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Mine Union March in support of Government’s intention to take over of KCM


Mine Workers Union Solidarity  Demonstration in support of Government
Mine Workers Union Solidarity Demonstration in support of Government

Mine Unions yesterday staged a solidarity demonstration in support of government’s move to take over Konkola Copper Mines in Chingola and Chililabombwe.

The unions were later joined by different stakeholders, miners, ex-miners and residents of Chingola and Chililabombwe to petition government to quickly find other investors to take over operations at Konkola Copper Mines.

Joseph Chewe, the Mineworkers Union of Zambia president, charged that Vedanta Resources had failed the people of Chingola, Chililabombwe and Kitwe.

Mr Chewe led a group of youths and other three union leaders in a solidarity walk to deliver a petition later to Copperbelt minister Japhen Mwakalombe at the District Commissioner’s office in Chingola.

Mr Chewe said the unions have suffered at the hands of Konkola Copper Mines investors and it was now time for them to leave the Country.

He also advised government not to bring in Chinese to run the mines but look at other serious investors.

“We have come to deliver this petition, we heard what the President said and we are in support of what he mentioned. It is for this reason that we want Vedanta to go; time for them to pack is now, we are tired. Enough is enough, we can’t continue like this,” Chewe said.

Mr Chewe said that there was need to consider fencing off Konkola Copper Mines until another investor is identified.

And Mwakalombe said government had already made a decision and will follow the necessary steps in taking over KCM.

Mwakalombe said the petition would be delivered to President Edgar Lungu.

Vedanta Resources have, however, sought an urgent meeting with the government to discuss President Lungu’s position that they leave the mine.

And Presidential spokesman Amos Chanda yesterday told Reuters a notice had been issued to KCM in April last year over a number of breaches of the terms of its licence and it had not convinced the government it should keep the licence.

He also said “about three investors” whom he declined to identify were interested in the asset, but no formal negotiations had begun.

Meanwhile, ZCID spokesperson Jackson Silavwe has said that the recent pronouncement by President Edgar Lungu to take over Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) is well timed and deserves the full support from patriotic citizens and called on President Edgar Lungu to appoint a high-level task team with extensive expertise in mining, management and economics to come up with best modalities to run Konkola Copper Mine profitably and re-examine all the existing mining agreements.

Silavwe said Zambians have been for far too long tolerated the “rants of the profit crazed mining companies”.

He said a report of a technical audit committee chaired by Dr. Sixtus Mulenga showed that KCM was heavily in debt and faced threats of insolvency as at September 30, 2013, and had maintained the same status for six years.

“Zambians are yearning for real economic development powered by their own abundant natural resources. The now Zambian is not afraid to run his own economic affairs. All the minerals belong to Zambians, the foreign investors must share the wealth or leave,” Silavwe. who is also ZCID spokesperson, said.

He further called on government to conduct forensic investigations and prosecute Vedanta Resources Limited for abrogating the agreement.

Silavwe has also urged government to run KCM professionally and avoid political patronage.


  1. The unions are not fit for purpose. Instead of holding government accountable and holding meetings to find out how government aims to reduce the negative effects of the departure of these companies especially on people’s jobs and workers rights they are busy marching. Very dull

    • Now you’re making yourself irrelevant. I think if PF came and said we have sacked lungu by Bwalwa Kangwa just because of the names you will condemn. My God. Post to advise don’t be angry at your life and take it out on a keyboard.


    • What Union has to be careful is that KCM will be given to PF’s Jerabos, next week KCM employees will be beaten up by PF cadres and ZP will face-off Konkola Mine Police. Think about it, KCM is now a PF mine, just like the Black Mountains.

    • This will not end well for these workers.

      These mines will be sold off to the Chinese, and these same workers will be fired because the Chinese will bring in their own labour from China, which is a lot more efficient than these lazy Zambians.

      I would never support the current owners of KCM as they are immoral crooks, just a different type of crook to the thieves we have governing this country.

      I think it is fair to say that these workers (and the rest of us citizens) are now caught up between a rock and a very hard place.

      Sadly, it will not end well.

    • I read the Ex-Parte … it’s going to be a hostile take over by ZCCM-IH as a minority shareholder of Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

      This is a very powerful case for the smart people of Zambian Enterprise. We can actually pick up these assets for a song as we call for liquidation.

      Under while under liquidation, operations continue and we take care of all assets, take control of revenues and everything else to be handled by the liquidator.

      This is an Ex-Parte for liquidation, very smart move. Underestimate this breed of Africans called Zambians at your own peril.

      Ala tweende webo, tweende, Lungu. Let’s roll … Epo mpelele,


    • Cat power the fact that you have linked my post to pf proves what i have been saying that there is no separation between government roles and pf interests. Even where it is a government issue like taking care of workers rights, you are busy opening that big ugly mouth of yours ati pf nyo nyo

  2. Good move my people

    Better the government takes over so that HH can remember that what he did to miners was evil and is still evil.

    • You also lack any brain cells or there filled with the one found in a peni5. Maybe your a struggling accountant go to Zambia and just go and sell Indeni. Can you do that. There governments that make such decisions and always a board is appointed sorry you had no qualified or educated member in your family at that time. I did and he never liked it. Left ZPA and migrated 3 decades ago. Never been a fan of double HH but with calibre of thinking Lungu is the one who sends Kaiza to beat and ministers to steal. Now that’s not correct. Grow up

    • Hh never did anything wrong actually it is ecl who has done worst move,by the way do u understand the terms liquidation, receivership or nationalisation bwana with liquidation miners,suppliers, contractors shall be paid last after and shall not come soon as it stands even may salary they will be nothing ifintu nafilungula and the union leaders are dull people who can read between the lines.Just wait soon or later you will see what will in copperbet and Zambia at large

  3. Joseph Chewe, the Mineworkers Union of Zambia president, Useless PF cader

    Where were you along when suppliers are being sidelined for Indian suppliers, where were you all along when kcm have been threatening layoffs ??

  4. Its long overdue, KCM should have been taken over 15yrs ago. These indians are savages who have killed people and livestock through pollution and poor work conditions. We have enough technocrats to run the mines, well experienced Zambians. The problem is government shouldn’t have a hand in running the mines otherwise the likes of Bowman who are chief boolicker will syphone all the moneis to please the master.
    Make no mistake, if its HH in power, he will add it to his wealth as he has done to some hotels in southern province. No politicians must be involved in running the mines.

  5. Those Indians of KCM ain’t going no where , 2021 elections are near and they know lungu and PF will be begging for campaign funds

    My bet is they are waiting to turn the screws on lungu , they were big contributors to his last campaign funds , they know the PF gangs will come knocking with their tails between their legs for funds

  6. These mines where in the hands of UNIP for years but nothing was there to show any development. If UNIP failed to run the mines and utilize the profits what makes people think the PF Government will be able to do that without borrowing?? Where from do we borrow??? From the same people. There is no investor who will come and share profits with you, Takwaba.

    Where is government going to get money to run the mines? We depend on borrowing, therefore we have financial mu

    And where are they going to sell the copper? Copper as a metal is no longer in demand compared to the wasted time of KK

    • Your level of dullness is scary!! What job are you doing wherever you are? Ati: “There is no investor who will come and share profits with you”..Really? Don’t you know that apart from CSR, companies all over the world share their profits with the people through corporate taxes? Kanchule Copper Mines (KCM) on the other hand keep on reporting fake losses year in year out in order to avoid paying taxes, they can’t pay suppliers, they are failing to pay employees on time, the once powerful mine hospitals are now a sorry sight. And you want us to be stuck with these Indians forever?

    • You really a fooooool. Why are people complaining? Ati sharing with people thru. corporate taxes you have no brains iwe. Do we have a proper taxe system in Zambia?? Fact is no, money ends up in the pockets of individuals like you. It is for this reason you still holed down there. You are a beneficiary of corruption and that is why you supporting all the crap. You dont care as long as your stomach is full

      Copper is a wasting asset and if in your small brains you thought it will be there for life, then you must be a Chainama case iwe Ka Danielle, get a life

      Think before you use your keyboard

  7. It is a good move in the right direction that the government is “divorcing”KCM. Next now is to look for a credible investor with a good track record to take over the operations at KCM. This time Zambians must benefit alot from their GOD-given resources through Corparate social responsbilty, job reations, tax revenue and son. The high level task team must not include HH because his appetite for the sale of state owned assets is unethically insatiable. The chap stole alot from Zambians and so he must not be brought close to this KCM issue. Secondly people have already spoken against Chinese investors, the government must heed this call. It is time to bring sanity to the mining industry now. Meanwhile”ONLY A TONGA MUST UPND” says Sejain.

    • Creditable investor? Where on earth. It is too late. Mines in Zambia are finished business. KK messed up big time

  8. Correction
    Where is government going to get money to run the mines? We depend on borrowing, therefore we have no financial backing of our own

    • If you had cared to read the article and not just the headline, you would have come across an issue of about three prospective investors. And why is it that most of the people who are against the chasing away of KCM are frustrated economic refugees with no clue on what is happening on the copperbelt?

    • Why are you negative?? We have capable Zambians to resuscitate KCM with good investors. Just continue laboring in a foreign land

    • My friend I am not being negative. At 54 years I know the history of Zambia and no one can teach me. Look back to the days of KK and you agree with me, KK is the reason we are in this crap, he messed up big time and Zambians are now paying the price, Chiluba and Rupia Banda did the same. Only Mwanawasa and Sata tried
      The problem with investors is where to find those who would be honest with our mother Zambia, there are very few, believe me you. Most so called investors will only come to milk

      Just look at our former colonial masters Great Britain they milked Zambia of all the sales of copper, at that time copper earnings were around 50 million pounds a month, out of that only 5 million pounds was spent on developing Zambia

      Our Government needs to invest in Agriculture apart from…

  9. We have people who are not patriotic in this country. It’s a only country in the world where foreigners take control of resources.Bank of Zambia is use-less with bank governer maybe he is UPND. Immigration also is use–less allowing foreigners with fake qualifications to be CFOs in companies as a result there is no royalty for Zambia.We have seen what’s happening these chaps are destroying the country.Strategic positions need to be given to Zambians.Instituitions likes ZRA,immigration,BOZ n Police are failling this country.We don’t need corrupt chaps to be in charge of these institutions.The future is gone for our children.Can we come together as Zambians please n stop ba mwisa.

    • Moscow(op), just goes to show how thick as P1g Sh1t, you & your fellow P.F Cadres are. In fact its Treason against Zambia, that you went to School, probably using free taxpayers cash, but dont contribute anything tangible to Zed coz you are as dull as a Pumpkin!
      Grow a Brain Cadre, & STOP using your Test1cl3s to reason iwe’ Changa!!
      With folk who reason like you, Zambia will remain in the Stone Age for the next Thousand Years.

  10. Why did Government spend 85 million dollars and 55 million dollars on the purchase of a Presidential plane and useless second hand fire fighting vehicles, fully aware of the problems Zambians are having?? That large chunk of money could been invested in the mines and agricultural sectors if we can’t prioritize on our own, we should not expect foreign people to do this for us.

    It was a blunder to purchase the above at a time most Zambians are struggling.

    We need to educate us as to why this done

    Children in my home no shoes, wife o underwear and there I go and purchase a Ferrari for 370000 pounds. This is what happened pa Zed. Had hope but all is lost

    • Lukanga you are asking Ghetto Hustlers, & Pimps who Con Widows out of their cash, leeches who steal Social cash donor funds meant to help the same poor who dance Dununa Reverse for them on polling day?
      These P.F Magg0t2, DON’T have the Nations interests @ heart.
      FOR P.F KAWALALA’S IT’S ONLY SURVIVAL MODE, SO AS TO CONTINUE PLUNDERING AFTER 2021, hence they’re only proactive when its time to find Cash for campaigns, then there is always KASAKA KANDALAMA!
      You cannot ask, or reason with such pests. They only answer properly once out of office, & rocking from a torture bench in a Police /Army institution, being told “WULULA”!!

  11. The calibre of investors they should look for are the type in Solwezi but knowing dull Lungu and the incompetent PF they are already in talks with the Chinese, all three of them.

  12. PF and lungu made a lot of promises to those Indians of KCM for the campain contributions the made for the 2016 elections……

    They are waiting for PF to come for more funds . PF will sign and promise anything for election funds.

    2021 is too close. For a settlement with KCM and finding another investor will take at least 3 years.

    Lungu does not have 3 years to wait.

    He will accept campaign contributions from KCM with a reduced tax bill for the Indians.

  13. This is a national issue, only monkeys scamper in different directions when they have a common enemy or challenge. Let us rise, for once, above these pseudo political parties to which we subscribe and support a national cause. We can do it. We can extract our own God given resources/minerals. This is not time for cheap cheap political rantings. We have hundreds of thousands whose families are directly affected by this situation. We need to support and secure their future as a nation. They cannot be second class citizens in their on land.

  14. There very few cadres in PF who have worked in the corporate world, where they have faced technically challenging issues and came up with credible and lasting solutions. Not surprised, they thought running a government is like a street kantemba where they can pick stuff and promise to pay when they get back from town. Take an example of the NDF, for them policies and regulations are formulated to fix intended groups or perceived enemies and not to provide solutions to problems. There problem solving is short term, as the don’t study the root cause of the problems, before finding a suitable solution. The mines on the copperbelt are old and the production costs are high due to the depths of the mines. Lumwana which is relatively new might have lower production costs. Rushing to take over…

  15. The idea of the government taking over the mines is a good move because Zambians are not benefiting from the mines except this current PF government does not have the capacity to run the mines. Especially now when the kwacha is collapsing and our loans are dollar denominated.

  16. Continued.Rushing to take them over without any rational thinking might not produce the desired outcome. We may end up with the miners, contractors, suppliers and thier families left in limbo, without income, jobs and in dire poverty. The end results will be ghost cities and an increase in lawlessness and promiscuous behaviour.

    We have a dream….. that all Resources under the Zambian soil, will provide for our children and their childrens children’s future. That our young men and women will have jobs from the resources and be able to live lives of fruitful fulfilment. That the old men and women will gaze upon their children with pride at the plentiful and abundant lives as promised in scriptures. That families will grow and prosper bringing forth good works for their nation. IT IS TIME ZAMBIANS. ARISE!

    Time to um….write poetry again for Zambia!!!

  18. Did the Unions get a police permit, as per the PF’s public order act?

    This is where we begin shooting self in the foot. The whole world is watching, and may use this, albeit insignificant, to allege investor persecution via lawlessness…

  19. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to ask the government as to the reason why they decided to spend millions of dollars to purchase the Presidential Jet and salaula firefighters at a combined price of 1.4 billion USD fully knowing there were important issues on the scale of preference for Zambians.

    What is the significance of the Presidential Jet and firefighters to Zambians?

    Why didn’t Govt invest in projects that could have benefited all Zambians like agricultural, Education, Healthy, Transport systems.

    The priorities of Government have been totally misplaced.

    Do we really care about our future generations or we the kabili nsha kabepo ba ka imwe a abene. Ifya mailo fika isova ifine

    We need to change our priorities

  20. Ba opposition need to change their priorities as well. Not va kuti kamo fye nkengile mu old state house

    Awe bwafya

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