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Zambian Afropop Princess, Katongo, releases video to popular love song ‘Tinofara’


Zambian Afropop Princess, Katongo, releases video to popular love song ‘Tinofara’

The visuals for Tinofara were shot in Lusaka, Zambia by Director Ricco Jamaal of RIM Town Media.  The Music video opens with a short film in which we see Katongo and other actors before the song begins.
So far Tinofara has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has landed in the Top 10 music charts of all radio stations across Zambia.  It has received airplay in Europe,including the BBC.

Speaking about Tinofara , Katongo explained that the song was written from a personal experience and it is about lost love and dealing with unresolved feelings.  The visuals for Tinofara beautifully compliment the lyrics of the song and make it even more enchanting than before.

So far in Katongo’s career she has released popular songs such as ‘Joy Joy’ with Zambian legend JK, ‘Kiss of Life’ with Reggae artist Cactus Agony and ‘All Over Me’ with Congolese star BM (Rosalina).

With Katongo’s debut album anticipated for release at the end of the year, Tinofara certainly wets our appetites for more of what the songstress has to offer.




  1. Forgive me for my ignorance in this area, (Zambian pop music) though I surely love the humor that is often incorporated in it. And if I may ask. Do Zambian musicians really make good money out of their record sales and able to sustain a living out of it ? and approximately how much worth are the high and average ranking artists? I always wonder

    • @Saskiza iwe muyanke cabe mushe munzako. Afunsa, afuna ku ziba zinthu zimene zi..

      Moderator, I believe Zambian pop is growing into big business. At this stage, what is needed is a copyright protection organization and renumeration body to prevent piracy and protect artistes from exploitation through the concept of “free entertainment”. Even in Africa, people are willing to pay good money for good music. As long as this is the case, there will always be competition to make good music which will leave no room for music jerks.

    • As far as I know Zambian market doesnt want to pay for Zambian music thats why zambian musicians give their music for free. Its not an appreciated job that of musicians

    • Nine Chale is right, i personally think Zambian pop is one of the few success stories since late 90′ and early 2000′. Artists are better off now. Artists, singers, musicians make a living from touring(shows). No one sales records anymore. You copyright your brand which is you and music is part of that brand the other part the artist has to sale something else other than music, could be half naked pictures to a magazine, reality show and what not.. Music is free, thank the internet, streaming and sharing for that.

  2. Thanks Chale. Quiet interesting to know. I have all along noticed this attitude amongst a lot of people not wanting to pay for something they really want, especially when it comes to music Good to know the trend is changing. We have great talent out there.

  3. My European wife is better looking and has a bigger curvy behind. Anyway good luck with your music

  4. She would have been better off singing in Bemba. Apart from no meaning song, the title leaves much to be desired; and look at the start of the music, one is left to wonder whether it was a film or a musical show! We fed up with poor quality outputs. The real problem with Zambian music is that our musicians don’t bother to go to college and study music and this comes out loudly in the quality of music they produce –
    pretty hopeless.
    Just accross our border, we enter Congo where musicians study music, dancing as a career up to Maters, PhD levels and the quality is telling. The likes of Koffi, Fali, the Snake man, etc all have Masters, PhD, etc – why cant Zambian musicians do the same. We need quality, we are fed up with mediocrity.

  5. Ask yourselves why were people willing to pay for the music of Glorious band, P K Chirwa, Paul Ngozi, Laban Kalunga, The Mulemena Boys to mention a few. These Musicians were original they were not copy cats. We need our own music people are sick and tired of listening to music that can not even put Zambia onto the map as Zambian music, why is it that our musicians like mimicking other countries’s music we need to promote our Culture and Languages through our Music. Musicians are the mouth pieces of society who must teach society through songs.

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