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Coaches to blame for club failure-FAZ


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has refuted claims suggesting that some referees are incompetence and favour certain named football clubs when officiating at the Zambian football league games.

FAZ Vice President Adrian Kashala said Coaches manning the various football clubs are to be blamed for the favours that are being alleged on referees, because some club coaches collude with referees towards succumbing to match fixing.

“These accusations have led to a lot of distrust amongst coaches and players accusing each other”, he said.

Mr Kashala further added that conspiracy has led to finger pointing amongst various coaches and teams, which is both damaging and lacks professionalism on the sport.

He noted that favoritism will not be condoned if any referee is found in such a position, noting that the game should be maintained at its highest esteem and enjoyed by everyone watching.

He however revealed that the association is absorbing the public outcry, on some of the referees that are labelled as incompetent, by retraining them in July, 2019, in the view of sharpening their skills.

Meanwhile, Mr Kashala has stated that club coaches have a role to play in eradicating the cancer that they have planted in the sport, adding that have a mandate to ensure that skill and discipline is maintained by all football players.


  1. joke of the century, how can the association progress with this kind of reasoning?

    FAZ is headed nowhere under the current administration,its a bunch of failures.

    instead of acknowledging their failure to train referees and coaches, there you have Gs shielding themselves.

    shame on FAZ

  2. If you’re in charge of football, then you should take the blame, that’s what leadership is all about. Even at household level, you take responsibility for your children’s failures

  3. Kashala uli mbushi sana, you are busy denying things which you know very well in football all over the world. Referees even in Europe have got teams which they support. If you remember very well iwe ka Kashala Zambia football team cried over Dilamba’s actions or officiating of the game !!!!! so what are you saying.

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