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The Kwacha is not the only currency that has depreciated-President Lungu


President Lungu during his jogging routine in the morning
President Lungu during his jogging routine in the morning

President Edgar Lungu has assured Zambians that government is doing everything possible to stabilize the Kwacha.

Speaking to journalists in Lusaka today shortly after his routine morning run at State Lodge, President Lungu said that the Kwacha is not the only currency in the region that has seen marginal depreciation, but insisted that the local currency will stabilize.

The local currency has been on weakening trajectory which has seen its value slide to levels of K13 representing an 8.6% depreciation from the beginning of the year, prompting the Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) to advise the Zambian authorities to relook the balance of payment monitoring mechanism.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said that the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) will continue despite criticism from political players.

The President said that those criticizing the Forum will remain behind because his desire is to see the process yield positive results for Zambian


  1. When we tell you this BUM is detached from reality this is what we mean…in one sentence he is saying the Kwacha is not only the currency that has depreciated yet he states he is doing everything possible to stablise it. He then points out the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) will continue despite criticism from political players…so why are you hell bent on it continuing despite criticism.
    Zambians wake up ..we deserved better than this fraud masquerading as a leader!!

    • Can someone please tell me why this BUM wants to stand for another 5 years..imagine 5 more years with this mediocrity!!

    • if he wants National Dialogue Forum, then it should be about Zambian economy, and HH and GBM should be part of it.

    • He knows he is an utterly useless leader that’s why his handlers have created this NDF to sneak through laws backdoor …no one knows what they are discussing in our name..its good that Kitwe Mayor spoke out and was kicked out. Such forums are for hungry rats like Tayali who would do anything for silver coins.

    • Mwisakamana sana naba neighbor nabo tabaishiba ukusunga ulupiya. Teifwe fweka
      Is that how we will be duped?

    • Jay Jay, it’s extremely scary that this clueless corrupt guy, Lungu, wants to stand again in 2021, to continue torturing Zambians with his mediocrity. It’s very scary. Indeed Zambia deserves much better than this clueless guy. His statements are mostly illogical and clueless. Who cares whether other countries’ currencies are depreciating too? We deserve better than this. Is there no well educated patriotic Zambian out there that can step up to the task and challenge this clueless guy in 2021? Please save us from this tragic nightmare.

  2. This Boy is definitely ranked among the top 3 USELESS leaders in history! Does he even understand the implications of a weak currency on a people and an economy? What a lesson Zambians pick, I Cry for you my people……

    • He is right where…these are dullards who believe LAZY LUNGU’s drivel…please specify where he is right? The moron has time to jog every morning but no time for a press conference during the week.

    • Yeah why publicize the jogging? When what a politician should focus on is delivering his message to the public by frequently addressing us?

  3. PF was a bad experiment. And PF committed suicide by electing someone who cant even hold a press conference fearing to own up

    Unfortunately upendi is run from someone’s bedroom where all decision s are made because it a personal project.

    Upendi must devolve from this arrangement in order to inspire the who country not just one province voting 100% as if its one party state


    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • You UPND supporters are very bitter. If you think that we will vote for UPND then you are wasting your time.

    • This president trully must go. How can a president answer so carelssly. Its like a child justifying her failure by saying, friend failed too so its fine.

      Why are you so skewed to accepting that maybe we are cursed. Please that is not say we are cursed in anyway howe er behaviour of our leaders confirms so. For the sake of our generation and ourselves these mediocre leaders should be voted out.
      For you UPND can begin to behaviour loke a government in waiting. Your strategy though wonder if have got 1 should be revolutionalize and speak to the ordinary Zambian. Learn from the past elections lost not be rigidy as always been. We have been banking on you to dethrone these ECL pf yet that when you get further away.

      This sweet country of ours is lead to oblivion, ama ine!!!!!!

  4. The knucklehead called is it Zamtel or ZNBC to send an outside van with loud speakers with a platform so he can make silly announcements but the lazy foooooool will shy away from proper press conference at State House…he is forever infatuated with dancing in platforms.

  5. Its sounds like someone caught stealing who tells police. “Am NOT the only thief in the world

    Is that justification for stealing


    Am non partisan political consultant

  6. Justice is on it’s way coming,soon he will be visited and no more jogging,just wait and see what God will bless Zambia and the righteous will rule

  7. Its uncaltured and bad upbringing to insult others, on public media. What sort of environs did some people sprout from?

    • Is it cultured to make such statements about the economy after one has finished jogging on Saturday morning in a tracksuit? If he wants to talk about the economy why cant he do it on Monday morning at a press conference at State House…do you not understand that you pay that lazy man standing on that podium? Are you getting your money’s worth? I mean this man has never had a single press conference since he came into office is that cultured. Lungu is a weak leader hence he is intimidated by anything even KBF makes so much sense at the moment.
      Wake up from your docility…go and work for a proper company and see how people work…sit down!!

    • Prudent, don’t worry these guys are going nowhere this is why they have resorted to insults. And God will never put such people in power, bakala pitililafye pa State House.
      Do I support Lungu? No, but one thing I know for sure is not to vote for bitter people like these upnd chaps, it’s like jumping from the pan into the fire.
      God help Zambia!

  8. Lungu is just a common thieving drunk of a lawyer…..he does not understand the economics of a country or global conditions.

    Lungu thought running a country was like running Edgar’s, his pub in chawama.

  9. There shall always be a more civil, palatable manner to critisize. Its very offensive to most people to just insult and insult and insult to no end. Whats it meant to achieve? A sober better reasoned arguement will elicit a more mature educative discourse. We are supposed to be enlighted society not so?

    • Go and tell that to parents of CBU students or ZAMPOST staff who have not been paid for 7 months…go and tell parents who are struggling to send school fees because the dollar is now K13,000.

    • leadership come with criticism its part of the checks and balances in a Democratic country, so if you want people to worship you go be a bar-tender or something.

  10. President Lungu, when are you ever going to give us a Press Conference on national issues, we tired waiting on you.

  11. Yaba but Zambians sure you have outdone even yourselves in your ability to choose garbage as your leaders!!
    Its like someone who sh.its in his pants in front of his children when drunk,,,, the wife complains and he points to his neighbour ‘I am not the only one who does this, even our neighbour!’

  12. Problem is acidic, corrosive, bus stop language unacceptable to most right thinking people. A certain wonderful Nigerian footballer will definately be indigenant and spooked to have his name associated with such muck. But if one is welded to lower depths of civility, then everyone is an adversary who must be insulted and put in their place, how pitiful.

    • I am sure if that Nigerian footballer saw how much kwachas his dollars can be buy he will be more than shocked that someone has the time to jog every morning on Saturday on the dot …even more shocked that he bought a Gulf Stream Jet for $80 million when pupils in rural Zambia are being taught under trees, he will be also shocked how a dual carriageway is valued at $1.2 billion when there as abject poverty everywhere…you seriously think he will worry about the niceties of the language.
      Shame on you..sit yourself down and shut up!!!!

  13. You lazy bum. If the Kwacha miraculously appreciates, I don’t want you to try and take credit for it, I want you instead to come out and say the Kwacha is not the only currency that has appreciated!!

    • ECL should tell the Nation why the Kwacha has depreciated by 8.6% and what Measures his Govt is taking to stabilize the Kwacha? Zambia’s Foreign Exchange Reserves have halved why? Civil Servants are not paid on time why? Why is the Govt raiding Pension Funds to pay Salaries for Civil Servants? More questions than answers.

  14. Just look at south africa where the rand was 16 to one usd when the kwacha was 10 to one usd. Today the rand has appreciated to 14 to one usd while the kwacha goes in the opposite direction of 13 to one usd. The kwacha has even depreciated against regional currencies from 0.7rand to one kwacha to 0.9rand to one kwacha. Soon we shall be one to one.

  15. The biggest problem we have is those people that surround the president, honestly, what advice can come out of the likes of Freedom Sikazwe?

  16. This statement is akin to a school going child having done very badly in exams, telling his parents, “It is not only me who has failed, even our neighbor’s child has failed”. Will the parents feel relieved, praise the child, lift him shoulder high, cry with joy or Sjambok the kid?

  17. #1.3 Nostradamus, “….if he wants National Dialogue Forum, then it should be about Zambian economy, and HH and GBM should be part of it….”.
    What have you been drinking Every Zambian knows that Hacks exercised his “fundamenral human rights” and chose not to participate, no one stopped or stops him, he is still welcome to NDF which we shall close on Friday….. okay

  18. Gay Jay, before I pass my constructive comments on the kwacha and Lungu, so whom do you propose to take over from your lazy Lungu? For Christ’s sake, you are not suggesting Hacks are you?. That one we have rejected until they cleanse him of appointment, maybe he has to go back to a Convention and seek re-nomination…even as a renewed!..kikikikiki

    BUT… Triba.l Hacks is NO OPTION for Zambia.

    • HH can do a better job than lungu even if he was president for only one day a week….with the rest of the week dedicated to his cows…

  19. #21 ZOZI-A-ZOZI, you have hit the nail on the head…. that comparison is indeed childish …. he should have referred the question to Hon Maggie if he has no answer, don’t pretend to know everything …. kikikikiki….

    Sounds like a child president…. what does Amos Chanda say now? Or better still Hon Dora Siliya?

  20. President Lungu should learn that silence is golden. All he had to say is that government is doing all, and will do all to stabilize the Kwacha. He must not listen to Chanda and Kaizer, those two clowns an Sikazwe are useless.

  21. Just comments above .

    No wonder voting UPND in power can be a huge mistake ever.Much as Zambia experiencing economic crisis,I wouldn’t welcomes comments made out of bitterness and hatred from UPND stooges.

    These bitterness and hatred can’t make your HH win elections.Remove this tribal codes you have because is the thing that makes you (UPND stooges) to pass such comments.

    Even if things are worse to death I cannot vote for UPND because your political psychology is known through your DNA since 1964.

    Insults me if you want .You frustrated morons.

    • UPND danderheads and sycophants are Sadists who will never appreciate anything unless it’s done by their Supreme leader HH of the UPND who has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers

    • Just advise your PF thugs on how to fix the ailing economy instead of blaming people who are fed up with the state of affairs and are complaining…..

      Or are you also clueless like your lungu ?

    • saying you will not vote for HH will not solve the economic problems the country is in why do u fail to accept that ECL is clueless your hearts are your witnesses but you still want to bury ur heads in the sand laughable indeed.

  22. I am not sure that PF has the capacity to solve such delicate economic problems, they should start by learning not to give directives just to impress your cadres.
    Having said that Trib.als are NO OPTION for Zambia they would simply destroy the country on ethnic conflicts.

  23. Kwacha not the only currency affected?!! Our currency is the kwacha, don’t give us stories, fix it man!!!

    • According to Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation, the currency depreciation against USD is “global”.
      It is shame that he is mum about spread of !mbecility within Plunderers Federation leadership.

  24. Yes, we know the Kwacha is not the only thing depreciated in Zambia. The President is worse. He is of no value to anything that walks. The hospital where he was born has found his birth certificate. His true middle names are “Kawalala Corruption”.

  25. THE DUAL CARRIAGEWAY DOUBLE TOBELA ROAD PROJECT IS A NON STARTER AT us$1.2bln, through the wise and listening president the investor was told to stop the project hence no activity after kabangwe,In the meantime Government is looking at ways to rehabilitate and upgrade the road to a reasonable cost. Jogging has to be publicised more especially from head of state he inspires many drunkards to keep fit like JAYJAY WHO ALWAYS SITS ON THE KEYBOARD TO INSULT OUR BELOVED LEADER ECL.

  26. Kalos2020 you are saying that middle name for Mr EL is kawalala.please don’t make me dying because of rafing.Let us advise the government well please people shouting at it will yield nothing.Replace freedom sikazwe he has got too much freedom of smiling in state house.

  27. What do you expect from a thievi lawyer? It becomes worse when that lawyer is a careless dancer and drunkard. Oh don’t condemn me I am not alone even my neighbours are fools and careless money users like me!

  28. LT, please delete this article.
    Find something si.lly on Hacks. There is always plenty to choose from. I mean he has spent his entire political life from 2006 embarrassing himself, insulting certain hating nsengas, making blunder after blunder, contradicting himself, you name it. If you run short, repeat his interview with a Stephen Dackur on BBC…… yes that one I like.

  29. What about borrowing ? Are we borrowing the same as our neighbours?
    Are our neighbours also buying presidential jets? Are our neighbours also failing to pay their civil servants?

  30. Mr President, with due respect, give us solutions. Don’t tell us the kwacha is not the only currency tumbling. Does this man have advisors? I am asking in good faith. This type of Leadership cant continue, I am very PF but a sane one

  31. Where are we with manufacturing or is it value-addition? These terms mean the same. Manufacturing assures permanent and real jobs. Construction is just a facilitator and only creates temporary and miserably paying jobs; no one should take pride in such jobs. When politicians talk of having created one million plus jobs, take that with a pinch of salt, the majority of such jobs are casual and one-off jobs with poor wages – no gratuity and no pension If I was a statistician, I would not include such jobs in my statistics under the category of ‘job creation’.

  32. Only failures will look to another’s failure to justify his own failures. Lunch you are so finished please start packing because even some of us in the pf are tired of your countless failures in leading this great nation. Plus am still waiting for our huge change from the money spent on those cheap fire trucks.

  33. And this jogging? How I hate it to be shown every saturday.Why can’t they keep it private? People have no food in their homes and someone thinks they can be interested in running?

  34. Watching silence. Even you psychofant tribalists ought to learn that Zambia belongs to all the 73+ tribes.

  35. I bet Edgar Lungu used to fail exams then go back home to his parents and say “But the whole class also failed” what a fooken ass

  36. leadership is from God, give ECL space to work,come 2021 JK will compose Sonta futi nafuti and all tongs will be dancing all the way to vote for ECL

  37. (kwacha 13:1 OR 700:1) The GUY who came up with the idea of rebasing the kwacha is a genius.But how did the IMF & WB leave zambia scottfree after such a sin playing around with the so called market forces? Manje ma neba na weak kwarrency…yo

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