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Government and the European Investment Bank sign a 5 million euros Loan for water and sanitation

Headlines Government and the European Investment Bank sign a 5 million euros Loan...

Zambia's Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe
Zambia’s Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe

Government and the European Investment Bank have signed a water and sanitation agreement worth 5 million euros for the Zambia Water and Sanitation Project.

The grant is from the European Union programme called EU Water Facility Pooling Mechanism and is part of the 75-million-euro concessionary loan provided in 2013 to Zambia for the benefit of the Copperbelt province.

Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe says Government is grateful that the European Investment Bank shares the common desire to better the lives of people in Zambia.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe said this is evidenced by the support rendered in the infrastructure, energy and water and sanitation sectors.

She has explained that the agreement will focus on upgrading new treatment facilities to ensure quality and reliable water supply in line with standards.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe said the project will also include water and wastewater components targeted specifically to the poor.

She further says the main investments will go towards the low-income areas on the Copperbelt province with the aim of providing new and improved water sanitation infrastructure in Chingola, Mufulira, Chililabombwe, Konkola and Kasumbalesa.

And representative of the Head of Delegation to the European Investment Bank, Marc Leistner said most of the existing infrastructure for Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company, who are implementers of the Project, is over 50 years old and is struggling to meet growing demand.

Mr. Leister said in addition to the 5 million loan, the financing package includes also a 6 million-euro technical assistance grant to support project implementation.

He said the entire project is expected to benefit 3 hundred and 50 thousand people in total mostly in form of Gaining access to clean water for the first time.

Meanwhile a representative of the EU Adam Grodzicki said the project tackles the Sustainable Development Goal number 6 Access to Clean water and Improved sanitation.


  1. More kaloba even when your foreign reserves are running low and you are at risk of defaulting on the many loans you currently have. This is the work of ignorant corrupt cretins. Lungu and team are dogs of the lowest standard. They deserve petrol bombs thrown in the big cars they travel in. Disgusting excuses of humans.

    • If I was a lender I wouldn’t lend money to your country.

      Certainly not with the current clout hanging over your country.



    • If even questionable mushota can see what is wrong with irresponsible borrowing, it beggars belief that the pf government see nothing wrong with this. It is a clear sign that they are in it for themselves and are siphoning public funds in fear of when they are kicked out. It happened also when mmd knew their time was up

    • $5 million for water & sanitation in Katuba Constituency only? That is alot of T-shirts and posters, and you PF will still lose the by-elections.

    • Still plying on the debt without shame….I mean this is the cost of 5 overpriced PF Firetrucks they paid cash for but when it comes to serious issues like water and sanitation they go to beg like they have done in Lusaka and Kafue for LWSC.

    • “Mr. Leister said in addition to the 5 million loan, the financing package includes also a 6 million-euro technical assistance grant to support project implementation.”

      LAZY LUNGU’s new private jet can pay for all these loans with change to to spare EVEN they whole $75 million package but PF would rather have LUNGU with 9 advisers and Finlay fly in comfort.

  2. These Kabwalala’s will divert the Cash for (Drunken Chakolwa nafuchi – nafuchi 2021, pro Corruption Crusade).
    More money -(Dolido) in P.F. Cadres pockets.

  3. Their they go again, PFoools that all they know borrow for any excuse they come up with.. That’s dull people for you. This lot has brought shame on the country…. Useless drunks and kaponya’s

    • They will go to CB and dance …then lie to the people that they are building it yet its a loan which they have not even paid up!!

  4. RB sank mmd.

    Jacob juma nearly sank ANC but the wise members recalled him

    Lunga is sinking PF-lungu in 2021

    Magie.lusambo.kampyongo have accelerated the death process.

    • “It’s Political” The Whole of P.F is ROTTEN TO THE CORE, including the names you’ve mentioned.


  6. Since when did a Grant become a debt? This is free money from the European Union.

    You, debt ranters, are a problem the country has. Always portraying debt as money being shoved down a pit latrine. Unfortunately, the voters see its benefits and everyone is enjoying its benefits. Most importantly it’s being paid back from the human capital and savings good infrastructure has pushed to investments from households and companies savings. The diligence it has spurred in ensuring every person and entity pays the due tax in Zambia will do the nation a lot of good in the long run too. Also, note most of the current debt is due for payment by 2050 i.e within the current generation. Don’t lie about it being passed over too.

    • And you wonder why you are in the red…concessionary loan is still not your money although the terms are generous and longer you still have to payback …you are happy to build a mere toll gate for $4.5million that’s one but can not building water facility for 200,000 people from taxpayers money are you not even embarrassed

  7. Mwanakatwe twapapa pay retirees dollar was at K8.40 now it is crosing K15 soon and heading towarwards K20/Dollar. Twapenga.

  8. Only 5 million euros. What has happened to PF’s excellent borrowing skills? Borrow more madam, you will get fired.

  9. Then when the Europeans lecture lungu on good domocratic governance , you see the PF rats jumping and pointing ati we are independent……..lungu , despite spending $17 billion, can not survive without donner aid…which he passes off as his hard work

    • We hope you will speak about progress and good things, mostly. Unlike the PF and UPND cadres that are always fighting in the comments.

  10. Grants come with loans Nzelu, you can never have a grant without a loan in place. The articles clearly states a loan with a grant.

  11. Let us not be scared of loans, as long as it is for reasonable things we are okay. VIVA LUNGU the Great Leader

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