Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

Outspoken Opposition All People’s Congress Party (APC) leader Nason Msoni has observed that political alliances are failing in the country because individuals are not ready to respect the ground rules of alliances.

In statement issued to the media Msoni said some individuals are trying to use political alliances as a platform for their unmitigated political ambitions.

He said an alliance can not succeed if certain individuals feel they are bigger than others thereby imposing themselves as leaders of the alliance without consulting their friends.

“We also think that political alliances are not the perfect platform for staging unmitigated political ambition. It is a good thing for a leader or leaders to have political ambition but when you are in an alliance due regard and consideration should be given to other leaders. You don’t just wake up and stage a mutiny or you go for coronation or you impose yourself to your friends as a flag bearer, as a leader of an alliance. No such political alliance can succeed in such an environment.

“A political alliance is such a sensitive organization that requires broader consultation and respect for other alliance partners but if you are going to go for self coronation then that becomes a problem, serious problem. In essence it means that you have killed the alliance,” he said.

He notes that the idea of going into alliances is meant to try and address respective political deficits in individual political parties hence non of the leaders is good enough to be a leader of others without the endorsement of his friends.

“We all agreed that the idea of going into a political alliance is for parties to try and address their respective political deficits in their individual political parties, non of us is good enough to be a leader to any of anybody until we get the endorsement from our friends and their is no higher endorsement that any leader can get than the endorsement that comes that comes from his fellow leaders but if you decide by your own volition that you are better than everybody else then that a problem and you must recognize that such an alliance is is doomed to fail, such an alliance has failed, you have killed the alliance,” he said.

He said their should be no room for self righteous in a political alliance.

” Ideally we want political alliances to succeed but no political alliance can succeed in an environment of self righteous. We think that it is tragic political ambition that pays no attention and fails to respect other political parties and I fear that unless the attitude of most political leaders in Zambia change political alliance will always fail to realize their objectives,” he said.

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  1. Am suprised to note that this guy is just another coward, why is he beating about the bush. why are you so afraid of him, we all know what you are talking about yet you want us to start guessing. thats why i like the bembaz, they call a spade a spade. just hire the roan insultant if you cant utter the word HH. POOR LITTLE SOUL


  2. Just say it, it is obviously no doubt certainly Trib.al Hacks that Msoni is referring to. So you mean the alliance with the trib.als has crumbled again?
    I see Mucheleka, Sean Tembo coming to their senses soon. But Sean Tembo is rooo.b.bish anyway.


  3. So when we’re saying these things you thought you were more intelligent than all of us? Besides why should people form alliances just for the purpose of removing the PF from power? What follows next? PF is as Zambian as any other party in Zambia and as such each party must market itself in a sensible and realistic manner. Not insults and peddling alarming falsehoods. For instance when I go to get a loan I must have physical proof that I am able to repay that loan not just saying I will pay.


  4. And this nicompoop thinks HH can allow anyone apart from himself to lead the this grouping of wizards? Welcome to the real world.



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