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CSOs says Bills from National Dialogue Forum were Progressive


Hyde Haguta
Hyde Haguta

The Constitutional Reform and Education Coalition (CRECO) has advised Zambians to be wary about who will be opposed to enactment of Bills that have come from the National Dialogue Forum as they will be taking away most progressive clauses that affirm Zambia as a Christian Nation or take away the gains women, youth and persons with disabilities have made towards getting represented in Parliament and Councils.

Speaking at the media briefing this morning CRECO Chairperson, Hyde Haguta, says that Zambians must be proud that the Forum agreed to change the electoral system to include the mixed-member electoral system that provides for representation of women, youth, and persons with disabilities in the National Assembly and Councils.

“Those who are standing up against Constitutional, electoral, and public order Bills are simply against the affirmation of Zambia as a Christian Nation, they are against women and persons with disabilities who, for 50 years, have fought for representation in Parliament.”

Mr. Haguta stated that Zambia, despite not being a parliamentary democracy, has managed to devise its own system of coalition government that will ensure a presidential candidate who decide to form a coalition government must obtain the 50 percent plus one vote with those candidates they would invite to the coalition.

“The current political alliances Zambians are witnessing speaks to the fact that politicians aspire to form coalition government. It is folly therefore to suggest in one breathe that coalition government cannot work in Zambia when the very political parties are busy forming electoral alliances and coalitions before elections,” says Haguta who is also Media Institute for Southern Africa Chairperson.

Mr. Haguta has revealed that the Church has gone to bed with some civil society organisations who seek to discredit the progressive clauses which have been enacted by the National Dialogue Forum.

“In the next 60 days, these organisations will be busy with an anti-Zambia agenda, together with the Church, to raise tension over the progressive clauses which include the reinstertion of deputies and removing dissolution of Parliament.”

The Coalition has since called on the Minister of Justice to release all the Bills so that the propaganda which some civil society and church groups are spreading about the Dialogue canj be exposed by letting Zambians know the truth about what was agreed at the Forum.


  1. The headline states CSOs and in the article states CRECO so does the stories on the related articles….which is which???????

    • NDF was a disaster. On Coalition Govt PF is planning on merging with opposition parties that will not even have parliamentary representation to form govt. How is this possible? Suppose PF gets 48% and UPNF gets 49% and MMD gets 3%. PF +MMD+51%. To the uneducated this seems correct but it is unconstitutional. Hungry Hyde, please get a constitutional lawyer to explain a few things to you

    • To the contrary mr hyde, all the bills that National Disaster Forum pronounced are retrogressive. Why would you want ministers to continue in office when parliament is dissolved? The ministers are appointed when parliament is voted in but why should they continue when parliament is dissolved. The argument that they need to complete a full 5 years is very illogical.

    • The locked themselves after prematurely committing to protect the outcome of the PF dialogue. Now they can’t back out even when the NDF proposals are embarrassing.

    • Haguta has betrayed our Tonga struggle. Our MPs won’t allow Bill to pass, come rain come sunshine. We teaching PF lesson

  2. Haguta please if you want positive reaction to your NDF formulations avoid name calling and derogatory language.Every Zambian has a right to express views on your evil NDF proposals.Why are you being protective? Why are you nervous? Why do you not want Zambians to comment? What are afraid of ? Why do you want all of us to accept your proposals without questions ? It is you Zambians must be wary of.Your NDF has produced a lot of rubbish that has originated from your mercernary and opportunistic minds and not from the people of Zambia. BUT be very sure about one thing Haguta :YOUR PROPOSALS ARE GOING TO BE CHALLENGED ALL THE WAY.

  3. “…..The Constitutional Reform and Education Coalition (CRECO) has advised Zambians to be wary about who will be opposed to enactment of Bills that have come from…”

    This is a very corrupt usless PF cader….

    No one in their right mind opposes bills concerning women and people’s with disabilities in politics or elections , you moron…

    It is bills that guarantee lungu stays in office come what may or bills that give a big advantage to the rulling PF in elections that people oppose……

    You jack.ass

  4. Hyde has failed to argue with intellect and convince those who think otherwise. He is using the fear of God to stop debate so that whoever has a different view from the NDF proposals is perceived to be Anti Christ. I feel ashamed to be called a Journalist with such people calling themselves Journalists. There is no Iota of any intellect in his arguement. Probably these are the first bills he has ever read. Shame.

  5. Was this so called NDF supposed to be a dialogue forum that was supposed to come up with resolutions on how to prevent political violence and acrimony as well as how to level the political field through dialogue or was it another constitution review commission in disguise?

    • Mmmmmm, this is lungu we are faced with…….his education as a lawyer seems to have been in ways to con people and bend laws……

  6. It’s so embarassing mwandini. Its Shameful. It was prophetic that the church refused to be part. We deserve better.

  7. This explains why Pigeons refused to fly on that day… Maloza.
    Even the Kwacha has followed the pigeons finally!
    Good luck Zambians! You have a lot of work to do to undo the damage these mongrels have done to your country! Institutions are dead! Constitution is mutilated under the disguise of dialogue. Business houses are scaling down operations due to uncertainty in PF economic policy direction. It is required that a man should hold his manhood for urine to have direction!

  8. PF are trying very hard to use their parliamentary arrogance of numbers to pass the laws which will preserve their stay in power. They made sure they avoided genuine dialogue by the three Church mother bodies. Shame on you PF.

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