President Lungu
President Lungu

The Governance, Elections, Advocacy Research Services has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to intervene and protect members that are facing persecution for expressing their democratic rights to challenge him at the convention.

GEARS Initiative Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi says it is unfair that some people in the party have continued to push for the expulsion of members Kelvin Fube and Julius Komaki.

Mr. Chipenzi said any member in a democratic party like the Patriotic Front has a right to challenge those in leadership at the convention.

He said it is sad that President Edgar Lungu has not come out strong to protect those that have expressed interest to challenge those in leadership.

And Mr. Chipenzi has called for tolerance in political parties and allow their members to challenge their leaders at their conventions.

He said it is undemocratic for any political party to stop their members from vying for positions when they go for conventions.

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  1. That’s what happens when you have selfish people around you… they will do anything to stop anyone to challenge you. Even if democracy has to be killed, to them it doesn’t matter.
    This is cowardice but ECL.


    • Any democrat would do just that but these tinpot dictators we have put in POWER so that they can pretend they are also democratic actually just yearn for control, worship, muscle flexing and intimidation. They are more interested in you getting out of their way than working for you like HH was taught. They are more interested in you worshipping them like Dr Kwalela Kafunya was taught. A true democrat would protect his citizens right to democracy not protecting a self-perceived dignity that has nothing to do with performance


    • Did this Chipenzi guy miss the memo??? ECL categorically said he welcome the challenge from Fube because it was his democratic right to do so.

      It’s that Moonga guy who is seeking relevance at the expense of internal democracy that is trying to go against his party constitution.

      He’s fight so hard to be relevant he wants to expel two founding members when he just joined the party in 2015.

      Kuti waseka


    • Just stop using words like ‘if you think you popular, ‘form your own party.’ But use the term like,’if you think you popular, the floor is open. Let’s not kill democracy in the name of been a boot licker number 1.


  2. DREAM ON!!
    Achakolwa Chagwa willl cling on to power by any means necessary, hence the Crook will use Taxpayers cash to dress the whole nation in chitenge bearing an image of his drunken dry head, whilst retired citizens, farmers, civil servants are not paid on time, there’s no medicines in hospitals, & overpriced contacts are carved out, & shared amongst Cadres right there in State House.
    With his addiction of flying aimlessly, whilst drinking whiskey when airborne, this crook Jona will crack your skull, before he lawfully hands over the instruments of power.


  3. Kikikikiki..that’s day light dreaming Mr MacDonald. If ordinary law abiding citizens can’t be protected from filthy cadres and those thugs in police uniforms, what makes you think that he can protect his challengers.? Zambian politics….


  4. Why is it an offence to aspire for presidency in PF, and why should cadres be allowed to threaten people who seek to aspire for presidency within PF without PF actually taking those cadres to task but instead taking to task those that want to aspire.



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