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President Lungu Swears in Zambia’s New High Commissioners

General News President Lungu Swears in Zambia’s New High Commissioners

President Edgar Lungu has sworn in Lieutenant General Paul Mihoba as Zambia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Major General Jackson Miti as Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa and Mwansa Kapeya as High Commissioner to the Republic of Botswana.

Speaking during the swearing in ceremony at State House today, The Head of State appealed to the three delegates to make an effort to understand the contents of the Seventh National Development Plan which the country is currently implementing.

President Lungu said the 7NDP is a blue print which will guide them in explaining Zambia’s development agenda at bilateral level.

And speaking when he addressed Lt General Mihoba, the President described him as a seasoned and accomplished public servant who rose through the ranks of the Zambia Army to the highest position of Army Commander.

He said during his tour of duty in the 40 years of serving in the defense force, he had the privilege of serving as defense attaché at the Zambian Missions in Mozambique and South Africa.

“This gives you an advantage of understanding the expectations of the government from our people privileged to work in Foreign Service”, he said.

He added that he had no doubt that he will measure up to the task of being the top diplomat in the UK.

“I expect you to explore more areas of investment between Zambia and the United Kingdom”, he said.

And when addressing Major Gen. Jackson Miti, the President stated that he has an inspiring curriculum vitae, having held several senior positions in the Zambia Army.

“You served with discipline, hard work and loyalty for 36 years earning yourself the second highest position of Deputy Army Commander and Chief of Staff from 2016 to 2018”, he stated.

The Head of State urged him to apply his rich background in the execution of duties as a diplomat for the mutual benefit of the governments of Zambia and South Africa and the peoples.

He expressed confidence that he will utilize his skills well, to enable the country gain maximum benefits from the various trade protocols in a competitive regional environment such as SADC to which Zambia is a member.

President Lungu further said he looks forward to him exploring new and progressive initiatives which will help improve trade imbalances between Zambia and South Africa.

Meanwhile the President told Mr Kapeya, that with his vast experience in the public service that spans over 40 years, he has no doubt that he will use his skills to improve the existing relations between Zambia and Botswana.

He explained that he is going to Botswana at a time when the two countries are exploring new trade opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional exports.

The President said he was certain that he will employ his skills to market Zambia’s potential in the area of trade and investment.

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    • Great appointments, especially Mwansa Kapeya. Even though Eric Chimese should have been on list.

    • Mwansa Kapeya is a great Man. He must be sitting in there advising you. In him lies a mentor. He is such a gentleman.
      Congrats 1 Mwansa.

    • Please Emmanuel Mwamba where can I wire the money for your taxi to the airport…we know you are waiting for election results in RSA for photo opps…please fook off now to Addis!!

    • Doesn’t our president appoint too many people? He appoints ministers, judges, permanent secretaries, high commissioners, etc etc
      Isn’t this too authoritarian?

  1. Losers are Sunday Chanda again… Please Ba Sumaili should counsel him not to take his life.
    Emmanuel should praise the Lord, hope he is taken some resort like Frank is enjoying doing nothing in Australia. Emmanuel deserves a rest from all those funerals. He will only miss cash bribes from cross-border traders and smugglers.

  2. Surely is this a joke Mwansa Kapeya?? I remember when I was a kid my grandma saying she doesn’t want to miss his radio show…when is this mediocrity going to end? I mean three quarters of the population is youth but you still retain these seniors like Bo Inonge who is still wasting taxpayers money because she is too old.

    • You are a clueless silly boy with his head suck in his back£%%. Do you know how old Kapeya is …you are too young to even know him.

    • @Jay Jay, please do me a favour. Respect your grandma. Look what she did for you. Why can’t you give her 2 year vacation to UK? That’s the way you reward elders, offer a Safari to Botswana. Infact Mwansa Kapeya should have been sent to Hawaii…

    • @Jay Jay, Mwansa Kapeya is not too old to work as high commissioner. It’s not like he will be pushing patients on wheelchairs the way you do as an economic refugee

    • danielle – Mwansa Kapeya was born in 06th June 1950…do the math. As for your attempt of a joke just shows you how ignorant you are I laugh at Zambians who still make those economic refugee jokes when they have Chink peasants masquerading as investors and site foremen in Zambia.

    • PF cadres are the most stupid youths I have ever come across…they would be clapping to what LAZY LUNGU does rewarding all these none entities yet them are living hand to mouth in the informal sector waiting for scraps and handouts…their party is being cleanse off Sata’s image infiltrated with chancers… they are clapping.

    • From from your comment no. 3 you grandmother double slightly older or younger than me.
      Where does that put you kid?
      Uchili ulapilibula kaputula. Itumba lyakunuma pantanshi. Delinquent, sha!

    • From your comment no. 3 your grandmother could be slightly older or younger than me.
      Where does that put you kid?
      Uchili ulapilibula kaputula. Itumba lyakunuma pantanshi. Delinquent, sha!

  3. @Jay Jay indeed you grew up with Grandma, that’s why. Which youthfools you want to be appointed. They gave you Emmanuel, Hapunda, Mukwita, Frank, that thug from Kafue to S.Arabia and we are advocating for Sunday, Antonio, naka Nathan Chanda to faack-off, clean up trashy “youthfools”

    • What’s laughable is that there are so many smart PF young one out there who LAZY LUNGU sidelines ..to him they are just good for byelection stone throwing and dancing.

  4. @Jay Jay indeed you grew up with Grandma, that’s why. But please respect your grandma.
    Which youthfuuls you want to be appointed. They gave you Emmanuel, Hapunda, Mukwita, Frank, that thug from Kafue to S.Arabia and we are advocating for Sunday, Antonio, Kampyongo, naka Nathan Chanda to faack-off, clean up trashy kaponyas.

    • What makes you think I grew up with my grandma? Because I refer to her…I mean didnt you ever go to visit your grandparents houses on holidays??

  5. Mwamba E is coming to help out in rigging election results and also the Australian counterpart will be recalled soon. Watch the space, they are coming to join K Zulu, F Sikazwe, S Chanda, B Lusambo and J Kapata in trying to secure Lungu’s presidency by whatever means…….

  6. Well done on sending the two Generals into the diplomatic service to give them a retirement rest. Especially for General Miti who should have had a chance to serve as Army Commander – just like that other illustrious General that you sent to Egypt – Gen. Lubaya. Thank you.

    • Abilima sending a General to foreign mission is normally done out of fear ..a weak President always fears a former army man who is not pr-occupied.

    • Jay Jay – I take you as somebody well-informed – quite irrational (most times) but somebody who knows quite some about his country. Will you tell me that KK used to send Generals into the Foreign Service out of fear? Our Defence System is very disciplined and a retired General poses no security risks at all. The only reason to send them into the Foreign Service is assist with a smooth retirement transition.

    • abilima – Being shunted to foreign mission for an Army man is not smooth retirement …he can enjoy all that on his on his army pension at home…a General will always command the respect of his soldiers, this why when the likes of General Miyanda say something you pay attention. LAZY LUNGU is a coward who is positioning himself for 2021 that all his thinking of not the raising debt…

    • Jay Jay – Let your hatred for ECL not mask your sound judgement. You see a lot of retired American Generals being sent into the Foreign Service or brought in to serve in Civilian jobs after retirement – Generals Alexander Haig, Colin Powell, John Abizaid, Jim Mattis, John Kelly, H.R. McMaster, Michael Flynn – you can name them. This is a common trend.

    • American Generals have placed at strategic missions where US has interests, remember US is a super power ….I dont hate LAZY LUNGU as person but as a leader the man is incompetent and impotent…he is useless in short!!

  7. When I look at the number of years that they have been working, I wonder why they still want to continue. Those positions are supposed to be held by vibrant middle aged men and women of 36 to 40 years old. What’s exciting about being sent into foreign service at that age? especially Mwansa Kapeya can’t he just retire?

    • They want to continue because there is a moron who wants old people around him like grandma Bo Inonge …he fears young ones as they will see his limitations

  8. The only moron here is Jay Jay, very insolent indeed. This culture of insulting elderly people is not good. U can miss and insult your own father. There are alot of words u can use to criticize someone In authority but honestly not insult him. It shows that u are bitter while he the person u are insulting does not even know a thing. Spend alot of time with your grand and hopefully she will advise not to be excited insulting people. It’s not good.

    • Here is an example of stupidity of PF cadres …they will throw stones at you even when what you are saying is true….look at those fooooools who were sent to the studio to attack BUFFOON CK, showing their silly faces on camera.

  9. I think this where we have got it wrong in Zambia, in most governments. These people are retirees, now they are appointed in the diplomatic services. Does it mean that diplomatic service is a nice retirement package? I thought we need energetic people to articulate issues dodging the nation and help find solutions. A diplomat must also have ambition to achieve something. What is the rationale behind appoint these people? Although the president has a prerogative to appoint, there is reason to diplomatic missions need energetic people.

  10. Yes u might not always agree with Jay s language but let’s face he comes out like a compatriot concerned about his country!

  11. This is what happens when this ***** called jay jay was expecting his father to be appointed high commissioner to dundumwezi to his surprise our President appoints three noble men who have served our great nation diligently …well done Mr President

  12. Let magistrate Christopher Birch flog one of the queen’s grand children.And see what rope he will hang on.Peter Carlos Hinds.

  13. Mr Birch both are wrong.The teacher for removing a cell phone battery.And the student for beating a teacher.The older people used to say that”two wrongs do not make a right”.What happens when teachers decide to remove money belonging to students.Is that alright too.Peter Carlos Hinds.


  15. That is trib.al Gay Jay for you. No manners, no respect, just plain evil! When I say rhat he reasons like a trib.al ( meaning that he does not reason at all), you don’t understand where I am coming from, I know that little devil, probably the one who carries charms for the chief whho sleeps at some graveyards. These are the people who kill their grandparents for being too old and suspected witches simply for being old.

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