, transport and agriculture.

Mr Chiteme stated that in a growing economy like Zambia, energy demand has been increasing and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

He noted that there is need to put in place a well-researched policy intervention, if Zambia is to attain increased access to clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy.

He stated that beyond provision of adequate alternative energy sources, the biofuel industry holds more strategic significance to Zambia’s economy.

He said the biofuels provide important opportunities for employment creation and income generation for farmers.

He further added that the successful development of the biofuel industry will require collaboration among various ministries and institutions such as ministry of energy, ministry of Lands, Ministry of Agriculture, the Energy Regulations Board and the Zambia Development Agency.

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  1. That is all these theives lead by lungu know …….expecting others to develop Zambia for them while they loot and direct brutal caders …..

    FYI , China , which the resident PF rats on LT like to point at has 51,000 wholly or partially state-owned enterprises….they don’t wait for anyone to come develop their country for them…


  2. Biofuels aren’t carbon neutral, so not a great investment long term, but they are at least better than fossil fuels.


  3. Fellow Compatriots. Before we confuse the forum on this matter, it is better to get the facts on biofuels and their sustainability. I have worked and researched this field for over 16 years and developed a framework to analyse sustainability for my PhD. The results are very mixed and very context specific. I wished I was at this meeting in Lusaka to provide some relevant guidance. For Zambia, biofuels are an option among options and the drivers in Zambia is not to reduce emissions responsible climate change. Priority is energy security, import substitution and socio-economic (esp. rural)development. And they can be done properly without hurting our environment and food production. We can save millions of dollars that we are sending to the middle east. But the big potential is 3G fuels…



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