Government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the environmental protection and worldwide fund for nature (WWF) which is aimed at ensuring that the environment is managed sustainable.

Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Permanent Secretary Bishop Ed Chomba has stressed his commitment in making sure that managing the environment and water sector is priority.

And the Permanent Secretary also pointed out that addressing the effects of climate change that the country has been experiencing calls for concerted efforts from all stakeholders because of the danger it poses.

Bishop Chomba indicated that his ministry attaches great importance to the environment and water because they are key drivers of the economy.

Speaking during the signing ceremony Bishop Chomba also stated that with the dry spells that the country experienced during the last farming season, his ministry is currently constructing water reservoirs in the eight provinces to reduce dependency on rainfall.

He described the signing of the MOU with the worldwide fund for nature as a significant milestone because it spells out the awareness of the value of environmental and sustainable exploitation.

He further assured the nation that government remains committed to the attainment of effective natural resource utilization and environmental conservation as well as improved environmental and resource management.

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  1. Meanwhile, we are building a nuclear power plant in Chongwe. Bhulalie hypocrites !!


  2. Ed Chomba. The Bishop. Will never forget you my brother for the argument we recently had in Ndola. Zambia my beloved country I cry for thee



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